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Friday, 19 March 2010 16:07

Who hasn't heard of TOXIC HOLOCAUST yet ??? I don't think a long intro is really needed ! TOXIC HOLOCAUST is nothing less than one of the most promising, exciting, outstanding Thrash-Metal bands coming out of the underground circut ! Their music is really personal, mixing elements from Thrash, Grind, Hard-Core, Rock'n'Roll... with a toxic edge ! Founder Joel Grind answers our questions.

Hi Joel, I’m Beatrice, pleased to have you for this interview. Would you like to present yourself ?

Hello, thanks for the interview. This is Joel Grind, I am the creator and song writer in Toxic Holocaust. I have been doing Toxic since 1999, but it didn’t actually become active until around 2002 when I recorded and released the demo Critical Mass which I sent around to a lot of underground zines and labels. This led to the release of Evil Never Dies on Nuclear War Now Production out of California. After lots of tours and many other releases it took me to where I am now.
What are your musical backgrounds ?
I grew up listening to bands like Nuclear Assault, Megadeth, D.R.I. and Slayer. I got into this stuff at a young age through my friends that had older brothers. They would be cranking us mix tapes and it basically warped my mind. After I heard this stuff I knew there was no other way for me.
What are your main musical influences ?
My main musical influence would have to be Venom, Bathory and Sodom. I like the way these bands have great choruses and are catchy yet still evil as fuck!
Do you consider yourself to still be into the underground scene or not ?
Of course I do. Nothing has changed, I still collect records, keep up on new bands and still trade with people. I am totally supportive of the underground.
Let’s talk about your album “An Overdose Of Death”, why this title ?
This record is about pure evil and destruction. Basically death in mass proportions….death taken to the next level.
Your album is fast, furious, bad tempered, energetic, etc…, is it how you are in your “real” life ? Does your music reflect what you are in your life ?
I like aggressive music, for me it’s a release. Of course certain elements are taken from my own life. I put everything into my music.
Would you like to talk about the lyrics ?
The lyrics deal with a lot of post apolalyptic shit and also Satanic stuff. Don’t take all of the lyrics at face value, the meanings of certain things are hidden among the words.
What is your creative process ? You’ve done everything on this album, why ? To control everything ? I guess you have session musicians for the live-shows ?
I do things on my own because I grew up in the country. Basically there was no one around with the same drive and dedication as me. Ive always wanted to tour, make records etc, not just say I’m in a band and never leave the basement. In the past when I’ve played live I’ve used session musicians but now I have a steady line up. It’s been working out great.
What are your plans for the near future ? Gigs ?
Right now I’m on a 3 month long tour with Gwar, and probably Europe sometime early next year.
You have sign with Relapse Records, what do their bring to you ?
They have been great, doing lots of promotion and getting my records distributed everywhere. I chose Relapse because they have a more “small label” mentality that is really cool.
What do you think of the metal scene ? What are the bands you appreciate ?
I think its cool man, Thrash is big right now and there are a lot of promising new bands. Bands I really like right now are Bison B.C., Violator, and Midnight.
The last words are for you, what would you like to add ?
Thanks a lot for the interview, I appreciate the support. Thrash till Deaf !

> www.myspace.com/toxicholocaust


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