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Wednesday, 08 October 2008 04:55

Hello from France and you’re doing this interview for Metal Heart Webzine.
Salut Beatrice, I'm Ozan.
Would you like to present yourself and your group ?
Certainly. We have been involved in this infamous Black Metal genre of ours for seven years now. Right from the start we focussed on creating our own individual sound and atmosphere, something that would be distinctly Episode 13. So far we have recorded two full-length albums: “Tabula Rasa” (2003) and “Pitch Black” (2007) and have also appeared in several compilations. Playing live is a big part of the band, so we do this often, and recently did a tour in Russia. I think you can say that the phrase “Representing the ugliest and most hateful side of music” defines Episode 13 quite well.
What are your musical backgrounds (for the members) ?
Our bass player Sermet joined us after our original bass player left, but Murat (guitars), Nursuz (drums) and I have been playing together since High School. We started our as a band that covered old Thrash and Black Metal stuff, but then we became more serious about it, and we realised that we wanted to do something that was more “us” in terms of Black Metal and everything its doctrine stands for. We have all evolved together over the whole time that we have been playing together, and I hope we are still evolving. No special training or techniques just, Rock n Roll and whatever comes from inside of us.
Why this name “Episode 13” ?
Well it’s very simple really. In the book of life we can most definitely be found in the “cursed” chapter, the chapter on negativity. And our aim is to spread its message to your ears.
You are playing black metal but of what have heard on your myspace it is not always musically “just” black metal … where do your influences come from?
Yes you are right. Our early music was definitely more melodic and epic, as you have noticed. But over the years we underwent a purification and discovery process, both as individuals and as musicians. I think where Episode 13 finds its most inspirational elements is in our constant self-questioning. We have always tried to express our own innermost feelings and beliefs in as honest a way as possible through our music and our lyrics. So musically we are not “just” Black Metal; we are always “just” individuals.
I think there is a good variety on the guitars works and melodies, is it important for you to have this kind of work ?
We pay more attention to the composition of our music as a whole, rather that to specific instruments or elements. Of course the guitar has now become the main instrument for defining the melodies for the band, and takes on an important role. But it is not enough on its own to define the sound. It needs all the elements to make the whole.
Where do you take your inspiration ? In every day life ?
For me personally being forced to concentrate on the banality of day to day existence makes me aware of the things that matter most to me: nihilism and chaos, hate of God, or any deities, and a strong anti-religious attitude, and of course an extreme dislike of humanity. This is what inspires me to destroy all established beliefs. The doctrines of Black Metal, real Black Metal, not the diluted version for the masses you find so much today, is the biggest influence for all of us.
What is your creative process?
Usually we will start a composition off with a riff or a melody. Then comes the process of evolution. But I have to say that the jam sessions with all of us together in the studio are very important to us as a band when it comes to the creative process. When we are satisfied that a piece works for us, I will write the lyrics and put the vocals on top.
You’re going to release a new album “Pitch Black”, do you want to talk about it ? About the lyrics ?
Pitch Black is a stepping stone album for us really. The material was prepared between early 2005 and mid 2006, and the vocals were recorded by a different vocalist after I left the band temporarily. We have been badly let down by the label though, and the delay in its release has been unacceptable.
Now I’ve returned to the band, we can concentrate on promoting the album live and on the scene. Pitch Black has a much harder edge and it’s a much more aggressive Episode 13 than people are used to. We stopped using keyboards, and focussed on producing a darker, more evil sound. And our lyrics changed to reflect a more distinct “anti human – anti religion” attitude.
Do you think your music has change since your beginnings ? In which way ?
Absolutely. In the early days (2001 – 2003) we were more into the Epic sound of Black Metal. Our lyrics also dealt with historical and pagan elements, and this is what we were known for in the scene. After the first album though, we knew unequivocally that we had to be more true to ourselves regardless of what other people wanted from us. There are no clichés in our minds where Black Metal is concerned, because clichés go against everything that Black Metal stands for. We play only what comes from inside ourselves and are free to express our blasphemy the way we want.
The keyboards went after “Tabula Rasa”. We needed a more raw sound as our own views and emotions developed along those lines. So Pitch Black was really the first step in that development. Now we are working on the next Episode 13 album and we are very much aware that we have progressed further in that direction. To us it feels that every album takes us closer and closer to the edge of a black hole. Exciting, but dangerous at the same time. But whatever changes in our music, the fact that we are true to ourselves and keep the flame alive is what matters.
Is it hard in Turkey to play black metal, to play metal in general ?
The scene is not as developed as it is in Europe obviously. It’s very hard here for the bands, because the labels are pretty much useless, and there are many problems due to ignorance, social prejudices, Islamic attitudes and the usual shit. But there are no restrictions on any type of metal. At the end of the day everything is related to the wealth and social and religious evolution of a country, and Turkey is still in the evolutionary stage in that respect.
What do you think of the French metal scene ? Do you know some groups ?
We are very much into the French Black Metal scene. You produce some very interesting bands. Intelligent bands. Bands that think for themselves. Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Glorior Belli for instance are fucking great!
The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add ?
Never bow down to any miserable reflection of humanity. Ave chaos!
Thanks a lot for this interview and good continuation to you.

Blackest Regards, Ozan…


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