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Saturday, 02 April 2011 15:38

MIDNIGHT CHASER are one of the newer bands signed to HEAVY ARTILLERY Records ! An american band on an american label playing bad-ass rocking heavy-metal influenced by ... european bands like Tank, Saxon to name a few... After I listened to their debut release "Midnight Chaser" and got so enthusiastic about it, I decided to go for an interview... Guitarist Steve answers my questions.

- Hello MIDNIGHT CHASER ! How do you feel today ? Who am I talking to ?
Feeling pretty good. This is Steve, the guitarist in the band.

- Can you shortly introduce the band to the readers ?
We are Midnight Chaser, formerly Awesome Party mostly from Pittsburgh PA, and now playing out of San Francisco CA. We started off as a loose fun project to play house parties and punk shows then the band sort of turned into a full time thing. When I moved back to SF, the singer and bass player moved out a little later to continue the band, and we added an old friend of mine Brandon on drums and have been basically doing the same thing out here, drinking, partying, playing music and getting into trouble (yep, that's cool, can I join  ? ha ! Ed.)

- Did you go through many line-up changes so far ? Is MIDNIGHT CHASER your first experience as a band or have you been/are you involded in other bands as well ?
Pittsburgh has a really tight knit scene and there are a ton of amazing bands there. I had a crust punk band there called Wrathcobra and we all lived in a big house where our bands could jam in the basement.  It was kind of in the ghetto so no one would complain that we were playing at all hours of day. Midnight Chaser grew out of some jams we did in the basement (As well as the legendary Hawk Bear). We originally had Natty Mike on second guitar on Jonah Frazier on drums but they didn't end up moving out to SF, so we stripped the band down to a 4 piece. We've all been in other bands for a long time but this band is really the first project I feel that I could play in till I'm really old.

- You're based in the USA but I think your musical influences are mainly "european", right ? I mean bands like Thin Lizzy, Tank, Motörhead, Saxon... do you agree ?
Yeah I love European Metal, growing up in the late 80's I would play nintendo and turn the sound down to listen to bands like Helloween, Kreator, even Scorpions. I guess I really like the German metal, but at the time I guess it was the tail end of the NWOBHM and when thrash really took off. I started playing guitar because an older friend showed me Cliff em All and I wanted to be Jamed Hetfield, so I grew up listening to Metallica, and it wasn't until later that I realized they based their whole sound on all those earlier bands like Tank, Saxon and so on.

- What about the lyrical influences ?
We try to only write about stuff we either have done or experienced. A lot of more light hearted bands make funny stuff up or try to be comedy, but I think if you really look at some of our lyrics they are a little depressing or melancholy, even though they might be considered dumb or trying to be funny. At some point I realized there was a time when you could have long hair and be a rocker but still be tough as fuck. I like to write about that. We're like those long hair guys who will kick your ass. Bands like Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, Saxon are a huge influence on the style, but we basically write about what we do on a normal basis.

- Some words on your release "Midnight Chaser" came out on Heavy Artillery Records ? First, how did you sign to that label ?
Heavy Artillery hit us up I think on Myspace, but they hated our name (Awesome Party). Dave really stuck with us and we compromised on the name changing it to Midnight Chaser and putting out our demo and soon to be out full length. So far they are great to work with and I really hope they grow as a label.

- Where & when was it recorded ? Do you feel pleased with the final result ?
We recorded the demo and the full length with Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA. I've known him since I was in other metal bands that recorded with him (Gunmetal Grey) and he's one of the best engineers and a good friend. He's more known for doing technical death metal stuff (All Shall Perish, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth) but we really had fun doing a more open and stripped down record. We really had fun recording that record, and try to do the 'less is more' approach.  I mostly only did one guitar track on the demo and Scott one took most of his vocals.

- About its content... what could you say to invite our readers to listen to it ?
It's bad attitude rock and roll. Something strippers can dance to and something to get drunk with your friends to (Yeah, if you READERS are not convinced, there's nothing I can do for you ! Ed.)

- What about the responses it got so far ? Pleased with that ?
So far only Europe even cares about us. In the US this style of music is sort of popular in small scenes in some cities but overall it's very small. When we play though, we do get a pretty good response from a wide array of people and their parents - especially their moms.

- Do you know about the sales ? How do you feel working with Heavy Artillery Records ? Pleased with their support ?
I think we sold like 10 records. So it's working out.

- This release includes a TANK cover... not so usual I think... Why this band and why this song ?
There is a Tank cover and an Avenger cover ("Too Wild to Tame").  I just love the feel of Turn Your Head, the lyrics make no sense but it's really just a fun song to play. Whenever we feel roadblocked on writing, we just jam out fun songs to play, but most of it is too embarrasing to even mention (Heart, KISS, Lonestar hahah). We wanted to just do some fun stuff for the demo so did Tank, Avenger and ZZ Top which we all love.

- Speaking of TANK... I'm curious to know if you've heard their last album "War Machine" and what do you think of it ? Many people (including me) think it's a great Heavy-Metal album but it just doesn't sound like Tank anymore... do you agree ?
I haven't heard it but I heard it's not even the same thing as old Tank. YouTube is the greatest thing to be able to see old Tank performances like on Top of the Pops or whatever. They really killed it live as a band. I really like their raw sound and their song writing.

- Back to MIDNIGHT CHASER... Do you have new songs ready for a first full-length album and how would you qualify them compared to the past material of the band ?
We have a full length of 9 songs done and ready to be released and about 5 songs done for the next one. It's getting a little more rocking and the songs are a little longer, but hopefully that's just more of a good thing.

- Can we soon expect that first album ? Sorry, I'm really impatient haha ! Are you talking about this with Heavy Artillery Records ?
I think late spring. Finalizing some cover art issues right now.

- OK... I saw some pics of the band live... it seems you really ROCK on stage, right ? How can you describe a typical show by MIDNIGHT CHASER ?
Is this when we play strip clubs or not (Yes for some of them ! Ha !). Can't talk about the strip club ones, but otherwise, we just like to be that band you would want to see at a bar when your out with the boys (girls) and want to rock out.

- Do you often play live ? Is it easy for you to find some dates ?
It's pretty easy to get dates in SF and the area, we play about 2 times a month. Working on booking a European tour, it's too expensive gas money wise to tour US right now.

- How is your local scene right now ? Some bands to discover ?
Tons of bands in Pittsburgh (Ladybeast, Wrathcobra, Oh Shit They Are Going to Kill Us, Ratface, Icon Gallery). Pittsburgh right now is a hotbed of new bands and has an amazing music scene. That said, San Francisco also has some really good places to play and well known bands. Right by my apt there is a club called Eli's Mile High that I like to play.

- OK... besides the first album, do you have some other plans ?
Usually we get drunk and talk about finishing the second album and playing Europe.

- Thanks alot for your time - last words are yours...
Thanks for the chat, hopefully we'll be in France and EU soon. We can't wait to play to some true metal fans.

> www.midnightchaser.com - www.myspace.com/midnightchasermetal - www.facebook.com/midnightchasermetal

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