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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 16:04



Huh.... what to say... too much perfection kills perfection - right ? The boys are all young, "nasty" & beautiful, with glam clothes & tatoos, etc... kinda boys every teenage girl dream of - they look perfect - ha ! Musically... well, first of all, the production is also perfect... but over-produced actually - way too clean and makes GOTK sounding like too many bands. The songs... all very well arranged & composed, mixing wide influences from pop, rock, metal-core, heavy & glam with much coherence I admit... nice melodies, catchy refrains throughout the whole album, easy to remember & to sing along... The vocals are also very varied, from melodious clear ones to metal-core styled ones... It's well-done  but at times, the singer makes me think of Bill (TOKIO HOTEL) that would have eaten Justin Bieber, it sounds too childish & not mature enough... I guess this is the kinda bands I'd have loved if I was 25 years younger and if I was a girl falling in love with every wanna-be bad boys haha ... It's just "perfect" for the rebel-teenagers that can't enough of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, AVENGED SEVENFOLD... but as far as I'm concerned, I can't find anything interesting there... next band, please !


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