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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 01 February 2015 17:08
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Curious to know more of this all-girl THRASH METAL band from Singapore that unleashes on INFERNO Records its first full-length album ? Here's a short interview made with guitarist Mas !

- Hello Mas ! Can you please sum-up the story behind the band ?
Hello Fabien! First and foremost thanks for the interview and helping us out with this release! TORMENTRESS is an all-female thrash metal act from Singapore and is formed in late 2006. We had gone through quite a number of line-up changes throughout the years especially for bass and 2nd guitars but we now have a stable line-up. We had released a demo entitled "Break the Barrier" in 2008 and an EP called "Thrashing Disorder" in 2009.


- What were the bands that put on into Heavy Metal and what decided you to play THRASH METAL ?
Ahh.. there were many bands got us into metal! Frankly speaking we were all from different backgrounds playing in different metal bands initially. Yet we have one thing in common - all of us listen to thrash! So we decided to form Tormentress out of this common interest and also since there wasn't any local female thrash metal band that we knew of at that point.


- Female bands are not so numerous, especially in the THRASH METAL genre... was it "easy" to get a 100% female line-up ?
It was easy at first as our group of friends that we hang out with mostly consisted of girls, but it was tougher when we had to go through line-up changes as we had to find people who know of a female musician beyond our clique.. Sometimes other commitments in life gets in the way so we always try to find someone who is serious about the band and can balance their time well, though we know it is easier said than done..

- What are the bands you feel close to or the ones that you think were the biggest influences for TORMENTRESS ? What about lyrical content... what are the topics you like to approach thru your lyrics ?
Our main influences include old Sepultura, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Holy Moses, Detente, Witchburner and a few others... For our demo & EP we touched mostly on gender discrimination but for our upcoming album we decided to cover other agendas as well. Generally they're on political issues, horror fantasies (ie. Mutilator), substance abuse and death.


- Well...it took 5 years since the "Thrashing Disorder" EP to release your debut album "Operation Torment" ... what has happened during all this time ?
I guess most of us were just busy with our own jobs and personal commitments. It was kinda hard to get together just to jam or work on originals sometimes.. but we still did manage to play some local and overseas shows in between. We finally had the time to focus and work on new originals in 2013.


- Musically, how would you describe the new songs compared to the ones of the EP ? What can you say about the new album & why did you choose to re-record that old song called "Why ?" which btw kicks ass .. ??
I think our newer songs are heavier and overall they sound better than our previous releases. I experimented and explored more with the song-writings too, and so did Neez with regards to the lyrics. We choose to re-record Why as we feel that up till now some people have still not heard of the track..which is the first song we ever created. It is this song that brought us to another level of recognition.


- You have also recorded a cover song for the album.. Why did you choose "Tormentor" of KREATOR ? Why THIS song in particular ? Do you also often play cover-songs during gigs ? Which are those songs ?
This song just kicks ass! We played it live a couple of times before and the crowd went crazy. So since we're quite familiar with it we just decided to cover it for our album. Usually we do 1 cover song for each show that we play.. other songs we've covered include Sepultura - Desperate Cry / Troops of Doom, Detestation - Trash and Sodom -  Fuck the Police  / Ausgebombt

- The album has been out in September on INFERNO Records on CD-Digi-CD & Cassette... ready to conquer the world ??? What are your plans right after it is out ??
Yearghhh we are so looking forward to it!  All ready to conquer and torment ! Well we will just be focusing on promoting the album for the next few months. Hopefully we'll get some offers to play shows overseas.. We Singaporeans just love to travel and not get stuck here ! Haha


- Last question... some words on the scene in Singapore ? What are the bands to look for ? Are local metalheads there supportive of their bands ?
The scene is pretty active at the moment, with some really talented and amazing bands popping up every now and then. Yes the local metalheads are generally supportive of the bands. Bands to look out for (under mixed subgenres of metal, other than Impiety of course) will be Sintoxicate, Witchseeker, Infernal Execrator, Wormrot, Battlestorm and Thy Fallen Kingdom just to name a few... there are still others !


- Ok - thank you for your time.. last words are yours ... !!!
Thanks once again Fab! Also 666 thanks to our fans, we appreciate your support all this while. Stay heavy and grab your copy of "OPERATION TORMENT" fast! THRASH & TORMENT! \m/







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