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Written by Béa   
Thursday, 17 July 2008 05:19

Hello, you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine form France and I’m Beatrice.
Would you like to present yourself and your group?
Hi, I’m V’gandr, bass player and vocalist in the Norwegian band Helheim. We’ve been around since 1992 and have released 2 demos, 2 EP’s and 6 studio albums thus far. Done touring and general live playing all these years and we feel stronger than ever before.
What are the backgrounds of the members of the group?
Every member has got his personal work besides Helheim since it’s impossible to live of the music. Noralf also plays in Syrach and me in Taake, Aeternus and Deathcon.
“Kaoskult” is your 6th album, what do you think has changed since your beginnings? Do you think you have changed musically speaking?
We’re a band in constant development and Kaoskult proves this. We always want and need to progress as we feel that this is necessary for the band and the individuals to feel inspired. We always try to improve our music from previous albums and fine-tune the elements that catch us the most. I notice that we’re getting darker and more epic by the years; maybe our age is getting to us, haha.
Your songs have progressive even experimental parts; do you think you will go “forward” progressive or even symphonic epic Viking metal?
I can’t pinpoint exactly where we’re going towards our new album, but for sure we’ll keep the epic parts as we feel we have more to present there. We’ve started working on a new song and it will for sure be one dark piece of metal.
Your songs are epic and dark, do you think it is because of your roots (Viking ones if so…)?
It’s just where we want to go. We feel that the darkness is the perfect vision through which our lyrics can be presented the best. Music shall serve the lyrics and vice versa. The roots of the Vikings aren’t pure dark at all as the age of the Vikings was a period of growth but of course also strife and turmoil. Helheim choose to focus on the darker sides of the Norse Mythology since this is what we find the most interesting. Not dark as in negative, but dark as in obscure and maybe sometimes sinister.
You seem to show a dark side of the Viking metal style, am I right or not?
You’re down to the bone right.
What is you creative process?
No special thing or situation, just music in general. It’s the pleasure of creating, the need to expand your creative horizon, the urge to explore the Norse Mythology and the means to self- awareness through lyrical, musical and visual concepts.
How did you get those vocalists as guests in this album? What do you think they bring to the album?
As we know them all it was just to ask them basically. We feel that they bring that extra touch to the whole album and also Lindheims synths and samples. It’s all about to create the fundament and then try to find the means to reach a higher level.
What do you think of the Norwegian metal scene; it seems to have a lot of groups over there? (I say that because I review a lot of northern European metal groups)
I think, without being modest, it’s one of the best metal scenes in the world. I can’t explain why other than that I feel musicians over here possess some kind of strong individuality, which shines through the music. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other countries with good metal music. I recognize that there’s a lot of really interesting bands emerging from all over the world which actually attracts my interest more these days than Norwegian bands.
What are your projects for the near future?
To play as much live as possible. We’re most likely to go on tour in November together with Vulture Industries (again) and Atrox. We’re also already started to rehearse towards a new album to be recorded most likely mid next year.
The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add?
Thanks for the interview. Check out Kaoskult if you want some true elite Pagan extreme metal. Heathendom IS resistance !!!


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