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Sunday, 28 June 2009 16:27

Hell Yeah ! When I first discovered WITCHCURSE, it was like I had a trip in the glorious days of the NWOBHM scene.. when IRON MAIDEN, ANGELWITCH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL ruled the scene ! I definitely needed to know more on this great new band hailing from Greece & made of four true defenders of Heavy Metal - what follows is an interview made with bassist/vocalist Possessed - Heavy Metal To The End !

Hello ! Who are you - how old are you ? When have you discovered Heavy Metal ? What were your very first thoughts about Heavy Metal when you realised it exists ? First bands that really had a big impact on you & 5 all-time favorite albums ?
Hello ! I’m Possessed the bassist and vocalist of WITCHCURSE and I’m 22 years old ! I discovered Heavy Metal at the age of 11 with METALLICA’s black album (I don’t like it so much this album now !). So I’m about 10 years into metal. When I discover it I couldn’t imagine the way I would pass ! But from the first sound of Heavy Metal i felt great ! I still remember the first time I heard my first, on tape recorded, metal album. It was an unbelievable experience for me ! Now, I think that it was sure after this thing, that I would continue into fuckin’ Heavy Metal ! And after METALLICA came all the classic stuff : MEGADETH, SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, etc… 5 all time favorite albums for me are : JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith", RUNNING WILD "Under Jolly Roger", MANOWAR "Into Glory Ride", IRON MAIDEN "The Number Of The Beast", ANGELWITCH "Angelwith", these came in my mind at this time…

Is WITCHCURSE your first band or have you played in other bands before - or also besides WITCHCURSE ?
No ! Before WITCURSE I played in some black metal bands, SKOTOS, experimental black metal like NECROMANTIA & ABRUPTUM and FREEZING FOG, old school black metal like HELLHAMMER, ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, ZEMIAL, TORR, ANGELREAPER (Hun) etc...with freezing fog we continue to play. The band includes only bass, drums and vocals ! No guitars. A this time we have some songs ready for a split tape with EVOKED CURSE (fin) which will be out through HEREGE WARFARE Prod. And a split 7”ep is also planned for the near future.

WitchCurse - Possessed (Bass & Vocals)Can you make a brief history of WITCHCURSE ? How it all started ? are you one of the founding members or did you join after a while ? Wasn't it too difficult to find the right band members to start such a band ? I mean it would have for sure been easier to find people to start a gothic/nu or metal-core crappy band instead of a band definitely inspired by the old-school metal and especially the NWOBHM ?
Yeah this is true. And this is also, a reason 'cause I started the band. Back in 2002 when I had the idea to make this band we had many shitty bands out there. Many gays who thought that they played heavy metal. This was very bad for me. I wanted to make a strike against them. Something really hard and violent. And believe me for me heavy metal in our way is harder than gay keyboard black metal or kids who worship the norvegian “gods” or grind/death core shitheads or any other fuckin trend ! Heavy metal is pure and raw and it’s the best answer to all these shits ! I tried during 3 years to find some members and finally I made the band in 2005. But all the members of this line up are not with us anymore. Through the years I found new members which are better musicians than the previous ones and metal warriors too !

You've just released the "Demon's Warning" EP on HEREGE WARFARE Prods from Portugal... Why did you released it on Cassette format ? Was it your choice or the label's one ?
WitchCurse - Necro (Guitars)The label told us for a tape release, it’s a tape label, but we had no problem about. All our previous demos were are also in tape format. For me it’s important for a band to release its demo on tape. It’s something like recognising code. Everyone into real underground scene will understand that this band is a part of this scene. But, of course, you must have good music too. But the tape format is the first recognising sign for a fan of the real underground scene.

Can you tell us more about the content of the EP ? There are four songs and a cover from SATANIC RITES... why the choice of this song for a cover ? Was it THE song you wanted to cover or were they other ones on the list ?
Yeah ! "Demon’s Warning" includes 4 songs of pure raw heavy metal in the nwobhm way, that means twin guitars but also, raw vocals and raw riffs ! It's something like the bastard son of melodic nwobhm and Venom ! We choose this song for cover cause it’s an underground nwobhm song with great feeling, most of the metalheads out there don’t know this song, so we wanted to give them the oportunity to hear this hymn ! The idea for this song wasn’t mine, our guitarist Necro had the idea, but when he told it to us, all answers were positive, 'cause we really like this song.

What about the responses you got so far concerning "Demon's Warning" ? Any bad review of so-called Metalheads that think the band's style is completely "outdated" (haha !) ?
Things are great with the release of "Demon’s Warning" ! We have sold or traded all the 150 copies that the label gave us and we asked him 50 copies more. Soon we will have them in our hands. The label also has sold or traded so far 300 copies ! The release was limited to 500 copies. So very soon this will be sold out and this thing is unbelievable for us 'cause it was out in may 2009 ! We didn’t hear any bad review cause we simply didn’t send or give the material to new-styled “metalheads” and bastards like them ! Only the true ones can have it !

Some words on your previous releases... How do you like them now ? Do you think this still represent the band's style ? Are those releases still available ?
WitchCurse - Stinky(Guitars)Yeah, all our previous releases still represent our style and I’m proud about this thing. Maybe the sound was bad, maybe in some other releases I hadn’t the perfect musicians but all these releases were totally pure heavy metal in the Nwobhm way ! I love them and most of all, the “Heavy Metal Poison” demo. This demo was a great strike in the underground scene. Many maniacs hailed it all over the world ! Our previous releases are : ”Rehearsal 18/11/2005” Reh tape,”Heavy Metal Poison” demo tape/cd and “Witch Is Alive” live tape. From these releases “Heavy Metal Poison” demo is sold out ! The others are still available.

Next releases to be out are a split EP with WITCHTIGER from Finland and also a split LP with WITCHUNTER from Italy, both on german label HEAVY FORCES ? Only bands whose names start with "WITCH".... WITCHtiger, WITCHunter... is that something deliberate or it "just" happened ?
No ! The 7”ep will be out from METAL WARNING Records (which is another damn cool label - Ed). We had some technical problems with this release, the fucking press factory never answered to the label after they took the master with our recordings ! But now everything is ok and we wish that it will be soon out ! About this thing with the "Witch"-bands, it’s just happened. Firstly, we had the idea with Witchtiger to release a split 7”ep and after some months Stef from Heavy Forces Recs came in contact with us and asked us to be part of a split lp with Witchunter. But yeah,it looks strange ! Maybe this is the curse of the witch, hehe !

Can you tell us more on the content of those forthcoming releases ? When can we expect to see them available ?
WitchCurse - Paul (Drums)As I told you before, the split 7”ep will be out very soon. About the split LP now, we will start the recordings this Saturday - June 20th, 2009 - and we will have everything ready at the end of August. So we wish that for the end of September, it will be out. From our side it will includes 5 songs, which will be very raw. this release will be the hardest one from the band. Don’t be afraid it is still Heavy Metal ! But no more words about it, just wait and you will hear !

Any plans for a full-length album so far ? Any serious offer from labels (well, I don't especially think about the possible deal with INFERNO Records, ok ? Just curious to know if you got some interest from other labels for an album) ?
All this time before your offer - Hail the mighty INFERNO Records, haha! - we had some offers but not for a full length album. Some tape labels, or offers for 7”eps, but I prefer not to tell the names of labels. But the first offer for a full length was yours. (Yeah, beware, this will kick ass, bloody motherfuckers - Ed.)

How is the situation for Metal in Greece ? Am I right to think it's - together with Germany - the best european Metal scene ? I mean greek metalheads are mostly into old-school true Heavy-Metal and don't seem to take care much of the "modern" side of Metal, I can see very young people with a large culture when it comes to 80's Metal...
No my friend. We have differences with the German scene. Here we have a strong Heavy Metal scene only for one reason, there are a few people who really love Heavy Metal, and these people give everything, money and soul, to keep the scene alive. But in Germany, things are different I think.. there are many people into metal. Here a live gig of TOKYO BLADE or MANILLA ROAD will gather in my city 70 people (and in my city live approx. 1.500.000 people ! So as you understand this is a problem. But we will stay and fight till the end ! There is the same shit everywhere ! Many shitty modern metalheads…

Is it easy to play live in Greece for WITCHCURSE ? Can you describe a typical live-show by WITCHCURSE ? Denim, leather, spikes, striped trousers... right ??
Yeah, it’s easy to play a live gig here but as I told you the fans are not numerous. Yeah our live gigs are full of energy, raw steel, chains, leather, headbanging. Sometimes we throw beers or whiskey to the crowd, and I like to shout and swear about christiany when we end every song, hehehe! But it’s better to watch a live gig of us than to tell it to you ! We also have some ideas for upcoming live gigs like some candles,inverted crosses etc... but better not speaking for these things, you will see… (I consider this as an invitation ! Ed)

You shared stage with great names like ATTACKER, MANILLA ROAD, TOKYO BLADE, PRAYING MANTIS, PILE DRIVER... how were those experiences ? Best souvenir ? Worst one ?
Yeah all live gigs were some good experiences, but we also learnt something : Most of these bands unfortunately have nothing to say nowadays, most of them made reunions without the feeling they had in the old days… this is sad but true… the only band of those we have played with that is still ok are MANILLA ROAD - unbelievably great people ! I don’t know about PILEDRIVER, we had booked to play together but the organiser really sucked. So PILEDRIVER left Greece and they didn’t play ! Believe me they were 100% ok, but the organiser really sucked. You can see the same organiser to a word-fight with lips from ANVIL in their new documantery about their history. So PILEDRIVER wasn’t the first band to be disssapointed from this organiser… Anyway so much space for this person !

Speaking of Metal in Greece... some words about it, the bands & labels worth of support ?
Like everywhere we have some great people/bands/labels/distros etc and some dickheads. I prefer to speak for the whole scene, heavy/thrash/death/black. Some great bands are REVENGE, NOCTURNAL VOMIT, CONVIXION, CONSPIRACY, VERMILION DAYS, STRIKELIGHT, METALMORPHOSIS, HEPTAMERON, ORION'S VOID, FREEZING FOG, LITANY, BATTLEROAR. I don’t mean that all these bands are good as metalheads or that they are part of the true underground scene but all of them play good metal ! In the fanzine world now, some I have to mention are BLACKBLOOD, FATAL CALL and about about distros and labels, EAT METAL Recs (Hi Greg - Ed.) DYNAMITE Distro, FISTBANG Records (Hi Giannis ! Ed.)

How do you see the situation of Metal in general ? Don't you think there's a strong return to the "old-school" spirit these days, as if older maniacs were bored of what Metal has become... with Gothic/Nu/Metal-core... which in my opinion, ain't metal at all... just a very good way for bigger label to make more money on the back of the younger kids, nothig else...
Of course all these shits like nu/goth/prog are not Metal (I disagree, there were progressive metal bands in the 80's like RUSH, FATES WARNING, those were definitely not trendy shits and still are NOT ! Ed.) ! Fuck them ! Yeah I see a come back to the “80s” style but I’m afraid if this thing is good or just another trend. Many people try to be 80s-like for example. This is wrong for me, we are in 2009. There is no matter to live like in another decade cause this thing is really ridicolous ! If you want to live like in the 80s, don’t use computers, mobile phones and a lot of other things ! If you say I’m a 80s metalhead, it is sure that you have lost the meaning ! There isn’t 80s or 90s metal ! There is just heavy metal ! If you try to play it in a different way then don’t call it metal ! (Interesting point of view, I admit - Ed.)

Your opinion on the new form of medias... webzines, internet, myspace... I know some people hating that and talking shits about those new medias... don't you think it first depends on the use one can do with ? I mean, no need to have 35678652 virtual friends on MySpace just to say "Hello, what's up ? I love You !", but this can be a great tool for the promotion of a band's or label's work... of course, myspace pages & webzines won't never have the "magic" of old-school paper fanzines & magazines, but this can help for sure as well... so is that a "necessary evil" for you or just a new tool to deal with, the evolution in short... ?
For me Internet is ok but if you use it in the right way. I mean, it’s okay to search for a band from the internet but if your next step is to download all their discography then this is a problem. You have lost the magic of Metal. And if you lose the magic of every thing in life then the flame will not burn… So, for me it is good to use the internet but in a way to find easier all these magic things of Metal like vinyls, tapes, fanzines, cds, distros, etc...

OK, I think we're now at the end of the interview, thanks for your answers, time & patience... anything you want to add ? this space is now yours ! Thanks ! Heavy Metal To The End !
Just wait for our upcoming releases, Fuckers. Be sure that they will be Metal to the bone ! And as we shout it in greece : Heavy metal re mounia !


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