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Written by Béa   
Friday, 29 August 2008 05:11
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Hi, my name is Beatrice and you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine from France.
Would you like to present yourself and your group ?
Yea, I’m Rob Purnell and I play lead guitar in Trigger The Bloodshed.
You’re a young group, what are the background of the musicians ?
Well the band started through myself and fellow guitarist Martyn’s frustrations in other bands we had going at the time. We both practiced at a studio in our home town in Bath, but just in more accessible metal bands, just whatever we could get ourselves into. We would always get chatting about Death Metal and extreme music and decided we should get a band going more in tune with our influences and passions. There started Trigger The Bloodshed and we then got our singer, bass player and Drummer, Max Blunos in to complete the band.
We’ve always been very passionate about our instruments and being the best we can, which ultimately lead to the split from our original singer and bass player as they weren’t bringing anything to the table in terms of song writing or musicianship. This lead to the recruitment of our new vocalist Jonny Burgan and my little brother Dave Purnell on Bass.
Although we are a young group we are very passionate about music and have grown up emersed in extreme music so to be in the death metal scene is very natural to us and there’s no where else we’d rather be.
Your album “Purgation” is a mix of grindcore/death metal with melodic passages, what are the groups which influence you ?
Well we’ve all got our own influences but id say the bands we share the most mutual appreciation of are bands like Suffocation, Nile, Decapitated, Behemoth, Dying Fetus, Rotten Sound, just anything blasting and real fucking heavy!
What is your creative process ?
The songwriting for both Purgation and the follow up, which is near completion, was done by myself. I wrote the songs and recorded them roughly at my home on cubase and then taught the songs to the rest of the band. They then bring any ideas they have to the table and we end with the finished product! Lyrics for Purgation were handled by Myself and then vocalist Charlie Holmes. However for the follow up the lyrics are being written by Jonny our new vocalist and myself.
Can you talk about the lyrics of the album ?
The lyrics on the album were written mostly metaphorically about a lot of the scum out in the streets at the moment and our personal experiences with them. We wanted to write about things that were real to us either through our own experience or real issues that we have encountered either on the news or through friends.
For example the song Whited Sepulcher is about people who do something which is real fucked up and either pretend or force themselves to believe that what they are doing is okay because they are doing it for the right reasons. It’s a very hypocritical thing to do and it’s something I think we’ve all done on a certain level.
Your songs are furious and brutal as well as the vocals but yet having melodic passages, it is important for you to keep this melodic side ?
The melodic passages aren’t something we focus on or write around. We love fast blasting music and that’s what we write! If we feel a song needs a melodic passage then we’ll write it into the song. It’s all about the feel of the song, we don’t have a formula we wrote to or anything we feel each song has to comprise of it’s just whatever comes out in the writing process.
You have a really good drummer who has a good technique besides his very young age (keep him !!! ;)). It is so hard to find a good drummer, do you think he brings something different to the group ?
Yea he definitely brings something to the group! It means that I can write anything without worrying whether he, or the rest of the band, can play it as he’ll just make sure he works his fucking bollocks off to better any ideas I’ve come up with! It would be impossible to play the music we want to write without a really talented drummer and we’re real lucky to have someone so dedicated and focused on his playing, who just loves to blast away!
As a young group do you think it is hard to get known (whatever the style) ? To find a label ?
I don’t think that’s the case at all, just look at Decapitated! I think there are so many tools available to promote yourselves nowadays that as long as your music can hold it’s own and you’ve got something that people are interested in and want to hear then you will get recognised if you continue to put the work into the music and it’s promotion.

What do you think of the metal scene in general and the French scene in particular ? Do you know some groups ?
Well were hoping to find out first hand real soon! We are heading over to France this August with See You Next Tuesday so we hope to find out a lot about it then! I’ve heard French fans are fucking nuts though so we’ve got high expectations for the scene!
We’ll also be heading back to France later in the year so keep an eye out for details of that tour.
The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add ?
Just keep slaying and supporting Death Metal, and make sure you get out to our shows coming up in France!
Thanks a lot for the interview.




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