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Written by Béa   
Friday, 19 March 2010 16:36

CAIN'S DINASTY are hailing from Spain and I have to say i've been surprised by the quality of their debut album "Legacy Of Blood" released on french label MELODICA Records, which is kinda melodic Heavy Metal with slighty dark/gothic touches... not that much, but just enough to make the album regreshing & different from most of the releases of the genre...

- Hi, I’m Beatrice from Metal Heart Webzine from France.
Hi Beatrice, I’m Jose Antonio from Cain’s Dinasty, very pleased to meet you and asking your questions.

- Would you like to present yourself and your group ?
I’m the keyboardist of the Metal Band Cain’s Dinasty, hailing from Alicante Area… in the south –east of Spain. The band was founded in 2006 by Ruben Picazo (Vocals) and Roberto Garcia (Main guitars). The line-up is completed by Paco Castillo (bass), JJ Ruiz (guitars) and at the moment we’re rehearsing with some drummers in search for a fulltime member. In 2007 the band recorded our first album “Legacy of Blood” which was released in 2008 by the hand of the French company Melodica Records.

- What are the musical influences of the group ?
Mainly melodic-classic heavy metal, but we have other influences, like Death, Gothic and Power.

- How would you define your style ? Power metal or heavy/power, speed/power metal ? Why do you describe yourselves as doing “vampiric metal” ?
We don’t try to remain in a “label” or style of metal, but we want to make our Heavy Metal as most powerful and darkest possible but keeping the melodies and clean vocals. The thing of “Vampiric Heavy Metal” arrived cause Vampirisim it’s the main topic of our lyrics, also the name of the band has a Vampiric meaning. We found “Vampiric Heavy Metal” an expression that fits really good with our music, cause it’s heavy metal but darkened and become more powerful.

- What is your creative process ?
Every member can compose in Cain’s Dinasty, all ideas and riffs are welcomed. “Legacy Of Blood” is mainly composed by Ruben, cause some of the tracks we’re picked up from his solitary demo “Love Songs For Putrefact Lovers” , but probably the next album will have songs from all the members.

- Can you talk about the songs, the lyrics of this “Legacy Of Blood” ?
As I said, some of the lyrics talk about the life of a vampire, as an immortal creature. This vampire see across the ages how the world changes and how mankind become more and more unconscious. Also, some of the tracks talk about love, and the pain that left within. As an exception, one track was written in Spanish, Infancia Eterna (Everlasting Childhood), it talks about Claudia from “Interview With The Vampire” by Anne Rice.

- You have a good vocalist, Rubén Picazo, who has a huge vocals range, is it important for you to have this power in the vocals ?
Every heavy metal singer has to sing with a voice full of power and energy, it’s a very important piece of the Heavy Metal “Puzzle”. A very strong, tuned and singular voice is such as important as Distorted guitars, Loud drums or great guitar solos…. Etc

- As well you have good guitars playing, it is important for you to have this melodic and powerful side for it ?
Without doubting, yes. The essence of Cain’s Dinasty, the heart of the sound of the band remains at the guitar sound. Electric guitar it’s the epicentre of a good Heavy metal Sound.

- How is the album received so far from the public and the reviewers ?
The main opinion of the album is that sounds great, nobody expect that a debut album of an Spanish metal band could sound like that so everyone who listen to the album has the same idea “It sounds great”. In spite of, some reviews claim that we have some lack of innovation, that we sound very classic but, in general we have good marks in the reviews. About the innovation, it will be more present in the second album, which is gonna be more personal and refined.

- You have signed a deal with a French label, what do you expect from them ?
Melodica Records is doing a great job with Cain’s Dinasty, they’ve released the album in some areas of the planet that we never thought that would be possible.
- I’ve seen you we’re looking for a drummer, have you find him/her ?
We’re very close, we want to be very sure about the new members cause we can’t been changing the line up always. We want to keep the band as a collective of friends even as brothers.

- You are looking for some dates in France, have you find some ?
Melodica Records is working with other companies to announce as soon as possible some dates across the most important French Cities. We’re very excited about the idea of playing for the French people… it’s going to be great!

- Have you begin to work on some new material ?
Of course, we’re playing and composing all the time. In fact, the 90% of the material for the next Cain’s Dinasty album it’s already done.

- What are you plans for the near future ?
Well, touring and give the maximum gigs possible promoting Legacy of Blood and If we’re lucky we’ll release the second album in 2010 we hope by the hand of Melodica as the first one.

- The word of this end is for you, what would you like to add ?
We are ready to rock!!! and we hope to see all the French metalheads in our French gigs cause we’re going to blow their heads off!!! See you on the road!!

- Thanks a lot for this interview and have a good day.
Thanks to you for giving us the chance of appearing on your site, greetings from Spain! See you next time !

> www.myspace.com/cainsdinasty

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