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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 13 July 2008 15:30
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Hello I’m Beatrice and you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine.Would you like to present yourself and your group?
Hi there, I'm Sadlave the guitar player of OBTEST. We came from Lithuania, the land of thousand mounds. The band was formed in the end of 1992. The first rehearsal tape was recorded in summer of 1994. It was raw and furious black metal tunes. In 1995 we recorded two demo tapes - "Oldness Comming" and "Pries Audra". The last one was distributed well into underground world all around the planet. The next step was "Tukstantmetis" album, which was released on April 23rd of 1997 as a tape-album. The MC album was released in Lithuania and distributed locally. The first 7"EP "997" was put out by German Miriquidi Productions (Hail!) in 1998. After the realization of EP Miriquidi agreed to put out CD version of "Tukstantmetis" album, so it was distributed worldwide from 1999. In the year 2000 OBTEST played a tour in Germany as a support band for Eminenz. One more 7"EP "Prisiek" was released in Germany in 2001. In the end of the year OBTEST signed to Ledo Takas and recorded the second full-length album "Auka Seniems Dievams". The album was released as LP/CD and distributed worldwide. In autumn of 2002 OBTEST toured in Europe with Skyforger, Sear Bliss, Grief of Emerald. In 2003 "Dvylika JuodVarniu" 7"EP was put out by Ledo Takas Records, in memory of Lord Ominous (Anubi). In the fall of 2005 the third album "Is Kartos I Karta" (From generation to generation) was released. The promotional concerts began in winter, OBTEST played in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, Czech, Ireland, Portugal. In January of 2007 two gigs happened in U.S., one of them in the “Heathen Crusade” festival. The latest, fourth album “Gyvybes Medis” was recorded in April of 2007 in Poland. Due to the mixing and mastering works and negotiations between record labels and the band, this album realization date moved to April of this year, 2008.
Your album “Gyvybes Medis » has been released a little more than two months, how has it been received so far by the press and the public?
Reactions we've got so far are mostly positive, the old fans are pleased and the new ones appear as well. Can you tell us about the general idea of the lyrics?
Our lyrics are based on history and mythology of our people. In our first two albums we dig much into middle ages, when our forefathers faced the expansion from the western Europe, hiding behind the Christian missions. It were a crucial times for our nation and state, but after all, this state survived and kept its traditions, even Christianise. Two of our latest full length albums are more related to the mythology and legends of our lands.
Why this title (in English) “Tree Of Life”?
Because it is “Axis mundi”, the very centre of creation, the link between the worlds and relations. It also represents our path as a band.
What is your creative process?
Creation process is unpredictable, sometimes you hear the final composition playing in mind, or you just write down some riffs and then bind it together into one flowing piece.
You’re existing since 1995; do you think things have really changed since your beginnings? In which ways?
Actually we set up a band in 1992, and some things have changed since then. Our musical tastes grew and influences became wide enough to break through the boundaries of exact definitions, stamps and trends. Our first demo tapes from 1994-1995 are basically influenced by the black metal streams, and later we tried to escape from this, digging more into thrash, heavy or classical metal, still experimenting with the sound and the way of structuring the tunes.
You have done a lot of work on the guitars melodies and the melodies of the songs in general, they are much lively, the melodies are important for you?
Yeah, we just compose deep melodic tunes; it's our basis for the entire work.
You have signed with Osmose Records, what does it bring to you?
It means a better distribution; the fans and potential listeners now have an opportunity to find our records in remote corners of the world. Besides that, it's a famous and cult label, 15 years ago we were just dreaming to sign with them. Finally, "the label" is important for some kind of audience anyway, whether you like it or not.
How is the public in your country, Lithuania?
In our concerts, you mean? They are crazy, we get wonderful support, it' nice to share the wild energy with them.
What do you think of the metal scene in your country and in Europe in general?
Loads of bands everywhere around, you know, but always you can meet something interesting on the top of the pile. In Lithuania we have couple of active metal bands, and some of them are worth of attention, like LUCTUS, ANDAJA.
What are the groups you’re listening?
At the moment I listen to: Gr.Ob., A-ha, Sigur ros, some old school classics like Paradise Lost, Tormentor, Emperor.
The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add?
Merci! Hope to see you in France one day, while storming on stage! Keep burning...




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