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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 02 April 2011 17:49

Mascot Records


One of the oldest progressive rock bands around, PALLAS return with a brand new album, the sixth one, entitled "XXV" after "Dreams Of Men", released in 2005... Many changes in the line-up, most important is the change of singer, after Alan REED got fired. It is now Paul Mackie on vocals and I can't say his singing is bad, right in style... PALLAS chose a very talented singer, no doubt ! Musically, this new album, said to be the follower to the band's classic "The Sentinel" released in 1984, is really varied with a pure progressive style on songs like ("Falling Down"/"Crash And Burn"), with some more epic touches ("XXV") and with great surprises like "Young God' (that reminds of PINK FLOYD) - this will please all fans of high-quality progressive music for sure ! But on the other hand, some songs are not essential at all like that very boring "Violet Sky"... On the whole, there are very good songs and some boring ones... I guess a shorter timing for this album would have be benefic, because on the length, boredom takes place... But don't get me wrong, this ain't a bad album at all... I just think a shorter timing would have avoided the not-so-necessary overlong passages... PALLAS plays what PALLAS is expected to play, they do it well once again... but... this ain't THE best album so far... 


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