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Sunday, 01 November 2009 14:58

VÖRGUS are hailing from Stockholm - Sweden ! This dirty rockin'thrashin' trio have just unleashed their new album HELLFUELED SATANIC ACTION through INFERNO Records this year... For those who love their Metal, dirty & loud, this is definitely the PERFECT band ! Here's an intie made with bassist/vocalist Nenne !

- Hello Nenne & VÖRGUS ! How is it doing ? Well, to start the interview, can you present the band ? When, where & why did it started ?
We started out as an "active" band back in 2000, in Märsta which is a suburb to Stockholm. We´d all been playing in various local death/thrash bands and felt that we wanted to play something really basic and ass-kicking. A back-to-the-roots kind of thing, you know.
When did you discover Metal ? And what gave you the idea of starting playing Metal ? Why Bass guitar ? Name some of the bands that you consider as essential in your life ? Your biggest influences & some all-time favorite albums ?
It all started back in 1980 or 81 when me and my brother bought our first records. He bought KISS "Dynasty" and I bought Thin Lizzy´s "Chinatown". After that we just tried to discover as many bands as possible. It´s quite safe to say the 80´s more or less made me what/who I am today. I started going to concerts in 1986, when I was 12 years old, and I actually saw Metallica´s last gig with Cliff Burton, and that´s something I will never forget!
There´s only one good reason to be in a band - SEX hahaha. Seriously, I haven´t met one single groupie since I started playing. I´m still waiting ;) The bass just seemed like the easiest instrument to play hehe. I actually tried to play guitar for a while, but it wasn´t really my thing. And besides, there´s nothing more masculine and sexy than playing the bass, right?! When I was growing up, the coolest band members were always the bassists. Just look at KISS, Motörhead, Venom and early WASP and you see what I mean. I guess all the bands I listened to when I was younger influenced me in some way.
It´s always hard to name all-time favorite albums, but I´ll give it a try :

Exciter - Heavy metal maniac
Thor - Only the strong
Motörhead - Overkill
Venom - Black metal
Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds of the western world
Ace Frehley - Solo album 1978
Iodine Jupiter - Lilla flickan zombie
Testament - The legacy
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
King Diamond - THEM

Something like that.
You're now existing as & 3-piece band. D'ya think you've found the perfect formula for VÖRGUS ? How do you usually compose/write songs ? Alltogether or is that the work of ONE musician & the others follow... ?
Yeah, it really feels like the 3-piece formula is the only working formula for VÖRGUS. We actually started out as a 4-piece, but it didn´t work out. It´s hard enough with 3 strong wills.
We don´t really have a norm for our song writing, it just happens. Usually we´re creating songs all together in the rehearsal room. The lyrics are usually written by me or Mikke Killalot. Lately, Mikke has been more involved in the music as well. But since he can´t play guitar at all he sings the riff and we try to figure it out together.
How would you describe the music of VÖRGUS ? It ain't Death, nor Thrash, nor Heavy... Maybe a mix of all... Sounds to me like a mix of early VENOM & MOTORHEAD, I mean it's evil, dirty, thrashing & rocking... D'ya agree ?
Well, I´d say that we play metal like metal is supposed to be played! Nothing more, nothing less. Just pure fucking perkele metal to the bone! It´s not really surprising that you mention those bands, since all three of us love their early stuff.
"Hellfueled Satanic Action" is now out on INFERNO Records. Can you speak abou t the album ? What can we expect ?
Well, the same as always I guess. Pure fucking metal with a touch of thrash/death.
We tried to include both fast songs and some heaviness on the album. In fact the last song on the album "My beloved" is our fastest song ever. It was originally written in 1995 for our former band Deformity. We were supposed to release an album, but it just didn´t happen. So, we recorded the album and then nothing happened. It´s just one of those things that happens when you´re in a band. Sure, we were really pissed off at the time, but what the hell, at least one of the songs is being released now.
It has been produced by Mike WEAD. How was it possible and how is it working with such an experienced musician ? Can you say you learn from working with him ?
Harry worked as MW´s guitar technician on Mercyful Fate´s US tour in 99 I believe it was, so they´ve known each other for a while. We feel really comfortable working with him. He´s not trying to tell us how to play or anything, but somehow he always makes us really give it our best. He knows that we don´t want it too perfect, it´s supposed to be a bit "dirty". It´s only metal, right?!
I can´t say that we´ve learned that much from recording with him, but we´ve taught him how to handle drunk musicians haha. No, seriously, this was probably the first time we were completely sober throughout the whole recording process. It was a totally different story when we recorded our "Pure Perkele" demo in 2002.
Me and Mikke were completely shit-faced and could barely play at all, but of course, we thought that we did a great job. When we listened to it the day after, we weren´t that impressed anymore hehe.
It is not the first time that Mike WEAD works with VÖRGUS. Can you say he's a bit like the fourth VÖRGUS member ?
I wouldn´t say that his like the fourth member. It´s just that we usually get a good deal with him. And of course, he´s a great producer and a really nice guy to be around. I wouldn´t mind working with him again in the future, but we´ll just have to wait and see what happens. Nothing is set in stone.
Now that the album is out... what are your plans ?
Right now we´re just trying to get as many gigs as possible. And hopefully some festivals next summer. At this point we only have one gig booked for November, when we´re supporting Bibleblack on their Stockholm gig. That´ll be a blast!
And we´ve also started writing material for the next album.
How easy (or difficult) is it to play live in Sweden ? Are there enough places in Stockholm and in the counrty to find dates ?
There are quite a lot of venues in Stockholm, so getting a gig here is not that hard. It´s a bit harder to get gigs in the rest of the country, due to travel costs etc. We don´t wanna pay to play, you know. But hopefully we´ll manage to book some shows outside Stockholm now that the album is out.
Some words on your appearance at INFERNO Festival this year ? How was it ? Was it the first time you played abroad ?
Yes, it was our first gig abroad and we were pretty surprised by the positive response. We didn´t really know what to expect, but it was really one of our better gigs yet.
Some words on the swedish local scene ? It is just incredible to see all the bands emerging from Sweden. How can you explain this ?
Well, it´s been like this since the early 90´s when, if you met a metalhead in the street, you could be sure of that he was in a band. I don´t really know why it is like this, but as you say, there´s a lot of quality metal emerging from Sweden.
Seen from France, it's like all the band members in Sweden know each other pretty well, right ? How are your relations with the other swedish bands ? Any bands you feel close and you'd like to recommend to our readers ?
Since we live in Stockholm, of course we run inte other band members from time to time. You know, at parties, gigs etc. They´re everywhere aaarrggh :)
I really must recommend FKU´s new album "Where moshers dwell", it´s absolutely amazing. And also the latest Necrophobic album "Death to all" is really good. Probably their strongest release.
There's another swedish band on INFERNO Records, named LEGIONS OF WAR... Have you listened to their album and what do you think ? Do you like it ?
Yeah, I´ve actually got the CD. It´s really raw and aggresive, and I like that they have a lyrical theme, which is war in this case. Hopefully, we´ll get a chance to do some gigs together in the future.
As band members of VÖRGUS, you have all been involded in other bands besides VÖRGUS today. Is it still the case or is VÖRGUS your priority # 1 ?
Well, since Straight G (Harry) is the bandwhore, I´m gonna let him answer that question.
Straight G : What??? Am I a member of Vörgus? Wow!!! I´m in the coolest band on the planet!!! Sure, Vörgus is priority # 1, but it doesn´t hurt to be in 9 (!) other bands. A few worth mentioning are Trosskydd , Electric mayhem and Kryptillusion.
OK, before leaving... some readers are surely curious to know more on the meaning of your band name... hehe...
This question always turns up. If you read it backwards it spells "suck ass" in swedish. We took the name when we first started out in 93 or 94. We just rehearsed once or twice and I think we played some kind of punk or grindcore with swedish lyrics. Needless to say, the project was far from serious. But nowadays people know us by that name, so we´ll just have to live with it.
Finally, even if the band name started as a joke, I think this perfectly sticks to the band's style... no regret ???
Well, we´re actually getting pretty tired of people yelling "suck ass, suck ass" at our gigs, but as I said; we´ll just have to live with it. On the other hand, you can see the band name as our way of saying "FUCK OFF" to all the idiots in the music business, and society in general.
Any last words ? Thanks for the time & patience !!!
Buy our album!!! In fact, buy all of Inferno´s releases. It´s good stuff !


Outdoor pics by Célia.
All live pics by Soile Siirtola - www.extremmetal.se

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