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Monday, 07 February 2011 09:10

EVIL ONE are without a doubt one of the most interesting Metal bands emerging from the french underground scene ! The release of "Militia Of Death", their brand new album was the opportunity for a small chat with drummer Speed.

- Hello Speed ! The new album is just out ! How do you feel, ready to fight & defend it on every stages ?
Hi Brother of Metal !! We are ready to fight, ready to kill everywhere !!!
- How could you define it compared to "Evil Never Dies", your previous album... ?
"Militia Of Death" is more agressive, more thrash, but always melodic. And I can already say that the third album will be in the same way.
- Some words on the recording ? When ? Where ? Who ? Good experience ?
We have recorded this album in Alex Wursthorn's studios in Amiens (France), mixed in Herman Frank's (Accept) studios in Hannover (Germany). Of course, it was a fantastic experience with a real professional musician. We have learnt many things in 8 days.
- One can find some guests... It seems Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) has now a "VIP Access" now, like Betov of ADX... Was it easy to work with them again or were you obliged to convince them ?
Absolutely not. Betov is a friend, and we keep hanging around together, work together too between ADX and Evil One. About Jeff, we still stay in touch, and it's really esay to communicate and work with him.
- Some words on the other guests ? And who got the idea of this new version of "Militia Of Death", rebaptised "Militia Of Beer" with Gerre (TANKARD) ?
About Herman Frank, we played with his solo project in the east of France in 2009, and we stayed in contact. I just asked him the conditions to work with him, and we agree !About Gerre, I met him in Headbangers Open Air 2009, just discussed with him and gave a "Evil Never Dies" cd. Just a few days later, he wrote me about that. A few mails later, we decided to work together.
- The album is just out... and already there's a line-up change... What has happened with Fred (Vocals) ? 
Yes, I know that this decision has surprised many people, but sometimes, some ways are different between members in a band. It was simply not possible to continue. So, we decided to change quickly, to find another singer to start 2011 in the best ways.
- Alexis - that also sings with HÜRLEMENT - is the new singer. Why this choice ? I admit, knowing Alexis vocal style in HÜRLEMENT, I was not sure this would fit to EVIL ONE's style...
Alexis has a high vocals singing, like Fred, but maybe more Heavy, and less ...70's. He doesn't really sing like in Hurlement. More aggressive. He sounds like the old school speed metal bands.
- Finally, I saw you live with Alexis on vocals (Clandestine Festival), and I think he really adapts his voice to the band's style, bringing a particular touch close to EXCITER style... was it what you were looking for ?
That's exactly what I think, and exactly what we were looking for !! At Clandestine fest, Alexis had joined the band only a few weeks ago. Now, he works hard to assert his style to our band. Great job !
- What about the responses the album "Militia Of Death" got so far ?
All critics are really cool! Webzines and radios support us very well !!! And about promoters, I think the name of EVIL ONE begins to turn around, cos many dates are coming now !
- What about the sales ? Many bands/labels keep complaining sales are very low... is it the same for you ? Do you think downloads are the main reasons and do you think it's really a disadvantage for underground bands ?
I can't say anything about "Militia Of Death" sales at this time ! But about "Evil never Dies", the sales satisfy us and the label, so it's positive !! Of course, it's limited, we are in France !! Haha.  About downloads, I think it's more of a promotion for us than a real enemy of our sale results. It's a way to discover us.
- What are the actual plans for EVIL ONE ? Some dates to announce ?
Many dates to come : Fismes convention, 2 dates with TANKARD in France, several dates in different cities (Dijon, Reims, Brest...), the Headbangers Open Air in Hamburg, True as Steel fest in Zurich, a coming german tour in august, several festivals, some dates with ADX, etc etc... We are working on the third album. It's planned to record in december, in Andy Classen's (Holy Moses guitarist) studios, near Hannover.
- Some words on your other bands, EIGHT OF SPADES... You have just released an album with them... Do we have to consider this band as a project or somethingreally serious where you motivations are as important as they're with EVIL ONE ?
Actually, I left EIGHT OF SPADES a few months ago, before the release of the album. EVIL ONE grows up and I have to be really present at 200% for it. I work now with some people around Evil One, like Adeline, our new manager. So I had not enough free time  for EIGHT OF SPADES. We stay friends, and, of course, I have waited they find another drummer. I think it is cool for them now, they continue to play in France.
- It's now a long time you're in the underground circut... What kinda of assessment do you get from all these years.. ?
It's my life, like for you !! I always worked in the underground scene, thru fanzines, gigs, bands, radios... The metal flows in my veins forever - Everybody who wants to obtain something in this hard world must to be really strong and never surrender !!!!!!
- Some words on the french scene ? Some bands to look for ? Some others you'd like to play with ? Do you think there's a real cooperation between french bands like it was 10 or 20 years ago... ?
The french metal scene is always active, but more in extreme ways (black and death metal, metalcore...) and Heavy Metal is still here, but limited. We have played or will play with ADX, Vulcain, Mister Jack, Desillusion, Demon Tool, Hurlement, Nightmare, ...
I think that now, it's limited to the "friends". Like I said before, we work together with ADX/EVIL ONE. But besides these ones, we don't really work with other bands. Some rare collaborations with other bands, but not on a long-term process.
- Thanks so much for your time, last words are yours !
Come to see us playing live !!!!!! Support the french metal scene !!!!!

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