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Written by Michael Francisco   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 18:03
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There is a one man Speed Metal act from Sweden who needs to be heard ! The dawn of a new day is here. The multi-talented world hater is Anders Lindberg. He is the poor blind candidate who will reshape the motto for the human race with his anthems of revenge, sure to end the reign of poseurs. After all, have you ever seen the reign of wannabes, lest they be crushed 'neath the feet of the elite, tried, and true ?
His music explodes like a time bomb in your ears with those sonic death throes challenging your faith and fears, by recapturing that '80s era glory of those Noise and SPV acts that made their indelible mark on our brain damaged Metal minds.
His album is appropriately entitled 'Canon Of Ugliness' (you can also read my favourable review). I will fight till death to support his music, talent, and mettle.
Come join us in an engaging interview, on the road to discovery, and enjoy the force of his raging violence...


Hey Brother, I first met you through MySpace a few years ago, when I heard your killer cover of "On The Road" by Vendetta from Germany. You recently contacted me, when you read my interview with Mario of Vendetta at www.metalcovenant.com :
Yes, I was so honoured that you mentioned me. I did not have that original version that I had recorded, anymore, so I was so grateful when you sent it back for me to hear.
Well, I was extremely pleased when you re-recorded it and sent it back to me, and allowed me to share it with my friends.
What did you think of the 2012 version?
This revised version is shorter, and almost more Punk like.
The updated version of "On The Road" is shorter because I play it faster!
Indeed you do! As you already may know, from either reading the interview or my constant praising of Vendetta; but their masterpiece 'Brain Damage' is my favourite album of all time!
I love 'Brain Damage' too! The title track must be one of the best songs ever written!
Have you ever seen the video for this? I had it on my "Doomsday News" VHS. Why did you choose to cover "On The Road"?
I bought Vendetta's 'Go And Live...Stay And Die' early in 1988. Man, I must have listened to that LP constantly for two straight years, and almost nothing else!
All those bands on Noise, SPV, RoadRunner, and Metal Blade were so good back then. I mostly bought cassettes, though. I have 'Brain Damage' on tape in four different versions, the vinyl, and the original and re-mastered CD. I even played "Fade To Insanity" at my wedding!
That is awesome! I chose to cover "On The Road", because it was not all that complex. Some of their other songs are very tricky to play.
I can only imagine!
I guess you can say that "On The Road", is more straight "in your face" thrash, that was just easier for me to figure out how to play.
Are you musically trained, or inclined?
Actually, I do not read music, notes, or tabs. I just play by ear. I actually recorded a cover of "Drugs & Corruption" about four or five 4-5 years ago, if I recall. I know I have it somewhere.
Man, I would love to hear that too! Are you planning to do any other Vendetta songs like say "War", "Precious Existence", "Systems Of Death", "And The Brave Man Fails", etc.
We will see...
Some of the other covers you have sent me, or included on the 'Canon Of Ugliness' ride the spectrum of influence, and even include non-Metal genres like Pop, Disco, Country, etc.
Well, sometimes I just want to slaughter some of those "famous" songs. This does not necessarily mean that I do not like the originals. I would not make a cover of "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez if there was not something that I liked about the original.
I agree! I did not recognize that song when I first heard your rendition, but eventually I did recall it. I think you did justice to it.
I was amazed how heavy your cover of "Enjoy The Silence" by Depeche Mode was. I know a number of Metal acts have attempted this, but your version is so raw. I am not even at all familiar with the original Sheryl Crow song "Soak Up The Sun", but I think your take on it is radical.
What did you think of my John Fogerty cover?
I enjoy all the covers that I have heard you do. I was confused by the cover of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain". Did not Creedance Clearwater Revival also have a song called "Who Will Stop The Rain"? At least you did not attempt the obligatory "Fortunate Son".
I find it astonishing how you play all the instruments on every song from all your demos, covers, and almost everything on your debut album - 'Canon Of Ugliness'. What is your most preferred instrument ?
My main instrument is guitar, but I am not especially good at it.
You sure have me fooled! I think that your guitar riffs are incredible!
Thanks! The drums and bass were something I had to play to make the sound bigger! For many years, I just recorded the guitars and vocals. If you think about it, I was just playing Thrash and Punk with only one guitar and no vocals.
This is usually how demos are written.
Essentially it was all just riffing! There were no drums or bass, at first. I never took a single lesson. I just started playing guitar while I was listening to my vinyl back in 1983.
This must mean that you and I are about the same age. When I saw your picture, I assumed that you were perhaps a bit younger. I saw that you had cut your hair.
Actually, I had long hair for almost 20 years but got tired and cut it off about eight or nine years ago. I think I am a little younger than you, I was born in 1972.
You are closer to the age of my beloved wife Wendy. Yes I was born in November of 1968. What made you want to play fast thrash?
I got into Metal around 1979-80, when I first heard Motörhead.
That makes sense. I wish I would have discovered Motörhead that early! I appreciate your cover of "Deaf Förever" taken from my favourite album by them, namely: 'Orgasmatron'.
My love for Metal continued once I heard Judas Priest. Then I discovered Metallica in 1983.
Yes, as did we all! Their new Biography called Enter Night is really quite entertaining. Who are some of your other main Thrash / Punk influences?
I was totally into the '80s Thrash scene; especially, the German bands such as Deathrow, Paradox, Exumer, Kreator, Sodom, etc.
I love all those bands! Exumer will actually have a new album out this spring on Metal Blade. The Sun Descends stuff was decent, but I am ready to once again be possessed by fire! I will be interviewing the band soon, too!
Hell Yeah!
I can totally hear those thrash elements in the music you write, as well as Regicide, Violent Force, and Minotaur. I also hear some Punk ingredients like G.B.H. and The Exploited.
Yes, I have listened to a lot of Punk as well. G.B.H. are a huge influence.
This is clearly evidenced by your cover of their song "Generals". With your version, I can finally make out the lyrics!
Cool! I am glad that you appreciate this!
While I play the album, I also detect an almost Goth edge to some of your songs, and your vocal approach. This is evidenced by such tracks as "Darkest Of Souls" & "Armies Of The Sun". Are you also a fan of Joy Division or perhaps The Fields of Nephilim?
Sorry Michael, I have never listened to the bands you mention there..
You should check them out.
I just try to find the best way to sing a song. Sometimes it really does not fit too well to just scream like a maniac. This is why I sing the way I do on "Darkest Of Souls".
I am also drawn toward the lyrics and subject matter of the songs. What motivates you to write the way in which you do?
Nowadays, I choose to not write too many lyrics. I was lucky to get in contact with Matthew Coombs from San Diego.
San Diego, California is where I grew up. Who is this Matthew Coombs?
He wrote the lyrics for five of the songs on 'Canon'. Charles Daaboul is another fan from Australia, who wrote the  lyrics for "Motto For The Human Race".
I love those lyrics. He has a real knack, and a way with words.
Surprisingly the music was written in 1990, and the lyrics are already six years old!
Well-written lyrics stand the test of time! I have assisted some other Thrash acts with lyrics, so if you would like for me to help you also write lyrics, it would be an honour.
Yes, I would be most grateful to have you write lyrics for me. The owner of my record label, Clint Love from Dallas, Texas wrote the lyrics for two other songs on 'Canon'. I, myself, only wrote the lyrics for "Darker Than Before" and "Darkest Of Souls".
It sounds like you celebrate the morose and melancholy. Do you have a bleak outlook on life? We all know that life can really suck.
I like dark and sad lyrics, but I really do not know why! Maybe, I just feel that it fits my music better?
Reluctantly, you have mentioned that you are already growing sick sick of some of the songs on 'Canon'. You are constantly writing, and working on new material. Some of the songs you have sent me, like "Revenge" sound most promising. With many I totally hear your love for the older German Thrash!
Yes, "Revenge" is over nine minutes long!
That song never loses its momentum. Fans of Stormwarrior, StormHunter, older Running Wild, etc. will instantly become hooked and amazed; however, I feel that it is fans of the album 'Deception Ignored' by Deathrow who will instantly recognize your talent.
Well, I just do not know about that.....
Dude, those riffs are exceptional, and the leads, WOW! I think you should take a stab at covering "NLYH (Never Lose Your Humor)".
Now there is an idea!
I have always appreciated your demos, and I really like the latest album, even if the songs are rather old.
Honestly, I have lived with some of these songs for two years, and sometimes even longer. I do like the songs, but now I feel that I could have done them better.
Well, artists are always their own worst critics. I often feel this about a review I have written, when I revisit it. Almost without fail, after I have published an interview, I discover an important unknown fact that could have only enhanced the interview experience. We all live and learn!
Yeah, like the Judas Priest song, I guess I am never satisfied!

This is why I am helping you to get more exposure. I would love to hear you rework some of the demos like "Time Bomb", "Through My Veins", Cold Dead Hearts" & "HuMaN sHaPeS (mAdE fRoM tHe DaRk)". Have you considered this, or do those songs no longer interest you?
That it an excellent idea for me to rework some of those songs! You will have to send me the MP3´s so that I can start working on those immediately!
I will send you all the demos that I have. I am eager to see what you do with them. I am pleased with how you completely reinvented "On The Road". When exactly was the 'Canon' album released?
"Canon Of Ugliness" was released around the 8th of April 2011.
So it has almost been a full year. How did you hook up with Killers By Trade Publishing?
The Killers By Trade Record Company is driven by Clint Love. Like you, I met him through MySpace several years ago. I think it was 2005. He also has a one man band called, coincidentally, Killers By Trade.
I should check them out...
He decided to start his own label. He contacted me in December of 2010. When he was eager to make my album, I was excited.
I bet!
It was cool, because there was no exchange of money involved. Clint chose to cover all production costs. We decided to keep the surplus from the sales of the disc and downloads for the next album. I think he has recovered the cost of doing 'Canon'.
That is so cool of him. He sounds like a true Mettle Head! Did you ever shop your demos with some other labels?
Oh No, I never sent my demos to any labels, because I am way too shy!
Personally, I think you would be perfect candidate for Pure Steel, NoiseArt, or even Infernö Records. If I were you I would face your fears, and get in touch with them, and let them hear what you have to offer. I assume that you are always recording new music?
I am writing all the time. Most of the songs are written and recorded. Some new titles are called: "Rollercoaster Of Death", "Black As Coal", "God Of Shit", "Gyroscope", and "Mirror, Mirror".
I just played "Rollercoaster Of Death" and I hear a bit the song "Blood & Gasoline" in there.
Oh really? I am also working on some other tracks called: "The Provenance Of A Dead Man", "The Dark Jester" and "The Return Of The Dark Jester". That last song was described by Clint Love as "Pink Floyd goes Thrash Metal"!!!
I look forward to hearing all those, so please E-mail them to me. Although, "God Of Shit" does not sound like an inventive title.
Did you know that Vendetta also have a song called "Black As Coal" which was a demo which sounded like their earlier Noise material? When do expect to release the next album? Have you already written and recorded most of it?
At the moment I have no clue when the new album will be out, though. Clint mentioned a few months back that he wanted to do a split CD with other bands from the label. These other bands, besides ours, are Finsternis and Haunted Church.
I am not too familiar with those other acts. You will have to have him send me some MP3s, if you have access to them.
I might...
Do you also produce and mix the music yourself? Do you have your own studio? I am amazed how well the production of the 'Canon' album and some of those demos sound, given with what you have to work.
I do have my own studio, and I produce and mix the music by myself, which for me is sweet, because then I can sit down whenever I feel the urge to create.
Do you have a lot of free time to write music?
Well yes, and no. I am working full time as a store manager, so it is great to come home after a 12 hour shift and just let the aggressions flow and come out in a new riff!
I can understand that. After a tough day at work, or dealing with other frustrations, it is always great to thrash! I have been stressed lately, and I was able to vent my frustrations while jamming to the appropriately titled "Revenge". What exactly is this song about? Is there any historical significance?
I will have to ask Matthew Coombs about that, as he wrote the words. I suppose there is a factual reference at the beginning of the tale.
This dude from California also sounds like a great lyricist.
I think it has something to do with pirates, forsaken maidens, and privateering. I had read an article about how rum started in Spain around the end of the Sixteenth Century and beginning of the Seventeenth Century.
I assume that since it was a popular trade item, all sorts of malfeasance thus ensued.
There was for sure a rivalry, and no love lost between England and Spain. it only stands to reason as England was a tyrannical Kingdom and a strong hand on the sea; often bumping heads with traders and pirates.
I assumed that notion, and it at times reminds me of "Black Flags Of Armageddon", which also has that Stormwitch meets Running Wild vibe.
Also, I am not sure if the song will appear on the new album, as there are just so many songs, and plenty from which to choose.
I think this is one of the best songs that you have recently sent me. I am telling all my friends about it. I would surely consider keeping it. Even though it is long, it never really feels that way, and the music is pure "Old School"! If necessary you could always trim it down just a touch.
I appreciate your honesty and opinions of this song.
You can count on me to provide ample and honest commentary on each song you send. I am excited to hear the new ones, and to contribute lyrics where necessary.
I am excited to be working with you, as well...
Well My Brother, this has indeed been a great conversation, and I know this might seem a bit cliché, but I have to ask you why you chose the name The Porridgeface for your band?
Well, actually I had decided to use this name way back in 1988. You see I had a friend who used to call people that he did not find too attractive - "porridgeface".
Hmmm... And now we have the 'Canon Of Ugliness', which makes more sense, and is a great title. One other thing, when people hear your name, do they ever think you are that dude from Edge Of Sanity? What does it feel like to have the same name, or does it really even matter?
No, it does not matter at all!
Well, I should think it would not. Thank you so much for taking the time to indulge me, and become my friend. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Only that I still have a number of songs recorded from before 'Canon', and I am not sure if they are ever going to be used. If you want to hear them, please just let me know!
Well you know that I want to hear everything you create. Hell, I want the lyrics to "Revenge" and "End Of Reign", too, if you have those. When I first heard the latter track, I swore you were saying, "The Enemy".
Oh really...
Well Brother, all good things must come to an end, so I will wrap this up. I want to reassure you that it is my fondest intention that the CD review and our interview create the space for the proper exposure that you truly deserve. I wish you all the best in all that you do.
Same to you! Thank you so much Michael!

















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