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Monday, 25 August 2008 05:00

Hello I’m Beatrice from Metal Heart Webzine from France, would you like to present yourself and your group ?
Hi! We’re Sworn Amongst from Yorkshire, England. Liam Liddell guitar & vocals. Harvey Fox, guitar. Rob Ellwood on bass and Jonny Harper our drummer.
What are the musician’s backgrounds?
We all began playing in our teens. We’re self-taught mainly. Myself, Rob and Jonny learnt a lot playing together from way back in 2002, whereas on the other hand Harvey was a fully accomplished guitarist before he joined us two years ago.
You’re making traditional thrash metal, where do your influences come from ? which groups influence you?
As a band they tend to be wide and varied. Each member brings something different to the table as regards to our influences. They generally stem from rock through to death metal with the occasional exception. The bands that have had the biggest influence on us as a whole though would have to be Pantera, Machine Head, Metallica & Megadeth
“And So It Begins” is your second album, what do you think has changed since your beginnings?
We’ve certainly become a lot more melodic since we began. Originally we were only a three-piece with a single guitar, so it was difficult to expand. Most of the songs were just based around a set of heavy, grooving riffs. Since Harvey’s arrival we have been able to become more ambitious with our music, particularly the guitar work - lead sections and melodies - which has allowed us to be a bit more diverse.
What is your creative process?
More often than not the way in which we write our songs is quite simple. We’ll gather at our rehearsal studio and spend a lot of time going through individual ideas that we have, then we’ll all work on them together. No one song is written by just one individual, which we feel helps to keep the mix fresh a lot of the time.
There is a lot work done in this album in the melodies, do you think it is important for you to work it that way?
Definitely. We like to get a balance of big chunky drum-driven riffs, melodies, and lead breaks. We’ve found this works very well, but the melodies themselves allow for hooks which in a lot of cases can be the defining part of a song. We’ll be looking to push each of these facets further through as time progresses and write new tracks. Big riffs BIGGER and a lot more ambitious guitar work in general.
Can you talk about the lyrics of the songs ? Where do you take your inspiration ?
The lyrics in the songs generally express anger. They’re all written by myself (Liam) and all point fingers and criticize aspects of life such as prejudice, rejection, my own personal struggles. A lot of the time they concern struggles that we have faced as a band over the past six years, and there have been quite a few! I just find it a very productive way of releasing negative vibes, so when something does put me in a foul mood, I tend to lock myself away and put it onto paper. I don’t write lyrics unless I’m feeling emotionally involved in what I’m writing about. I think this also helps to get a genuine message across a lot of the time.
You are signed at Rising Records, which is a young label, what do you think they will bring to you, what do you expect from a label?
As a band, signing to Rising Records has been the best thing we’ve ever done. Since then we have been given the opportunity to record And So It Begins, and they have really been awesome in the promoting of the album, gaining us lots of exposure with magazines and webzines, as well as dealing with the album distribution and offering us the correct advice. Their knowledge and experience can be priceless at times.
What are your plans for the near future? Gigs?
We’re currently touring And So It Begins in the UK. The shows have been awesome so far and the second half of the year is looking even better with a lot of really exciting gigs already confirmed. We’re heading over to Ireland to play a string of big headlining shows as well, and we’re also looking to head over into mainland Europe.
Do you have already to work on new material?
We have some very rough demos of tracks that are almost finished. For this record we have decided to get the basics down onto CD and then we’ll work on solos, vocals etc. in our own time and make sure we’re happy with everything. It allows us to be a bit more critical of the music over a longer period rather than just hearing them live, which is what we did last time round. We’re hoping it’ll allow us to continue moving forward as a whole.
What is your general idea of the metal scene?
We have all grown up with metal and been involved in the metal scene since we were kids. Listening to bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC and a lot of Bay Area thrash. It was at a concert with AC/DC that we decided we really wanted to start a band way back in 2001. Since then we’ve engrossed ourselves in a lot of European metal, generally more extreme stuff. It’s been a big part of our lives and has influenced us to this day - who we are, what we do, where we go - it has had a massive effect on us as personalities and individuals, and the good news is the scene itself just seems to pick up more steam as time progresses. Long may it continue !
The word of the end is for you what would you like to add ?
Firstly we’d like to thank everyone at Metal Heart Webzine for giving us this interview. Awesome stuff! Secondly, to everyone out there reading this, be sure to give us a listen, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy of our album as soon as you can. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Stay safe ! Rock !
Thanks a lot for this interview.


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