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Written by Béa   
Friday, 19 March 2010 17:06

ANACHRONAEON are a two-piece band coming from Sweden and musically, they can be labelled as kinda progressive Death/Thrash bands... Really heavy music with strong vocals and much variations in... The band has now released three albums and so far, quality is always what comes to mind first ! Here's an intie with band composer Patrik.

Hi Patrik, I’m beatrice from Metal Heart Webzine from France, pleased to meet you.
Hey Beatrice, nice to meet you too.

Would you like to present yourself and your group ?
Of course. I’m Patrik Carlsson, main composer/guitarist/bass-player/vocalist/bandtyrant of Anachronaeon, a metalband from Sweden. I and Andreas (drums) have been playing together since 2000 in different constellations, but in 2002 we formed Human Failure that in 2003 became Anachronaeon by the release of the full-length demo “Tales from a hollow eternity”.

First of all, why this name for the group Anachronaeon, what does it mean ?
It is a combination of the words “Anachronism” and “Aeon”. The message contained within these two words is easy to read out once you put them in the right context: With all the knowledge we have about historical mistakes, we still don’t live like we’re supposed to. Religion still has a strong grip on a big part of earth’s population, where ancient values that are not in tune with how we should live or treat each other in the year of 2008. There is something wrong with the times in which we live. We know it’s bad to kill each other, we know it’s bad not to take care of our planet; we know we should eat better. With all this knowledge the world still is a dark and unfriendly place, and it shouldn’t be. We take on the subject in the song “Anachronaeon (Where people live in dreams)” from our first album.

If I label your style “progressive metal with extreme influences” do you agree ? (I do not know the first album so I base myself on the second one to tell you that)
Wow, you truly nailed that one! If people have to classify our music, that’s the label I would want them to put on it. If you would just put in the word “dark” there somewhere, then I believe we are of the exact same opinion.

What are the main musical influences of the group ?
Everything and nothing. When I sit and write Anachronaeon stuff automatically comes. I listen to a wide variety of music, from Vangelis to Anaal Nathrakh, and I guess I get some influences from the whole spectre of what I consume. When I was young Iron Maiden had a big place in my heart, and then came the whole death and black metal thing. I mainly listen to extreme metal nowadays.
“The New Dawn” is your second album, what has changed in your music since your beginnings?
One thing that has changed is that we no longer compromise with the music, and we have a more professional attitude towards the material. But of course it is easy to spot that since the first albums were recorded as demos on portable studios. We never knew that those cd’s eventually would be released as “real” albums. “The New Dawn” was recorded on a 16 track portable studio at Andreas’ place back in 2005. It’s a bit darker than “As the last human spot in me dies”, and it was a kind of difficult album to write. We had just been reduced from a live band to a studio band being two again, as we once started out, so I really had to push myself writing the material and it became a bit darker most likely because of that. Also it is taken a bit more to the extreme. The slow parts are slower, the fast parts are faster and so on.

“The New Dawn” is a concept album, can you talk about the main theme of it, conspiracy, is that it ? Do you have a message to give?
The main plot is based around the idea that a bunch of scientists working for the American military made some experiments on humans with alien DNA to create a super soldier, and the whole experiment goes out of hand. A journalist called Jack starts investigating the whole thing after being assaulted while out running in the woods. The reason for the assault is of course that Jack has good DNA, so he was one of many human targets used in the experiment. The explicit message is that mankind should not try to play God.

What is your creative process?
I write all the stuff, and then we record a demo version of the song. Then I jam it with Andreas a couple of times, then he records a drum idea. After that we evaluate the song. After eventual changes I record the guitars sharp so to speak. Then when all layers are recorded Andreas put his drums on top. What could be worth mentioning in the first stage when I sit down with my guitar is that it’s an extremely selective process. I only save parts that I really like, and I’ve become more selective as the years have gone by.

Regarding the compositions you seem to have a huge creative potential, mixing a lot of atmospheres and ambiences and different musical styles, you’re doing exactly the kind of music you want and like?
Yes, I try to create music that touches deeper than “regular” extreme metal or “regular” heavy metal. A lot of the extreme metal is kind of one dimensional. It lacks depth and something profound. Of course there are groups that succeed with both depth and hyperblasting mayhem – otherwise I wouldn’t still be listening to it hahaha. Same goes for the cliché-filled heavy metal. I want to make music that touches you deeper, so to speak.

Do you have already some material for a forthcoming album ?
Hell yeah ! We are in the final part of the recording process. 9 new songs have been recorded for guitar, almost all drums are done, and almost all basses are done. So a little more to be done, and of course vocals, then a new Anachronaeon album awaits the world. It has much better production than we ever had before. We invested in some new equipment, threw out the portable studio and went into the computer world. But we record honest. I don’t like bands that sound clinically perfect on their albums, and when you see them live they are untight and sound like shit in comparison. We want to have a black metal nerve in our music. It should feel better than live recording, but not without human elements so to speak. We want people to hear that there are actual humans behind the instruments. In many cases today that really cannot be heard with all the triggering, compressing, and so on.

What are your plans for the near future ? Gigs ? If so, I supposed you’re planning to have live musicians as the group has only two members ?
Nah… there will be no gigs for us. We don’t have time to learn two session musicians our material. We have no place to rehearse with the space required for that many people, and Andreas works two shift, and I have kids at home that require attention. So no, there will be no gigs for us. But who knows, the situation might change in a couple of years.

Is it easy to get known in your country, Sweden, as there are so many metal groups ?
We don’t know. We haven’t succeeded yet. Hahaha… jokes aside. I believe the fact that there are so many metal bands here it actually takes some more work to get heard. I guess we are more known (but still indeed underground) in the Russian part of the world, since Stygian Crypt is situated in Russia.

Do you know some French groups and what do you think of the French metal scene ?
I don’t know much about French metal at all, except that I know that Norma Evangelium Diaboli (the black metal label) and Deathspell Omega (which are on that label) are French. And Gojira, but I’ve actually never heard them.

The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add?
French metal bands out there, add us at MySpace so I can learn more about your scene for the next French metal interview. Hahaha ! And for the rest of you who also never heard of us – check us out at www.myspace.com/anachronaeon or download some free mp3z at www.anachronaeon.com !

Thanks a lot for this interview and take care. Good continuation to the group.
Thank YOU !

> www.myspace.com/anachronaeon

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