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Thursday, 03 March 2011 16:21

Yeah, they're young and hungry and bring back true Heavy-Metal to the front of the scene ! Hailing from Toronto, this is MIDNIGHT MALICE coming to kick your ass ! Here's a small interview with guitarist Devon... to know a bit more on this new band to look for !

- Hello ! Can you first introduce the band to the readers ? When & where was it formed ? Current line-up ?
We're MIDNIGHT MALICE from Toronto, Canada we bring with us righteous heavy metal from the heart of the city. We've got Caleb Beal on Vocals and Guitar, Devon Kerr on Guitar, Hunter Raymond on Drums and Chris Reil on bass.
- Is that the same line-up since day one or have you been thru line-up changes ? How easy/difficult is it to find suitable musicians playing old-school metal in your area ?
We've had another bassist, in fact, he might be stepping back in and taking over Reil's spot. But as a band, we're all pretty solid. Nobody is ever worried about the line up.
- Is MIDNIGHT MALICE your first experience as a band ? Or were you all playing in other bands before ?
Every one of us has played in bands prior to MALICE, I guess most notable band would be Skull Fist ; Two of our current members, and one of our ex members used to play with them.
- Who got the idea for such a name... ? MIDNIGHT MALICE... Sounds really like the 80's style !
It was an idea that had been around for a while. We all agreed that it would be a suitable name once we formed a competent line up.
- Your demo is just released... can you tell us more about its content ? Are you pleased with the final result and what do you expect from it now ?
We released "Pray For Death" after months of repetitive unfortunate circumstances. However, there was an upside to the whole shit show. Since we had to record the songs multiple times over due to our faulty, makeshift equipment. The tunes began to grow and become more intricate. We've been writing new tunes since the release of the demo, and of course we left some of the tunes out of it in the first place. A full length album is likely going to be our next project.
- Musically your style is really 80's metal influenced... kinda mix of Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal in the veins of early Def Leppard, Lizzy Borden, Tokyo Blade but I think with some "glam/sleaze" touches of bands like Ratt, early-Motley Crue, Skid Row... Are these bands the ones that gave you the will to play Heavy Metal ?
No explicit glam rock influences really.  100% Pure, unadulterated sonic steel. Don't get us wrong though, Skid Row and Crue Kick ass, it's just not Malice.
- And.. why HEAVY-METAL ? You're young... most of the youngters are into emo-nu-metal-core.... haha... not you ? Not even late at night, secretly in your room with headphones haha ??
Lets keep this one short. Not late at night, not in any rooms, and not with headphones. Not at all.
- Well, your musical style is also reminding me of other Toronto based bands... SKULL FIST, DIEMONDS, CAULDRON... can you tell us more on that Toronto scene ? From here, it's like it's BIG for old-school Metal ? Am I right ? Some other bands to look for ???
- Is is easy to play live shows in Toronto ? Are people concerned with live-gigs or are they still not so numerous to show up for a gig, like in France when it comes to underground bands... ? Do you often play live in front of large audience ?
It all depends on time, location, weather, promotion, and the bands you're playing with. Crowd numbers fluctuate all of the time. Usually, the gigs totally kick ass.
- Now that your demo is out, what are your other plans ?
Play a bunch of shows, write a bunch of tunes, and spread the word of MALICE across the world.
- Your biggest dream as a band ?
To Reach Heavy Metal Enlightenment !
- Last words are yours... thanks for your time !
Check out Malice on myspace @ www.myspace.com/midnightmalice.
To keep up to date with specifics make sure you check the Facebook page @   www.facebook.com/pages/MIDNIGHT-MALICE/101152586591883

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