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Written by Béa   
Saturday, 06 September 2008 05:41

Hello from France, you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine, and I’m Beatrice.
Would you like to present yourself and your group ?

Hello Beatrice. Ok, here's a brief history of the band:
I used to play in a band called Fair Warning from 1990 on. In 2000 Tommy Heart, the singer, quit, the original drummer had left some years before and there was not much left of Fair Warning. There was only miniscule wealth to enjoy and I didn't feel like retiring. Better start something new was the obvious thing to do.
I asked CC Behrens, who was the original drummer of Fair Warning, if he would be interested in a new band, asked Torsten Luederwald, who played live keyboards for FW and Ole Hempelmann whom I knew from his band Thunderhead to join.
Our singer Olaf Senkbeil was recommended to me by a friend of mine and proved to be the perfect match. We recorded our first album “Here Comes The Flood” in 2001 and the second one “Dreams For The Daring” was released by the end of 2003.
In February 2007 Francis Buchholz and me met at a party, Francis returning from touring with Uli and Olaf and me coming back from touring with FW. Francis told me that Olaf made him listen to Dreamtide, that he liked our records, and asked me for new material.
I sent him a cd of what Olaf and me had done so far. Francis called me, telling me he had some ideas about the songs and if I'd be interested to hear his thoughts we should meet.
First he just came in to help with some ideas but the very first day something happened which is very rare in a musicians career. I played Francis a demo of “The Vow”. He said:”It's a good song, but there's something wrong in the part at the end”, I asked ”what?”, “The way the vocal-line turns is the wrong way around” he answered. I was stunned,'cause Olaf and me had been changing that for hours and Francis immediately, without knowing the original, wanted it to be like the initial idea. Moments like that kept coming and we were in a real working situation from then on.
It was clear as daylight, we have a very similar understanding of music, working together is sheer fun and improving the music a lot. So it was only logical for Francis to take over the bass part as well as having a lot of input when it came to arranging and production.
At that point we were working on demo's and we hadn't spent much thought on a new bass-player since Ole (the bassist on the first two albums) had left. There was no need to spend much thought.

“Dream And Deliver” is your third album, what do you think has change since you’re beginnings ?
Hm, not much the intention is the same, making the best album we possibly can.
Can you talk about the title “Dream And Deliver” ? You seem to “appreciate” the word dream  … for the name of the group, only the first album did not have dream in the title (Here Comes The Flood), why ?
The word “dream” could be use as synonym for many things, which makes it possible to play around with it and constantly have the connection to the band-name. For example, we have a song called “ Download a dream” on the album which is about the very undesirable situation of illegal music-downloads. Not necessarily a very “dreamlike” issue, still it makes sense.
The whole idea behind this is creating a, well, “world” to be drawn into when listening to Dreamtide.
As well in each of your cover you take what we could called a “dreamcatcher” from the Indians, why ?
We choose the dreamcatcher as visual symbol for the bandname, therefore it seems logical to have on the cover.
For “Dream and Deliver” it is like follows:
This picture is open to interpretations, whatever comes to your mind while watching is welcome.
One of my personal interpretations would be this:
First there are the parts of the composition, the dreamcatcher, the see, the setting sun, the ray. The dreamcatcher reflecting dreams, connecting to the natural home of the ray, the sea. Now the ray flies through thin air, nothing you would find in reality, but in dreams. The ray is flying by or towards the ray (whatever you prefer) determined to to do what it's meant to do. This is reflecting the determination of the imperative nature of drawn decisions. Or, destined to deliver.
The message behind the cover in connection with the album-title is to dream, to have a vision, to make decisions in order to act and make it real.

Where do you take your inspiration ?
Sorry, I don't know. I can't “take” inspiration, it comes.
Can you talk about the lyrics ?
The lyrics deal with a wide variety of issues. From personal songs like “Tell me how it feels”, “Help me” or “The vow”, to more political songs like “King of scum” and “A fool's crusade” and situations everyone sometimes experiences like “ I don't wanna wait” and “Keep from falling”. “Download a Dream” is about blessings and shortcomings of the internet.
Does this album could have been done for Fair Warning or not ?
No, I don't think so.
About Fair Warning, could we expect one day another album or not ?

What are your next projects ? Gigs ?

Now we're looking forward to the European release, working on promotion for the album. I hope by fall we'll see how touring-plans will develop.
Are you working on new material ?

What do you think has changed since your beginnings in the 80s ?
Making and playing music hasn't changed, producing changed a lot, where you used to have a tape-machine, computers rule the scenery now. Many things got easier, some got more confusing. You have many more possibilities these days when it comes to creating a good sound, still it depends on the band.
The music business completely changed. Major companies are loosing ground, due to ignoring reality. The way music is distributed is changing drastically, there are 9 to 12 years old children who've never seen a CD, thinking music comes out of the computer exclusively. In the shops where you used to by a CD-player, it's hard to get one today, but you can pick among 200 models of mp3-players. Unfortunately mp3's don't sound as good as CD's, even though it's technically possible to make mp3's sound better than CD's. I-tunes and company are just not willing to distribute it.
The other day I was talking to somebody who offered me a burned CD.
When I mentioned that this is stealing music, he answered; “no,no I'm paying a flat-rate for my internet-access, it's all inclusive.”. There is a big, big lack of awareness about what's happening with music.

The word of the end is yours, what would you like to add ?
Thank you for the interview.

Thanks a lot for this interview and have a great day.


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