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I'm sure when it comes to Brasil and the metal scene, most of people think of either craps like SOULFLY and SEPULTURA, melodic power-metal bands like ANGRA, ECLIPTIKA, black/thrash ones like APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, SODOMIZER or thrash ones like FARSCAPE.... but what about TRUE Heavy-Metal ? Any name ? Well, here's for you the time to discover one of the most exicting HEAVY-METAL bands from Brasil : DOMINUS PRAELII ! Guitarist Silvio answers my questions...

- Hello Silvio, can you introduce the band to the readers ? What about the meaning of the name ?
DOMINUS PRAELII was officially born in 1999 with longtime friends and members of various bands from the local scene in Londrina City. The idea was to get something really HEAVY with strong presonality, that was important because especially in Brasil, the scene is either way too extremme or too into "melodic" heavy-power metal. At that time, one couldn't find anybody wearing jackets with patches or bands using spikes & chains - only Black Metal bands were using spikes and chains. We wanted to return to that old feeling and bring it back to the scene, to the roots of Heavy-Metal. Then was born DOMINUS PRAELII. The name means "Lord Of Battles" and sounds good according to our themes/lyrics that deal with stories of ancient civilisations...
- Last news about the band are the change of the singer and new album. First, what has Happened with the previous singer and how did you team up with Jorge Bermudez ?
Some details became problems on the length, we talked very often about this with the previous singer but didn't get the expected result. So we parted ways. I met Jorge Bermanudez thanks to brothers David & Nico that play with Blaze Bayley, they're colombian as Jorge. We did a couple of tests and the result was just great !
- Was he playing in another band before and how can you qualify his singing style compared to the previous singer ?
He used to played in Mechanix, a heavy metal band that's no longer existing. Jorge is much more versatile and has more power in the throat than our previous singer. We're getting better results with our songs, that's what I feel.
- Other news are the new album. Musically, how can you qualify this new album compared to the previous ones ? I think the previous ones had more of an epic touch while "Keep The Resistance" is alot heavier with more 80's hard-rock/heavy-metal inspirations, especially in the guitar sound & riffs... I think of "Don't Try To Change My Faith" for example... do you agree ?
I agree. Actually it has alwasy been our intention. Heavy-Metal is much better when it is not a clone or copy. We're always trying to improve our songs with that feeling. This album came pretty close to the initial idea which is keeping the roots of traditional Heavy-Metal, it's close to Hard-Rock, which was much more common with bands from the NWOBHM, in the very beginning of everything.
- What about the reactions it got so far ? Are you pleased with that ?
The album was released almost simultaneously in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Some reviews are out and all positive and surprising.
Now I will start to send the CD to all the major media. I'm sure that will be extremely well received. We did a tour and the songs are really powerful when played live. Can't wait to start the second part of the tour !
- On which label(s) did you release it ? Are you pleased with their support & promotion ?
The new album was released in partnership with my label "Open the Road Prods" and "Rock Distro"of Brazil. After that, it got licensed for Argentina and Colombia. It was the first time we had our album released in more than one country simultaneously. Now we are looking for a record company for Europe, one for the U.S. and one for Japan and Asia. The album was released in October 2010 and since I was on tour with the band at this time, I could not make a good advertisement for the album. Now, I will send to many magazines, webzines, fanzines, radio stations and people who work directly with the metallic world. I'm really pleased to have succeeded in launching the new album.
- You're a brasilian band... Baphometal of AXECUTER from Brasil too was talking to me online the other day and he was wondering why it was/is so difficult for south-american bands to get known in Europe... It appears you're indeed much more popular in North & South America... Do you have an idea of those reasons ?
For me it's simple. First we never played live in Europe. We never had great highlights in major magazines, webzines, radio stations and zines. Here in South America, has already played live many times. We're the band with the largest number of concerts held throughout the continent for sure, we've done interviews in major magazines of the continent, radio, web-zines.
- Some words on OPEN ROAD Agency - it seems you toured alot in North & South America with their help....
I founded THE OPEN ROAD in 2007. I run the agency with the intention to help bands that had no contacts in all countries and cities.There was no such service here made by someone else. I really saw that when we needed someone from our continent to be do this part of "hard" work.
My first band was VIOLATOR, they were new, had a demo released and were releasing their first album. The tour was a success, I got more than 50 concerts in nine countries for them. And after that tour the band became internationally known. After that, I became tour-manager for countless bands !
- Can you describe us a typical live-show with DOMINUS PRAELII ? How many people usually come to see you playing live in Brasil ?
DOMINUS PRAELII is certainly the most aggressive show of heavy metal that you can see ! It is a show from fans for fans of Heavy Metal. It's very intense, aggressive and epic too.
- What about the current plans ? I remember you told me about a possible European tour, can we hope to see you soon in the old continent ?
I'll be doing our best but also hope that someone or some agencies will contact us. I want to synchronize with the festivals, Swordbrothers Festival and Festival Up the Hammers already invited us in previous editions. If any agency or promoter, want to contact us for a tour, with good conditions, I accept the offer.
- Thanks for your time, last words are yours...
Thanks for the opportunity friend. Thanks to all the readers for reading this interview with is. I soon hope that the Lord of Battles (DOMINUS PRAELII) will invade Europe, where the feeling of Heavy-Metal is in the purest artistic form !

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