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Sunday, 01 February 2015 16:51


MANDRAGORA are a young five-piece old-school Heavy-Metal band hailing from Peru - after some very confidential first steps, the band released its first 7"vinyl Ep on INKAZ NOIZE Records and definitely shows a huge potential ! Their music is inspired by the early 80's Heavy-Metal glories but it also breathes authenticity & sincerity ! Vocalist Fatima tells you more about her band !

- Hello Fatima ! Can you introduce us the band... when did it all started? What is the current line-up ?
Hi Fabien! Yeah sure, alright the band started in the year 2007, this was when I meet up with Jorge (bassist and main bandleader) and the remaining Band members at the time. Those were the early days when we were much musically influenced by IRON MAIDEN and the lyrics were in Spanish. We do still having unreleased songs from that period that we‘d never the chance to recorded them. So, through the time we changed lot band members, and also our music was better defining to what today is. And finally we opted to sing in English.


- Is MANDRAGORA your first band experience as singer ? Who are the singers that had/have a huge impact/influence on you & that gave you the will to sing ?
Sure, soon as I decided to sing I did it with MANDRAGORA, this is my first and only real band that I’d worked over the last years.


- Musically.. it is definitely Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal in the pure 80's style - what are the bands you would say they're the biggest influences of the band ?
Definitively the bands that are a huge influence on me are Iron Maiden, Tank, Warlock, Saxon y Running Wild.


- Well, I'm just curious ... but can you explain me why or how younger people like you (you = the band) are into this style of music ? For older people like me, I can understand but.. most of younger people are more interested in "modern" metal ? Am I wrong ?
Well, I think it also depends on the context. Everyone in the band (including me, too) since day one in our teenies days we were more attracted for old school bands and this was far better music as it was played in the radios back then. This can explain you more or less the reason why we choose this kind of Metal music to play with. Despite of our young age, we found a lot of inspiration and we feel so connected with the classic Metal bands.


- Is that old-school heavy-metal very popular in Peru ? Are there some bands you could recommend us ?
“MORTEM” it is for us Peruvians as our banner flag for years and by far has been the most representative Peruvian band in the international scene. Another good band is: “GORE” (brutal death gore), then another bands that we like so much are: “Chaska”, “Kranium”, “Yana Raymi” and “Indorraza”, these last four ones plays an amazing Peruvian Folk Metal.  Besides there are killer’s bands coming from Lima capital city as: “Epilepsia”, “Necropsya”, “Evildamn”. Another that we respect and like is “Bestial Possession” (Thrash Metal) from Trujillo city. Talking yet about Stoner Doom bands may I consider checking it out these bands: “Conan” and “Caballo de Plomo”. And of course talking about Heavy Metal, well we have in Peru: “COBRA”. Here in my hometown Nuevo Chimbote city are also good bands may I mentioned: “Metralla” and “Poison Death” whom plays Black Thrash Metal, “Inicuom” plays Black Metal. Finally we’ve also good Hard rock bands that people should to check out like: “STONEHEAD” (they have released two demo tapes) and “GATOS LOCOS” (whom sooner or later may be releasing some demo tape).


- Well, back to the band.. So far, you recorded first a demo, which got really well acclaimed in the south-american underground scene… but recently you released your first 7"EP on INKAS NOIZE Productions - Can you describe us the two songs of the EP ? How would you compare them to the ones from the demo ?
Of course, let me explain you: “Lady in Black” it’s a tune which following the same style as older songs like “Steel Metal” or “Never Surrender”. This song “Lady in Black” go straight like acid in your veins. It’s fast and has so much riffs will makes the ground shake!!! “Snakebite“ it’s absolutely more oriented to Hard Rock style and defines our more classic MANDRAGORA cord. Without a doubt is a song with full energy and demand a lot of effort too. The choir’s harmonies follow the path of songs like “Can I Play with Madness” (Iron Maiden), and we rehearse them a lot, to fix them completely. “Snakebite” is from now on a MANDRAGORAs classic tune! The “Steel Metal” demo tape still was an amateur recording, but in the other hand with so much desires to set on it our goals. At the time when we recorded it we haven’t any idea of how the thing in a Recording Studio works. To be honest our main goal back then was just to have some demo tape in order to get more chances to play around and to travel across our country to show to everyone our Heavy Metal band and we got it! To this date we still realized it was a good demo tape (of course was recorded to the extent of our possibilities).  The “First Attack” 7”EP is another totally different history and it’s like a “warm up” of what we’re planning for our album debut. As for our 7”EP we invested a lot of work and so many hours in the Recording Studio this time. We can’t wait to show to everybody our new tunes. Stay tuned!!!


- It seems that this time you're able to reach more people in the world with that 7"EP.. cool reviews here & there, especially in Europe... did you expect such a feedback ?
To be honest that was unexpected for us! We just supposed that this time our songs will reach more people nothing else, but suddenly overwhelms us the reputation we have!!!  It’s very exciting to read the reviews are being very positive, that fills us with much energy. We still work very hard in our new tunes!!!


- Some words on INKAS NOIZE Records... how did you team up with that Germany-based record label ? Are you pleased with the work/support the label does for you ?
INKAS NOIZE RECORDS belongs to Lucho Palomino! Lucho got our demo tape (Lucho is a Peruvian Heavy Metal freak who lives currently in Germany) and he did contact Jorge (Mandragora’s band leader) and so did started our history with INR. In fact INR still a small Label and MANDRAGORA is their first signed band and for that we’re very grateful.  We’re more than pleased with Lucho’s work on INR. He works very hard sending our promo stuff to everyone whom asked for us. He proposed ideas and invest many in us, so we’ve join forces both parts and we’ll struggling to the end! Also he did travel from Germany to Peru just to watch us play live and catch up with the band. Lucho is very involved with the MANDRAGORAs work. Lucho Palomino is also recently running as our Manager. He has also much experience on this matter as we do. He’s definitely the 6th MANDRAGORA.


- So, what are the current plans of the band now ? I assume you're preparing an album... Do you already have songs ready for it ? Do you have an idea of the "color" (how it will sound like) of the next release ?
Hell yeah!! We do!! We’re currently working, rehearsing the brand new tunes for the debut album! Making some arrangements on the songs here on there, we wanted the songs sounds good and kick asses!  At the moment the only what may I tell you is if you liked our 7”EP “First Attack”, then you will loved our debut album!  The debut album will follow our path, the same one as it was initially marked with our “Steel Metal” demo tape and followed by our currently “First Attack” 7”EP.


- When do you think we can see it out ?
I hope soon !!! hahaha!!! We’ll go on tour in January next year 2015 to Chile and we can’t wait, we’re so anxious!!  We recently get a Tour offer to go through Ecuador and Colombia, so we’re doing well here in South America, things just started to happen for us. We’re truly excited with all that.


- Great thanks for your answers, last words are yours...
Thank you very much for the interview, thanks for your support Fabien!  To everyone out there keep an eye on us,… and you all French heavy metallers grab your copy in your beautiful country France through INFERNÖ RECORDS (the best WebShop and Label around!)… or also if you are leaving in the last corner of this human planet don’t hesitate to send an email to Lucho Palomino in Germany (our man behind Inkas Noize Records) in order to purchase your copy, write here: luchitometal(0)hotmail.com …shipping is WORLDWIDE!!!!! We hope someday to play Europe, we know already from the year 2015 the Peruvians citizens may travel around the globe for 3 months, no more Visa bureaucracy issues will needed, so we’re looking forward to play everywhere, if some agent or promoter is interested to pick up us for a tour or a couple of shows, we’re in! We’re easy people to work with, so please drop us a line to our Band email: mandragorasteelmetal(0)gmail.com See you someday Fabien, you rule supreme brother!!!




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