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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 15:37

Sometimes it happens a totally unknown band get it touch for a bit of promotion and damn this is a real big surprise ! This happened here with RUSTED coming from Québec - Canada ! A very brilliant band for all into classic Hard-Rock & Heavy-Metal in the 80's style ! Vocalist Tony and guitarist Maniac answer our questions...

- Hello Rusted ! How do you feel today ? Can you introduce the band to the readers ?
Tony : Hi. First off, we'd like to thank the Metal Heart team for your interest in us. We are RUSTED, a hard rock band from Quebec. The band was formed in Rouyn Noranda in 2008 by Dizzy and myself. Eventually we decided to move to Montreal where we met Eagle, Maniac and Chartier in 2010. Since then things have been great! We're always playing lots of show, we've release our first CD and we're constantly writing new material.
- OK, I've to admit I'm really impressed by the great level & the quality of your songs from your very first release called "Hit By"... It sounds really mature & professional... which makes me ask you : is RUSTED your first experience as a band or were you playing in other bands before... ?
Tony : Thank you very much! Actually for Dizzy and I, this is our first serious project. We grew up and learnt music together though, so we really work well side by side! All the other guys are very experienced. Chartier has played with many bands before, so has Eagle, especially with his other band « Forme». They have recorded several albums, and he is a professionnal sound engineer, so he was an important element in the production of « Hit By ».  Maniac has also played for many years in some serious bands such as Paraverse and Seelentod, and he has done some touring in France and Europe.
- So more about "Hit By"... What would you say to give to the readers the lust to listen to it and discover the band ?
If you like 80’s and 90’s heavy metal and hard rock with long hair and leather pants, check out RUSTED!!! We’re not 45 year olds living in the past, we’re five hot, young, high voltage guys, kicking ass!
- When & where was this "Hit By" recorded ? The result is really great, but are you definitely pleased with it or are there things you'd like to change if that was possible ?
It was recorded at Studio Pavillon Noir in Montreal between July and September 2010. Yannick Lapierre was the engineer. We're definitely proud of the result, especially considering the fact that we only spent 3 days in the studio. But as with all projects like this there are always a few things that we would like to change. Most of the it was recorded live with few overdubs so for sure there's some things that we wish we could have a had one more take or one more day to get perfect. But time and money are always a factor. In any case the end result sounds really good to us.
- The final product looks very professional... Full colored-cover and a pro-pressed CD, all lyrics included, pics... ... was it important for you to offer such a product when so many bands only send download links or crappy CDrs to get exposure through the underground medias ?
Yes it was very important to us. We wanted to be as professional as possible because for us, it’s not just a demo, we see it as our first official release! To us it's more than just a business card for the media and the industry. Right now it's on sale in many record stores across Quebec. We didn’t want to offer a cheap quality product so we did our best! It’s also a way for us to show that even if we’re currently self produced and can be considered « underground », we’re aiming to reach a higher level, we’ve got ambition, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to offer up the best that we can.
- I like the layout... really cool - especially the picture on the back cover... you know with that HardRocker talking to the  Policemen in the car... haha, so funny ! Who got the idea ? Does it mean you often have to deal with the Police in Québec, you bad boys ! 
Maniac : Actually it’s Tony talking to a policewoman, and it’s not staged! This picture was really unexpected and « on the spot ». We were doing a photoshoot for the album, and we found a good spot at a construction site. It was illegal to enter, but Eagle forced the fence and we got in. And of course, 5 minutes later, a police car came by and stopped in front of us. She must have been surprised to find five guys with long hair wearing leather jackets and loepord tights taking pictures on a Monday morning. Tony went to the policecar to explain our presence, and I told to the photographer « Dude take a picture of this, now! ». Eventually this was the picture chosen for the back, and it’s the most authentic one! About dealing with the Police, we cannot really say that we’re used to it, but it happens sometimes, just because we’re used to partying hard and drinking a lot. One of us is still kind of « wanted » by the authorities but we prefer not to say to much on the subject…

- Musically.... for some people, no big surprise... Classic Hard-Rock from the 80's... but for me, that's fuckin'killer & efficient ! Your  style reminds me of bands like Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, Mötley Crüe, Saxon, Wasp, Cidnerella, Skid Row... are these bands some of your faves and what are the ones that gave you the will to play pure Hard-Rock ?
Tony : We all listen to those bands, and I personally grew up on that music, so it just came naturally for me to fit into that genre This is what I like, this is what makes me feel alive! That’s definitly the way we consider our music, no big suprise but just efficient and kick ass, that’s how hard rock should sound.
- What about the lyrical content of the songs ? Where do you get your inspiration from ?
Tony : I get my inspiration from nothing and everything. It's just my feelings about what we live with and encounter in Rusted. So generally it’s  about partying, girls, being on the road, you know, the life of bad boy rockers! Once again it’s really cliché, but that’s the way I feel it. Sometimes a guitar riff will inspires me to write lyrics about girls or fighting or travelling, it just comes naturally.
- Well, i'm curious to know what you have to say to people that think RUSTED is just nothing more than "Classic Hard-Rock" ? As if Hard-Rock had to be constantly renewed & in the end bastardized (who cares for emo-core/math-metal-core ?) ? A good Hard-Rock is a good hard-Rock song, no matter the year it is released, right ?
Maniac : Definitely! That’s exactly the way we think. We don't pretend to be bringing a musical revolution. We totally realize that we’re playing a style that has already been done before. We just bring our own personnal touch, for example, Tony’s voice and some modern elements coming from our different influences. But sometimes four chords sound fucking good, you don’t need more for a good rock’n’roll song!! Look at Airbourne, they’re just playing AC/DC with their own personnal touch, but they know it and they accept it!
Otherwise, Eagle, Chartier and myself have experienced very different muscial genres such as progressive metal, fusion or black metal. I mean we totally understand that we're playing old school music with Rusted. That's what hard rock is about, simple but good, and we like it!
- What's your opinion on the Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal evolution throughout the years ?
It’s good to see that there’s still some bands who keep on rocking the old way. It's also great to see young musicians keeping the heavy metal flame burning, even if no one has really gotten any bigger than the classic bands, most of which are still playing and kicking ass today at 50 years old! Anyways, Hard Rock is really still alive, all over the world there’s millions of Heavy Metal fans really passionate and loyal, that’s the essential thing!
- Back to those 6 songs included in "Hit By"... they're all very energetic... it makes me think that a live-show by RUSTED is something wild & crazy, right ? How can you describe a typical live-show by RUSTED ?
Yes it is! High voltage, hot, wet, and with leather and chains and hairy headbang, drinking and partying all night! We definitely try to have fun and give our maximum. We don’t want people to come to our shows and just watch five guys playing their CD focused on their instruments, we give a real show. More than music, there’s costumes and some choreography with stupid guitar moves But the cool thing is that we really like it! We’re having fun and we want to share it with the crowd.
- What about the responses "Hit By" got so far ? Is it what you were more or less expecting ?
Tony : We were expecting both bad and good. Of course, we were prepared to hear some negative stuff because what we are playing has « already been done ». But on the other side we also expected some positive response from classic hard rock maniacs. But seriously, we’re very surprised, we didn’t expect so much enthusiasm and encouragement! It’s great!
- Is is easy/difficult to play live in Québec - I mean in good conditions ? Good equipment, professional venues... or is it more in small stinky pubs and places like that ?
Maniac : It’s like in Europe and everywhere else I guess. You have to start out in these little crappy, gloomy pubs with destroyed speakers. Those kinds of places are everywhere, and that’s where you learn rock’n’roll! But step by step you can gain access to better quality. Today we’re lucky enough to play on better stages and in better venues. We've managed to book some good shows, but it’s still difficult. I would say it’s also difficult to find good event managers, bookers and promoters.
- What to say on the Québec metal scene ? Any good bands you'd like to recommend us ? is "Classic Hard-Rock" big in Québec ?
The scene is really active and there's an awesome number of bands, especially in Montreal. But it’s mostly dominated by extreme metal and hardcore. It’s hard to believe but we’re less than 10 bands in Montreal playing live and writing their own music in our genre.
- Have you already played outside of Québec ? I mean Canada... ?
Not yet. We're just waiting for the right moment and opportunity. We're close to the US but it's actually really fucking hard to cross the border. Even for signed bands. So it's almost impossible for unsigned bands. But we’re planning to play in Ontario soon, and maybe in New Brunswick next summer.
- What about the next plans of RUSTED ? And what would be a dream to achieve as a band ?
We're gonna keep on rocking, as far and as loud as we can, playing our high voltage shows everywhere to promote « Hit By ». We’re currently bookings shows to visit other cities in Quebec and Ontario, to get out of Montreal . Of course we’re also writing some new material. And we’d eventually like to find some help from the music industry to promote the band. Of course it would be amazing to get a deal with a good record company and be able to record our music in better conditions. You know, to play and spread our music all over the world. But simply to pay the fuckin’ rent with heavy metal would be a crazy dream too!
- OK, thanks alot for your time... last words are yours...
A huge « Merci » to Metal Heart for this review and interview, hope the readers like it, and if you do like us, please support us. Find us on fucking Myspace, Facebook and Youtube. For those who like to rock hard, RUSTED salutes you !!!

> www.myspace.com/rustedqc


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