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Sunday, 03 April 2011 12:06



STALLION FOUR made on me a very very good impression when they released in 2008 their "Devil In Me" 7"EP released through SMP Records... Their music is full of energy, kinda wild & nasty classic/hard-rock with a big sense for personality & class ! I recently got a new promo-release from the band that - once again - blew me away ! It's time for you to know more on this new excellent swedish band before they release their debut album ! Bassist Gustav answers the questions...


- Hello ! A very usual question to start, can you introduce the band to our readers ? When and why did you form this band ?
We always say that the band started back in early in 2008, because it´s from this point with the members of today that is Stallion four ! The ground of the band started some years earlier with another lineup, but we say 2008 ! The band are often described as "Classic rock or classic hardrock", or as we call it, "Pure hard horsepower rock n`roll". Why? Because we do what we love to do, TO PLAY ROCK MUSIC !!!

- Is that your first experience as a band or are you/have you been involded in other bands ?
No, we have all played in lots of bands before. No need to mention them all here !

- In January you announced you were looking for a new drummer... Have you found the man ? What has happened with the former drummer Oscar ?
We are rehearsing with a new drummer now, sounds awesome, more info later about that. He decided to move to USA and start a new career over there. This was really a sad moment, because there is no hard feelings, and we are very good friends, and we loved to play together. But now we have moved forward and Oscar too.

- Also, in november 2010, a new guitarist has joined the band... Am I right or are you now with two-guitar players ? I haven't heard Peter has left... Who is the new axeman and what do you think two guitars will bring to your sound ?
Yes ! Marcus is his name. Great guy and guitarist. No Peter is the main songwriter. There should never exist a Stallion four without Peter. The sound is more compact, and the song writing has taken a new level with another guitarist in the band. New ideas and possibilitys. The new songs sound awesome.

- What about the musical influences of the band... you agree if I say your style definitely reminds me of a cross between bands like Rose Tatoo, AC/DC, Lynryd Skynyrd, Guns N Roses, Skid Row and Ted Nugent to name a few... ? Total Classic Rock/Hard-Rock !
We couldn´t have said it better ourselves. But of corse you can name a lot of more bands that´s had an big sense to us ! To mention a few : The four horsemen, Ufo and Motorhead...

- OK, the band has so far officially released three demos and a 7"EP called "Devil In Me"... Let's speak about this last release, how were the responses it got when it came out ? Were you surprised or was it what you were more or less expected ?
We are very happy with the response, almost great words in Rock/Metal press worldwide.

-  It was released on S.M.P. Records... How did you ink the deal ? Weren't you surprised to work with them since the previous releases of this label were much more into "Metal"... they had released two 7"Eps, one by INSOLITUDE, one by DIE HARD...
Yes, S.M.P records is a label from Uppsala that have on released bands from this town. The label is into hardrock & metal music, so I guess it´s just about great songs. They release great music with great bands.

- Pleased with the promotion & support of this label ?
Yes ! Not a bad word to say !

- I remember I got a 4-song promo-CD from SMP Records to promote the "Devil In Me" EP... but on the EP, there's only two songs, while I have 4 songs on the promo-CDs... Where can we find the two other songs ? Have you or will you release them officially ?
S.M.P choosed to release two songs on the vinyl. Maybe one of the songs might be put on the full length album, or released later in the future but nothing is settled yet. Or they will become "collectors" items ;)

- OK, now you've released the "Rough Times" EP... I'm not totally sure, but is that only for promotion in order to get a deal, or is it/will it be officially released ? The songs on it are in my opinion still in the same vein but a little bit more aggressive/harder.. do you agree ? How are the new songs accepted ?
It´s only released for promotion and it´s now look like the deal is finished, more in later... So the songs will in the future be recorded on a full length release ! Yeah, you´re totaly right, we have heard that from many people. But that´s nothing we deliberately done. We just play and jam and things come up. It´s not often we say a song gonna sound heavy, fast or soft, it shows itself.. One member comes up with an idea and we jam on it and then the song became what it is !!

- Well, are you currently discussing about a possible album with a label ? If so, when can we expect it to be out ? Do you have an idea of how it'll look like or is it still too soon to say ?
We tell you directly when things are finished ! More info later, we keep you updated.. (Ok, I wait ;-) - Ed)

- Well, it seems pure classic Hard-Rock is getting back on the tracks in Sweden ? Bands like BULLET, SISTER SIN for example are having good responses from all over the world... do you think this is the New Swedish sound ?
"Classic rock & hardrock" seems to be popular on a high level now and it´s not just only in Sweden.  We have never listened that much to any of these bands, only heard a few songs but both bands sounds great!!

- What about the relations between bands in Sweden ? Is that all friendly ? Seen from here, it's like everybody knows everybody and when there's a band in need of a new member - permanent or not - there's always a friend or a friend of a friend that comes to help... It's like with 6 musicians, you can have 20 different bands if they combine all this well.. see what I mean ?
Maybe that´s how it is for some bands, can´t answer for them ! We have never had a problem with another band. We all play in STALLION FOUR, and that´s all for us !

- OK - back to the band, what are the current plans ? Any live-shows of festivals you're invited to and want to announce there ?
To start record our full length album in the June, that´s the major thing! At the moment, Rockstad Falun 2011 festival in Sweden but more will come up. Just check out the myspace for news, gigs and info about the band!

- Thanks alot for your time, last words are yours ?
We wish you all the best and hope things we'll be better soon ! To all you rockers out there : Raise you´re fists and rock !

> www.myspace.com/stallionfour

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