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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 31 January 2015 17:43
2.8/5 (6 votes)


Hell's Headbangers Records.

Italian sickos CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are back four years after their tremendous "It's Time To Face The Doomsday" album with another KICK IN YOUR FACE album entitled "Future Decay"... 8 songs - 29 minutes ! Short but damn efficient - still in the pure metal-punk tradition - like the bastard son of early Motörhead & Discharge... meeting early Voivod partying with Warfare ! No time for long breaks, most of time based on speed/fast tempos with throaty vocals always breathing fire & alcohol mixed with some hi-pitched screams à la Schmier (Destruction) ! Dirty chaotic atmospheres all the way thru these 8 songs that perfectly illustrate a post-apocalyptic wasteland where terror, darkness, fear & panic would dominate... Production is RAW as fuck but fuckin' exciting as well, as it brings the final touch to this album, like that "detail" that knows how to do the difference ! Impressive musicianship, those bastards know how to KILL - each riff is like a blade in the flesh, precise & merciless ! Rhythmical section is breathtaking, relentless & full of velocity ! Guitar solos are also very surprising, one could easily think of chaotic ones (à la KING/SLAYER) but this is the opposite, simple but always full of feelings ! Damn, this album smells URGENCY and this is really refreshing ! FUTURE DECAY is here, you're warned motherfuckers !!


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