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Written by Fab   
Monday, 07 November 2011 17:18
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SPIDKILZ are the new speed-thrash metal sensation coming from Italy ! The band just released a first demo called "The Ultra-Demo" and immediately they caught my attention with their abilities in composing catchy songs inspired by the old-school US speed-thrash metal wave, that's to say something really heavy & wild but always melodious at the same time ! The band just hooked a deal for a first album.. Time was right to know a bit more on this new band... Vocalist Elisa "Over" answered my question...

- Hello Elisa ! How do you feel ? Some words about you ? How did you get into Metal ? Your 5 all-time fave bands & 5 all-time fave albums ?
Hi Fab, thanks for the space in  your ‘zine! I’m into Metal since I was about 16 years old, oh it was a long time ago, Hehe! It was thanks to my sister, she had a tape and everything started one day going to school by  her car. It’s always difficult to chose a few bands, but I could say for sure: Over Kill, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, OLD Sepultura and Blue Oyster Cult. As you see, Metal has got so many faces, from the harder to the most melodic.. Difficult to chose!! Fav albums.. Feel The Fire and Horrorscope (Over Kill), Piece of Mind (Iron Maiden), Ride the Lightning (Metallica), Savage Amusement (Scorpions). But as I said, it’s too difficult to chose!

- What is METAL to you ?
Metal is absolutely a way of life, together with passion for hard (but also melodic and passionate) music. It’s also a way to say “no” to the hypocrisy of this world and people, “no” to the stupid fashions and empty way of  living of most of the people, and it’s much more that we can’t explain with words, but just FEEL it!

- Well, before we talk about SPIDKILZ... what were the reasons that got WHITE SKULL split-up ? How did you feel at that time ? Wasn't it a tough decision to face ?
I don’t like talking about this, because I find all that situation really sad and absurd. I just want to say, sometimes bands are like weddings, and when the balance is lost, you have to divorce.  Sometimes reasons are so stupid and insignificant, that it’s better forget it all.

- Not sure, but it seems WHITE SKULL got recently reformed - am I right ?
After I went away, they started searching for the 4th singer of the band! After some time, the first female singer decided to get back with them, so now they’re starting again with her. In my opinion, it was the only clever way to go on for that band: 4 different singers in a band are really too many, but this is just my own opinion.

- OK.. I think it didn't take you too long to find musicians to start your new band SPIDKILZ... Are the metal musicians so numerous in Italy or do you think you got lucky finding them so fast ?
Oh no they’re NOT so numerous at all! Simply, I was thinking about  founding my own Thrash Metal band since 1 year, or so. Even if I still was into White Skull, I was missing Thrash too much, so I had already started searching for members and I had Francesco (guitar) and Mattia (drums) ready for the attack! After a while I could find the rest of the band, Pacio (guitar) and finally Roccia (bass), which live about 250 km far from our place! As you see, metal musicians are not so easy to find…

- Was it important for you to act/start a new band so fast ?
As I told you, I was already thinking about Spidkilz since 1 year, I was just waiting for the right time (and free time, too!!) to start it all.. So the day after the split from WS, I was calling the mates!! Anyway, you have to know that I’ve ALWAYS had a band since 1993. I only had a break when I had my daughter, of course. But having a band has always been my primal passion and need. Now I’m 38 and still can’t stay without it!!

- Can you introduce the band members to the readers ? How did you find them ? I know you're not all living in Torino, some of them are even driving loooooooong ways to join for gigs, rehearsals... Don't you think the distance can be a problem ?
I’ve been very lucky in finding Francesco and Mattia (2 great musicians and most of all two great persons!) near my home. But then, any other guy in Torino seemed to be interested in playing old school thrash and heavy metal, that’ soooo sad! Other guys already had 1 or even 2 bands, so it wasn’t good for Spidkilz and I didn‘t want to be the second or third choice! Pacio and Roccia already were 2 great friends of mine, but I would have never asked them to join the band, because of the distance and the sacrifice they would have done to play with us. But after they listened to the first stuff, they asked me to join the project themselves. They are serious and active persons, so when they decided to join the band, they also decided it was OK for them traveling and making sacrifices for it. And this is what they’re doing! I’m so happy because this is really a band of FRIENDS. No other reasons to play, but the passion for this kind of Metal and Friendship. Perfect, for me!

- About the band name... I'm just curious... is it influenced by the 80's Metal compilation that was called SPEED KILLS ? Remember ?
Haha, oooh YES, you got it!! And it’s exactly my tribute to that compilation, I was a young girl and I’ve always loved that name! I just wanted to change it a little and also to make it shorter, some kind of “slang” writing. So, SPIDKILZ!

- Musically, I can say SPIDKILZ is really different from all your previous bands, it is really rooted in the old-school US speed/thrash metal.. Is that something you had in mind for a long time ?
Years ago I had a couple of bands, “Over” (hehe!) and “Raw Evil”, and we played classic american thrash metal. But maybe the mates weren’t so strong in this passion, so we never did much more than some live gigs, but never recorded any stuff, unfortunately, and then parted. When I started listening to Metal I’ve been into classic heavy and american thrash, really since the very beginning. But it’s always been difficult to find the right people. Spidkilz is my dream come true!

- If I had to describe your sound, i'd say it comes close to bands like Overkill, Metal Church, Detente, Sentinel Beast... do you agree ? I mean, it's heavy, fast, powerful, melodious & always catchy... In case those bands are not part of the band's influences, what are the bands that can be said as influences ?
I absolutely agree with you, and those are some of my favourite bands ever! Only I don’t know Sentinel Best but for the name.. I have to listen to them!! I also think about old Nuclear Assault and Death Angel. By the way, we have only 1 rule: playing what we like, without compromises nor restrictions. So we don’t think about any band when we compose. Maybe it comes out naturally, from our tastes. But we want to feel free to express our personality without chains.

- I know you also play guitar... my next question is to know if you take part to the musical creation of the songs or if you only write the lyrics ? How do the band compose.. Is that a common work or is there a particular member that brings the main ideas and all together, you arrange them...
Yes I love playing guitar, even if in the last years I had a few time to make practice on it, and I’m a bit rusted now! But I absolutely need it to compose also the music and yes, I made several parts of our songs at home by myself. Then I send it to the guys and we finish and arrange it all together. Other times happens that one of them brings a riff and then we link parts and stuff, so the work is more common. Even in this case, I don’t want specific rules: anyone wants, can bring stuff, and the only important thing is that in the end we ALL like it, so nobody will be frustrated.

- What about the lyrical content of the songs ? What are your sources of inspirations ?
Rage and sadness, I may say. I write about my feelings and experiences in life with people, or about my own fears and nightmares.  Sometimes songs are very autobiographic, some other times I also mix fantasy in it, so in the end you never know if it’s the real me, or something else. You see, I don’t want to be too much transparent at the eyes of the world, after all! Only my old time friends maybe can understand it..

- You have just released your "ultra-demo" some months ago... pleased with it ? What about the responses it got so far ?
Yes we’re happy about the “Ultra Demo”, it’s our shout to the world to say: here we are and this is what we play! We recorded ot very fast, so maybe it’s a bit raw, but it was our choice for the demo. It had to be direct and true, just played like the tornado of our soul. Response is good, many people have been happy to discover a “new” band playing “old school” stuff, NOT for a kind of new wave, but with true heart.

- Well, I know things went pretty fast with you since you found a label to work with for your debut album... right ? Can you tell us more ? Why this choice ? How did it happen ?
After the recordings of the Ultra Demo, we said that we would have stayed independent, if we wouldn’t have found the right label to work with, the right one for us, with the same view of Metal and Music. And we found it, or better it found us!!!! Joining the Inferno Records was the better thing could happen to us. We’re so happy and proud of it, ‘cause it works only with true-hearted bands and True Style! This is our way and world, so it’s been like joining the right metal family! It’s also very professional and we like its way to work and promote its bands around the world. We are happy, yes!

- I know one of your conditions was to stay completely independant as a band... back to the old-undergound spirit or tired of the current musical business and what it has become ?
Probably both. Spidkilz was born ONLY for the passion to play what we love. No other second goal, no other shit around this band! So better being independent than being under asshole business or people. But as I said, then we’ve been so lucky to find the right place and the right person: Inferno Records and Fab!

- Well, what & when can we expect from SPIDKILZ on INFERNO Records ?
I think it will be a great collaboration and also we’ll have fun together, because we have a common quality that will make us go well together: True Metal in our heart.  We’re composing the stuff for the CD that will be out with I.R. and I really hope it will be good for Fab, but if I have understood him enough, I think it all will be OK! Can’t wait for it! After summer holidays we’ll start working harder on the new songs. Nobody puts hurry on it, so it has to be natural and free. But we just can’t wait to spread it to the world!!

- Even if the band is young.. You already got opportinities to play live... how was it ? Is it easy to find places to play in Italy for small bands ? Are italian metalheads supportive to their underground local scene ?
All the members of Spidkilz have previous experiences and also other bands, so even if this line-up is young, we already have played around and so it’s more easy to get opportunities, now. Italian clubs are not many, and most of those only ask for tribute bands.. So I can’t say it’s easy to find places for us. But in the last 1-2 years I could see more support from the metalheads to the Italian underground scene. The common way was to ignore Italian bands, to support the foreigners.. But now something is changing and Italians are realizing we also have great bands at home! Probably it happens in every country, I don’t know.. Here it’s said: “The grass of the neighbors is always more green”!! ;-)

- I get the feeling the italian scene is made of tons of good bands (Alltheniko, Megahera, Axe Vyper, Witchunt to name a few) but it seems it is always difficult to get known abroad.. You share this opinion ? If so, what are the reasons in your opinion ?
You’re right! In the last few years many great Italian bands have born or have made fucking great stuff! I’m afraid to say that maybe Italian labels don’t spread their bands much abroad..

- Your view on the current underground scene and how it works nowadays... ? Many things have changed with the internet with ways to sell, promote, getting in touch with other bands & labels... some think it is better now, some other think that sucks big time... what can you say - since you now have a long experience in the Metal underground scene ...
After years of decay in the underground Italian scene, the last 2 years have seen changes and positive movements. Of course Internet helps a lot and I think we all have to get the best from it. If it’s good to spread the Heavy Metal scene around the world, why not use it?? In the last 80s it all worked in a different way of course, and if you didn’t have older friends who shared “new” bands with you, you only could get into the big names, and the underground bands stayed unknown. It’s true also that now there are TONS of underground bands who start playing for wave or fashion and are not really good. We have to be honest and admit it! Not all the underground is gold!! So we have to chose and select. It’s Darwing, after all..

- The internet has developed the emergence of TONS of online-magazines ... do you think their support is always efficient - I mean there are so many webzines promoting the same "big" bands from the same "big" labels that it seems the essence of the underground spirit is now lost... compared to the paper-zines back in the early days... they were alot less numerous but their involvement was really HUGE and they made the underground scene really STRONG... you agree ?
Yes I agree. Now it’s too easy to start a webzine, you only need a computer and some free time, and that’s why they’re not always as good and efficient or motivated. This is the “dark side” of the new way of Internet. More opportunities, more everything.. But NOT always good. As for the underground bands, I say we have to select things. I think it was better with few but huge paper-zines than many but empty web-zones.. But we can’t stop time, not in this for sure. So, always put our brain while going in the Net and searching for infos!

- Ok now before we stop... I'd like you to talk a bit of OVER-ZONE ? Can you tell us more ? How did you get the idea to start such a project ? (Give your website link for promotion, this space is FOR YOU hehe !)
Oh wow, thank you for the space! Over-Zone is my on-line Shop (www.over-zone.com) where I try to support the old school metal style, selling all that stuff that we all couldn’t find around, in the last 15 years, when the “grunge” and the “nu” fashion came out to destroy the early days metal style! If you were looking for spandex, jeans vests and patches or old school band t-shirts, but you couldn’t find them around, maybe now I can help you. I’m selling exactly what I like to wear and I would like to find in a shop. I’m not interested in gothic or alternative fashions, I’ve chosen my own way many years ago, you chose yours!

- OK - I just want to thank you for your time & answers... last words are yours...
I really thank you for the opportunity of talking about things I really love: True Metal and Spidkilz! As far as I can see, in a world of posers and “nu” influences, still live true hearts who always love the stuff they’ve grown with! This is stronger than any other empty wave, which will finish first or then. But the true passion for old school metal will never die through years!!
Cheers everybody, and stay tuned at: www.spidkilz.com for our stuff!
Thank you!!




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