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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 27 July 2008 05:21

Hi Yann, I’m Beatrice and you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine.
YA : Hi Béatrice, very nice the new site Metal Heart.
Some know certainly that you’re a guitar player but would you like to present you ?
YA : So to make it short. So I am a … guitarist since quite a certain number of years. I have begun as a teenager to be very much attracted to all was about music and especially to hard rock. I fall inside because or thanks (to choose ;-) to KISS who do not need to be presented. In keeping with the instrument, I’ve been right away accompany by my brother who was already playing drums. Which allowed me to have a good rhythmic base from the beginning. I am a self-taught person and I’ve learned by taking plans by ears. Today, when I see all the numbers of methods and magazines consecrated to pedago, we can say that the youngest ones have the choice in learning…
What is your musical background and what are you musical influences ?
YA : my background is rather classic. I played into different groups and I have recorded a lot of demos. Some little gigs etc. Until Serge Lamet from dead Hard Force (hard rock mag having disappeared since) decide to create his label and ask me to be his first signature…in instrumental. It was then in the end of 1999. Thanks to him !My influences are divers and varied. I would begin by Kiss which has really given the envy.
Still today I stay and big fan of “big bisou” and this, besides the numerous changing in line up. Their last concert at the POPB was magic. What a form ! Then all the others Van Halen (Eddie is a master), Def Leppard, Maiden, Metallica, Satriani, Jeff Beck, Bon Jovi, . Beginning 90, I’d like a lot the “glam-feathers in the B..”with Poison, Warrant, Cinderella, Ratt etc. it’s funning to see all today’s reformations.
Your last album « Cross-Rocks » was released in 2004, why having taken so much time ? because of all your different activitites, among others your implication in the “Why Note” label ?
YA : After « Cross-Rocks », I wanted to make a break to avoid repetition. I did not know in which direction to go after following this rather blues parenthesis. The reunion with Chris was just right. In parallel, it is true that my activities relating to the label had occupied me much. We have until today released 17 albums and it is not finished…
About, why this name « Why Note » for the label, do we have to see a word game in it ?
YA : Yes rightly. It is Stéphane Bergeon and Stéphane Jumelle from the label who have find this name. it is sometimes simple things which sound the best.
Let’s talk now about this new album « Gimme The Sound » why this title ?
YA : this title has imposed itself. I sent the intro of the record (in instrumental) to Chris and he has posed his voice on it. Which was not forecasted at the beginning. It is with this title that our collaboration has really begun. To name the album like this was evident.
CC : it was the first title that Yann proposed me. He tought to use it as an instrumental but I jammed a little in my studio and the voices came ! I recorded everything rather quickly with the choirs and harmonies by putting the appropriate lyrics for an intro by thinking to Yann… that pleased him, the rest is history !
"Gimme The Sound" is a bluesy rock, is the style imposed itself because of your collaboration with Chris Caron, the vocalist on this album or the contrary ?
YA : we can say that the style has imposed itself. We did not try to sound like this or like that. As the tracks advanced, the album turned a hard rock or heavy blues sound. I hope that in the end it pleases ;-)
CC : For me, the colour of the album was mostly produce by Yann’s playing and sound. I’ve tried to integrate myself into his universe by trying to bring a plus. The compositions are varied and if blues there is, I’m pleased of that because I’m found of it. But I think that the album is far from cotton fields, it is a rock album with varied tempos !
We feel a really complicity between Chris and you, you seem to know each other since very long time, it is the case ?
YA : Yes, it has been fifteen years that we know each other. Now, there has been a “hole” of about ten years (period in which he has done his life in the States), before we met again each other but it is like we’ve left each other a few days ago. The fact that he lives in Boston and I here is not a soucy. With internet etc. we arrive to talk everyday.
CC : yes, it’s have been a while since we know each other but we lost contact for about ten years when I went to the States… but it’s funny how nothing changes really in friendship. The world evolves and also do we but the feelings stay in music. We begun where we stopped !
As you could have read it in my review, you are a guitar player who has a certan technique but you never make a “display” of it in the tracks to the detriment of musicality, of the melody, it is important for you to find this right middle ?
YA : Yes, it is even indispensable. I’m not found of guitarists typed “shredders” who play 200 notes at second. In music, the breathings are important. When you are listening to Jeff Beck or even Van Halen even Satch, you go through an ambience to another, it is not sterile. To have a serious technique bag, yes. But you’ll have to put it at the duty of music.
Lets talk about the lyrics of the texts ?
CC : The subjects are divers but all is firstly based on the melody. The lyrics come after by coming from a verse or a refrain… then the chance and creation are coming, « I Remember Yesterday » is talking about my remembering of France and my background, « Time is running out » is about the global warming of the earth and the hypocrisy of the politics in general on this subject, «High Above The Unknown Places» is a bird fly, in a Peter Pan’s manner, song for children or adult following his universe. To be brief, it is varied…
You have two guests in this album Patrick Rondat and Gildas Arzel, i know that you know them well, is it by friendship that they participate to this opus ?
YA : Yes I hope so ;-))vIt is a real gift to have them on my sides on two titles. Their participation is full of feeling, of musicality. Two very great musicians ! Thanks my friends ;-)
About Patrick, what do you think about his last album withHervé N’Kaoua (album that I have besides reviewed) ?
YA : I find it successful. It was a rather daring bet to mix electric guitars and classical piano. A well done album which do not have any equivalent to this day. You were talking about technique display before on; it is a very good example because there are a lot of respirations in their album. I hope to have the occasion to assist to one of their dates soon.
What are your projects for the near future, a tour seemed to be prepare this autumn ?
YA : Yes a tour is forecasted toward October November. I should have something new pretty soon… To be followed.After these dates in France, the idea is to do the same thing in the States. We are also working, with the help of people in the profession, on the release of « Gimme… » in several foreign countries.What do you think of today's french metal/rock scene ?
CC : The French public should end to label the French rock on an Anglophone model in the genre of this or that. We have very good musicians in France who have nothing to envy to Americans or other countries ones. You’ll just have to be simple and natural and Play with a big P.
A word on KISS, I know you're a great fan of the band...
YA : A word … it is too short ! Kiss is and will stay the reference in matter of hard rock. This group has really marked several generations of musicians. I hope that they will give us a new album with the today’s formation… one day. Since the excellent Paul Stanley solo album, nothing new. Now, we can hear that all this is “circus” etc. but visibly, their recent tour has made everyone agree. A monthly like Rock & Folk dares the cov on Kiss, never seen ! Now, I’m not found of extra musical activities of Sir Simmons. His real TV show « Gene Simmons Family Jewels » is too much far from what he was and should always stay the Big Bisou : a machine to make dream all the world rockers, the “Star Wars” of hard rock.
The word of the end is yours...
YA : I would just thank you as well as all the activists who defend and who make the promo of our music (not our in particular but the hard rock in general ). We do not have great medias in our pockets but the work done by the “army of darkness” is remarkable ! See you soon !


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