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Written by Fab   
Friday, 11 February 2011 08:21

AXECUTER are in my opinion one of those best underground metal bands worldwide that should soon get known in the future ! Hailing from Brasil, They play METAL in the purest tradition, a lot influenced by the 80's scene but with a strong musical identity that will for sure please all into true old-school Metal ! Drummer Baphometal answers our questions...

- Hello ! Who am I talking to and can you please introduce the band to the readers ?
Hello, it´s Baphometal from AXECUTER here, we wish you all a heavy 2011 !  AXECUTER is a skullcrushing trio made by headbangers to headbangers. We play METAL on its most traditional and violent way, to break your neck and damage your ears. No modern influences, just 100% METAL !
- When & why did you form the band ? What were/are your first motivations ?
AXECUTER was formed in February 2010, but our real beginning comes before this, as I´ll explain later. We formed the band to do what we like most in life, heavy metal in it´s purest form. We like to be on the stage in front of an insane crowd, to meet friends, to drink, to talk about metal, etc. That´s what motivates us. Besides that, we´re helping to keep the old metal spirit alive for the upcoming generations. All the old bands and masters shall die anytime, and some have already gone like Dio, Randy Rhoads, Paul Balloff, Chris Witchhunter, J.D. Kimball, Bon Scott, Phil Lynnot, Chuck Schuldiner, and others are “almost there”. As metal fans, we must carry their legacy onward. Don´t let real metal die !   
- How did you come with that name AXECUTER... I mean it basically means nothing (it doesn't exist), but it's meaning is so clear and SO metal !
The name “AXECUTER” is a pun, as you may have noticed. It means “a man who kills with an axe”, so clear as you said. It´s a bit cliche and doesn´t have a deep meaning, but sounds real metal ! We intended to create a typical metal atmosphere in our band name and logo, with the axe, spikes, blades, etc. I think we did it.....aha.
- What about musical influences ? Definitely old-school Metal but with a big domination of early-Venom, right ? Do you agree ? Some other bands that had a major impact on your band & you, as musicians and metalheads ?
We worship the 80´s because we started to listen rock/metal long time ago in 1983, yet very young, through our parents Lps, such as AC/DC, Kiss, Zepellin, Rush, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Creedence, etc. To be “old school” is bloody natural for us. That´s what we enjoy, twenty-four hours a day ! About Venom, yes it´s a huge influence in our lives and music of course, we all grew up listening their records but I disagree about “big domination of early-Venom”. Perhaps you had this impression because of Danmented´s vocals and his delay effects on it, which maybe remind Cronos style. Do you remember “In League With Satan” ???  A lot of delay effects.  About other bands, there aren´t specific influences from “this” or “that” band. We are influenced by old metal in general. Speed/Thrash, NWOBHM, Canadian & US Metal, European metal, etc.  You can find each of these styles in our  music, since the most aggressive thrash up to traditional riffs on an “Accept” way, for example. Anyway, I wouldn´t  say  we´re “Thrash” or “Speed”, or another specific label. We´re just a METAL band. If you like fast songs you can listen your music and enjoy it.  If you rather a traditional way, you can enjoy us too. I think we got a good mix between traditional and aggressive metal styles.
- If I had to describe your musical style, I'd say "Evil Thrash Metal" - you know the one originated from bands like old-Venom, old-Celtic Frost, old-Onslaught... ? Dark, fast & pounding... do you agree ?
Yes, I know that old feeling you call “Evil”. Yes, I agree we have an evil feeling in our songs, but only in the instrumental parts, not in the lyrics. Our lyrics are about our routines, our frustrations and pleasures as metal fans and our points of view of the old and nowdays metal scene. They´re very personal. We don´t write about fantasy, satanism, occultism, religions, etc. Do you know the lyrics from Razor albums such as “Violent Restitution” ? That´s what I mean.
- Can you tell us about your first & upcoming release ? What do you expect from this first release ?     
We´ll release our first recording through Infernö Records as a cassette-single on limited edition, and it will bring you three original songs. With this first material, we expect the opportunity to release our first full-length CD or vinyl.
- It seems you already have enough material for a full-length album .... when can we expect it ? Any plans or deal with a label about this ?
Yes, we already have enough songs for a future full-length album, and now our main goal is to record all these songs in a pro studio, with a typical old school prodution. We´ll start the recordings yet this halfyear and finish up to December. No label is involved about it yet. Let´s see what happens, because all future opportunities will depend on the cassete´s feedback.
- I read on your bio that the band started in February 2010, but some of the songs were written around 2001... Hmmm... how is it possible ?
Aha...yes,  I know it seems a bit strange but I´ll explain that. The band members are long time mates, since the end of the 80´s . We grew up together. Some of our songs were written in 2000/2001 when we used to do meetings for barbecue or pizza at weekends, with lots of friends. There we talked about metal, women, porn stuff, drinks, etc. At that time I wrote some riffs and we used to play them on these meetings, just for fun. We also used to play some cover songs such as Hellion (WASP), The Burning of Atlanta (Whiplash) and Die Hard (Venom). Some years later, some of those friends of ours took another direction in life, and we lost contact. In October 2009 bassist T. Basstard asked me and Danmented “Why don´t we record all that old stuff, just for ourselves” ??? So we did it and later we decided “Let´s do it the right way, let´s play as a real band !!!”.    
- What's your biggest dream as a band ? I'm not sure you can earn tons of money with that underground style of music.. haha... so what are looking to achieve ???
Yes, I agree when you say it´s very difficult to make big money with our kind of music.  It´s for few people, not for the majority, it´s a too complex system. You have to be in the right place and in the right time, and we don´t worry about that. Biggest Dream ??? Well, our biggest goal as a band is to release our songs in vinyl, because we are all vinyl worshippers since the old times. We´d like to see our own vinyl in our personal collections...aha. Also, we know there are some cool festivals in Europe such as Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air, Up The Hammers, etc. For us it would be very special to be a part of it someday, to cross the Atlantic, play there and meet people like us, that live metal on a honest way. We know it´s a long way, but that's what we want. Furthermore, we wish to share our passion with all true old school headbanging maniacs all over the world. Life is too short, we want to live every minute as if it was our last.    
- How is the scene in Brasil ? From the old-continent, it seems it's really more underground and with an old-school spirit and wild metalheads... right ?
The scene here is very good.... but only for melodic, gothic, symphonic, nu, core-influenced, etc.   70% or 80% of what our so-called “specialized” metal media (magazines, webzines, radios, etc) comes from these styles.  Anyway, yes.... there is also a good scene for old metal here. Very shy, but there is. We are a minority within a minority, the underground inside the underground. But the interest for old metal is increasing here, some kids from the new generations are buying old classic records, forming their bands, going to gigs, etc. They´re discovering the forgotten treasures of the past, instead wasting their times on nowadays crappy music, and that´s good. Really good ! Some old bands that never came to Brazil before are playing here such as At War, Possessed, Anvil, Exciter (returning after almost 25 years !!!). I think we´re living our best period since the 80´s.  
- What are the bands to look for ? Are you familiar with bands like VIOLATOR, DOMINUS PRAELII, CLENCHED FIST... ?  
Yes, we know all these bands. Violator is a good one, one of the best from the new brazilian generation. Their set is very intense, it really worths! Dominus Praelli is epic metal influenced, all that Manowar, Grave Digger atmosphere, etc. Also there are lots of new bands here on that old school vein like Nosferatu, Comando Nuclear, Selvageria, Blasthrash, Bywar, Farscape, First Strike, Ave Noturna, etc.  I think these bands look for the same we do, to play gigs, to release records, to meet metal friends, etc.
- How are the Metal gigs in Brasil ? Many people or only a few to play in front of ?
Well, it depends of some factors, the metal style, region, time of year, tickets price, weather, good promotion, etc. Usually we got some metal nights with local festivals and local bands in a very small place, with four or five bands at one night. Talking specifically about our kind of music, it has been attracting a good attendance on the last times, around 200/300 heads per event. If a band is well known, this number can increase.  We don't complain, that´s just the way it is. If we wanted to play in stadiums or arenas we should be like Bon Jovi, but we´re too ugly for it.....aha. We love the underground, that´s where we belong.
- Do you often play live with AXECUTER ? How can you describe a typical AXECUTER show ?
No, we don´t play very often, unfortunately. At the moment we are more focused in recording our songs, as is too difficult to have good offers to travel and play somewhere else. But we want to play as many gigs as possible. Also there are lots of other difficulties to be in a band here in Brazil. Some of our local bars and pubs always offer us poor sound & light systems and the owners almost don´t invest on improvements. All in an amateur way. Some people here don't know the difference between “underground” and “amateur” status. I don´t know if it happens in Europe or USA (I guess it doesn't). Anyway, yes we also have few good places to play, runned by professional people. About our show, we don´t play a long set. For us, ten songs are enough, a powerful and straight set without long boring speeches or something like that. Sometimes we add one or two cover songs, usually at the end of the show.
- Last words are yours.... thanks for your time !
We´d like to say a huge THANK YOU to you Fabien for this interview and all his great support and belief. Also thanks to close friends and of course to all true old school headbanging maniacs all over the world. Your support worths more than gold ! More from us is yet to come, stay old and loud as hell !!!

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