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Saturday, 03 April 2010 16:36

Hell - what's this band ? First time I listened to SKULL FIST, I thought that was a re-issue of an obscure Heavy-Metal band from the 80's, so the sound & music style are close to what was made in the early days... They remind me of a cross between early-Def Leppard (pre-"pyromania" era) and Tokyo Blade - kinda awesome melodious but restless & rapid Heavy Metal ! I was also surprised by the age of the band members... no, they are not 40-years old members playing Metal like it was in their young age, they're all around 20, which makes me think they don't play Metal from the early days, they play REAL metal like it was meant to be - SKULL FIST is the METAL of today ! What follows is an interview with Jackie SLAUGHTER (Guitars/vocals). Support them & GET FISTED !

- Hello ! First of all, can you make us a brief history of the band ?
Hey brother !! The history of the Fist is a damned long one. But as i know in the heavy metal world many of us still suffer from the apparent and mysterious A.D.D. (i know i do !) so i'll be quickkk hahaha ! The band started from a drunkin conversation and a blank yellow t-shirt. Me and Shred moved to Toronto from Porcupine Ontario in northern canada to search for the "cave" of heavy metal brothers. Our plans were simple. Find the cave, Break down the walls, trapping our bro's and then Unleash a swift chain gang unto the world. That was in may of 2006. Of course we learned that this "cave" of ours didn't actually exist and the world of heavy metal in north america was built apon a hord of filtering out the assholes from the brothers ! Hahaha ! So we moved here. Spent the last 4 years trying to form the band. Found this drummer who we called "vag" haha who was around long enough to record a 2 song demo in the basement of this house we were "borrowing" off a friend. Went through extremely tuff times being thrown out onto the streets by very angry landlords. Spent a few night sleeping in alleyways in January Temperature. Went through A HUGE PILE of different bass players and drummers. Held on tight to the ruff demo of Skull Fist and rode on ! We had an old band called 30 years too late. Very juvenille at the time. We knew we needed to start something new and one night me and Shred were drunk watching this film "black roses" i think it was called. The album cover for this movie band had a picture of a skeleton dude. I looked at it and slurred to Shred " if that were my album coverrr it'd have a big Skull Fist on it !" and then I raised my fist in fist form. The next few days of drinking id always raise my hand in fist form and say "SKULL FIST!!!"....but it wasnt until i bought this banana yellow t-shirt and markered Skull Fist onto it. The weird thing is before markering it I wanted to make sure id write it in a sweet font. so i went onto the program on computer called paint and etched it out. got it down. wrote it on the shirt. and Shred seen the shirt and said "hell yeah lets do it !". Funny thing though. That same font is what we still use hahaha weve been offered to have it "redone" but screw it ! It looks cool in my books haha I guess that wasn't that brief.... hahaha... (Not brief, but interesting & cool - Ed.)
- You're all pretty young... that was a surprise when I saw that... many of the bands playing old-school Metal are made of "older" people... but on the other hand, for "old" people like me, that's cool to see younger people are playing this kinda metal ! TRUE Metal is not dead, yeah ! So, what made your interest in this kinda Metal ? What are the bands that really caught your attention & interest ?
For me i was playing a skateboarding game on playstation when i was like 14. Found a cd in my dads pile of tunes. Had a sweet looking evil tree on it. Decided to put it on. Was playing game. Had to drop the paddle when i heard the Lead from "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" from that point on i realized i had to get a guitar and start a band. That was the beginning of the obsession ! I listen to everything that is heavy metal. Death metal, thrash, a little glam, power metal, nwobhm. The only thing that blows ultra ass is metal core and rap nu metal stuff.. man.. Ughhh hahahah I just tried to call the other guys but there was no answer haha but I do know Shred would say "Ride the Lightning" is what started it all for him. He got really really big into the old 80's progressive stuff as well but over the years turned traditional and is heavy into the american metal stuff as well as nwobhm. Alison loves Tokyo Blade and Lizzy Borden haha i know that much. She really really likes Blind Guardian too. and for vaginal reasons (as well as musical reasons) she loves Doro ! (Yep, she's the Metal Queen - ed.)
- When you heard them for the first time, did you tell yourself that was this METAL you wanted to play ? And how did the idea of forming a band come ?
"Afraid to shoot strangers". That lead ! Thats what did it for me hahaha I said man. I want to play heavy metal, to me, it's all the same dude., heavy metal is heavy metal weather or not it's fast, slow, really fast, ultra fast, up beat. The idea of forming band i think is the same as everyone. The best way to embrace something you love is to do it yourself ! In the words of Helix. HEAVY METAL LOVE !
- Was it easy to gather people to start SKULL FIST ? I mean, most of the young people are into modern metal... how long was the quest ? Some words about your dummer ? I mean it is not ordinary to find a female drummer ? Especially like Alison, she does a hell of a job !
The quest was a 4 year quest that's still pending since we STILL don't have a permanent bass player. Many many different people have come and gone. LOTS of them. It would be 10 page essay to explain everything that happened throughout that time. Alison was a gift from the gods dude. I was trying out drummers for the Fist right after Shred left the band for about a year. Alison showed up. I laughed to myself about this short midget like girl with a big smile litterally "climbing" onto my drums. Turns out the little witch shut me up so badly i'm still in Awe !! She is the most murderous drummer in the world. I've never had the pleasure of rocking with someone that rocks so well ! She's a machine. She keeps better tempo than the Roland drum machine my dad used to have, hahaha and the great thing about her is she can still play drums while menstrating....!!! (Haha, you're the most delicate guy I know haha ! Ed.)
- What are you doing in life besides heavy-metal playing, beer-drinking, head-banging... and so on ???
I only drink beer for heavy metal drinking haha but I damned love Vodka. Any type of vodka really. I love that ultra strong russian stuff ! Mannnn hahah its soo strong and intense almost like a punch in the face. Shred LOVES Jack Daniels and coke. That's it for him and he's a tall can budweiser kind of guy too. James ready is the drink of choice for heavy metal drinking as well. Alison is Rhum drinker and she also drinks Malibu which i can't bug her fully, because i secretely love the stuff too !.... that was a question about drinking right ? (Hum... not really, but if you spend all your freetime drinking when you're not playing Metal, that's ok haha ! Ed.)
- Your young age... do you think it's an advantage or a drawback ? Many young people into old-school Metal regret being born too late... I don't really think this is justified as long as you keep the real spirit alive and make this style of Metal last.... is that what you think too ?
The heavy metal spirit is in all of us !!!! Even those weird weenier guys. I'm all about making convertions dude. When i was a kid, I was a total weiner, everyone starts somewhere man ! I think that heavy metal is heavy metal and if you can feel the power it holds, then that defines a metalhead !
- At the moment, it seems you don't have a steady line-up... I mean you're at the time without bass-player... What has happened with the previous bassplayer ? Who is helping for the line-appearances ?
We have Johnny Exciter from Toronto thrash band MANIAC (broken up) playing bass with us right now. He hasn't fully committed himself to joining the band, but its just a matter of time before we chain em up to the tour van and force his ass into submission... maybe some bad wording there... The old bass player was Shred filling in on bass as he left for a while. Of course his leave of absence didn't last too long after he realized he was lost without the Fist ! You don't know what you gottt 'till its goooneeeeee. Hahaha the guitar dude before was this dude named Caleb that was around for a few months. Didn't work out though ! Ditched him. Shred came back on shred.
- OK... Now the most important event in the band's history is the release of the "Heavier Than Metal" MCD... How do we have to condiser this ? Do you see it more as the first band demo or more as a real MCD...
I would like to think its an MCD, but I think you guys call it MCD and we call E.P. but either way, hahaha we're syked on it. We're not into the whole over production thing. Just some loud tracks where you can hear all the instruments and it doesn't goo SHHHHHHHH and CCCKKKKKKK is radical enough for us.
- What do you mean with "Heavier Than Metal" ? Do you insinuate heavier than what Metal is today ?
The epic story of the title Heavier than Metal would be this. Its an awesome title. No fancy story. we just love the title hahaha !
- Those 5 songs make me think of bands like early DEF LEPPARD meeting TOKYO BLADE... are these bands among your favorites and do you agree with this description ? I mean this is melodious but also rapid & catchy... in the veins of songs like "Night Of The Blade" & "Rock Brigade" for example...
Hahah "Rock Brigade" is sooo good, dude. I have this Tokyo Blade scarf that hangs off my amp. It's like the lucky rabbits foot but its not a foot, it's just a scarf. Shred Alison and I completely love Tokyo Blade. We actually cover "Attack Attack" right now. Tokyo Blade is totally one of the greatest greats, some of the newer stuff is a little iffy, but there's always something you can find that is awesome by them ! Def Leppards first few albums are great... but I really truly hate some of the newer stuff. But "High And Dry" and "On through the night", Man. thats where its at dude !! haha. (First Def Leppard albums, that's waht I meant... Ed.)
- What about the reactions you got so far about "Heavier Than Metal" ? Is that what you were expected ? Or is it less ? Or does it go beyond ? What are the countries that are the most enthusiastic about SKULL FIST ?
We totally don't know what to expect with this cd. It's only been out for a month now and everything's going ultra awesome. We want to party and rock with every metalhead in the world. I want Heavy Metal Drinking to become a sport in the olympics dude ! The response is pretty sick so far. We'll see where this E.P. takes us. I'd say right now the most cd's we sold to a specific country would be Japan, but it's a good balance so far as for sales and internet stuff.
- Next step is that tour in Canada... Some words on it... How was this possible ? How many dates ? First time you tour "so long" ? And there's also a date planned in Europe ?? I guess many readers of the webzine will have an interest in this date, so please tell us all ? How do you feel about this first european visit ? Is that only one date or are there more to be confirmed ?
Ride the East ! Haha its gonna be sick. I went to tour with Maniac last year on the east coast but when we arrived for the first date I got out of the van, tried to jump this gap on my board, busted my collar bone, hahha ! So i am going to bring my board this time around and i'm gonna conquer that fuckin' gap ! Me and my girlfriend Sharon Toxic actually booked the tour haha (Yes i've seen spinal tap, i was very cautious about it hahahha). First long tour ever. The Europe show in Germany got hooked up by Bart Gabriel ! He's a rad dude ! Helping us like mad right now. I am trying to get whatever length tour we can while we are there. In reality, Id love to tour all of Europe man, why not, we can save some cash, just need someone willing to help us out ! hint hint, anyone reading this, haha !
- OK, I suppose you have more or less got some interest from record-labels... I don't mean you to give us some names, but are you confident the next SKULL FIST release will be on a label ? Or maybe do you prefer to release it on your own again ?
We'll do an album next year. For now we're gonna ride on this one and try and get everyone in the world that matters to hear it. We have gotten some offers so far but we're going to wait until the end of the year to decide what we want to do. I know it's apparently tuff to do but we want to tour the world dude ! That'd be sickkkk !
- For the moment being, where can we buy/get your MCD ? Are there some labels distributing it ?
We sell it online on our store thing. You can download it if your into that sorta stuff haha we are really hoping that we can get someone to release it on vinyl. Thats what i'm trying to find now. As for labels distributing it we have BEASTIAL INVASION Records (a small new label in the U.K.), INFERNO Records will be distributing some copies in France, and working on distribution in Germany right now, Helmut Underground Power Metal Distribution is pushing a few copies right now too. I would say that we are basically pushing it ourselves as well the only way we can, touring and with the internet, mailing to labels, magazines and radio stations and hoping for the gods to lay down some luck !
- What's your opinion of the current underground scene... many people think it now sucks since the internet apparition, think it was much better 20 years ago... what is YOUR opinion ? I think this can be interesting to know your opinion, since you're part of this "internet" generation...
I think lots of people tend to bitch alot. The scene will always get along just fine. Always. Heavy Metal got the biggest punch in the face during the 90's, but it still survived. It can survive through anything. Yeah everything is available to download now, but that just forces bands to tour constantly. It's up to the real dudes to buy the stuff as well of course. I mean downloading and shit is a great way to discover bands, but its too bad more people don't actually support the bands after discovering them, but lots still do i think. What the hell is wrong with the internet man. I'll be honest, you definately appreciate things alot more when it takes time to get a cd. like discovering the band through a friend, calling a cd store, ordering the cd and a month later it arrives, and your brothers are like "WOOAHH thats awesome you own that cd". Downloading takes a minute which is definately sucky, but you wouldn't be interviewing me right now if it wasn't for the internet. I wouldn't have met all the heavy metal dudes ive met if it wasn't for the internet people still buy albums, people still buy records even man. Heavy Metal will always be Heavy Metal regardless of what the world is up to. You take what you need and leave what you don't, leave for the fools ! (Well, I never meant I think Internet sucked... I would not run a webzine if that was the case... and thanks to Internet, I've discovered yuor band, which is cool ! - Ed.)
- OK, besides the tour... what are your next plans with SKULL FIST ?
For this year, west coast tour of Canada, more heavy metal brothers, more cd reviews, more radio plays, more label interest. Tour United States. Tour Europe for as long as we can, heavy metal drinking, getting my Griffin and Malice record in the mail... hahaha !
- Are you still involded in other bands like Maniac, 30-Years Born Too Late ? Some words on these bands ?
30 Years Too Late was the band we had as kids. Most of the stuff we did wasn't done very well, but we managed to do a few cool things hahaha, "Sign Of The Warrior" is actually inspired from a 30 Years Too Late song. Maniac broke up, they just didn't want to play high speed thrash anymore i guess. The drummer Chris is working on some other Heavy Metal stuff right now and Johnny is filling in on bass for us, which is funny, because i played bass with him ! Hahaha Maniac was the best. Had a huge following in Toronto as well.
- Also, before leaving, are there some bands from your area or Canada you'd like to recommend us ? How is your local scene ? Is is easy to play live there ? How are the relations with the other bands ? And what about the audience there... are they going wild at a SKULL FIST show ?
Local scene is pretty rad if you ask me dude, there are a few "thrash or nothing" or "death or nothing" shitdicks, but most of those people are basement bedroom dwellers anyways. Tons of Heavy Metal dudes though. Tons of them, if you come here and want to party with some Heavy Metal dudes and dudettes (Yeah, especially with dudettes haha !! Ed.) you'll find yourself.. uhhh.. with them ? hahaha for the most part the relationship with other bands is great. Some bands not so good, it's retarded because Heavy Metal to me demands the friendship of fellow metalheads, some guys are just posers or assholes (Well, that's not specific to your scene ! Ed.). Bands to check out that are buddies and Suchblack Moor, Sonic Shock, Tiger Star, Reckless (old), Cauldron, Striker, Black Wizard, Diemonds, Metallian, Midnight Malice, Stryker, Fatality, Agressor, Ash Lee Blade... if i forgot any other brothers, I owe you a drink haha !
- From the pics I saw, a SKULL FIST show seems to be really WILD & intense ! How would you describe your live-performances ?
I would say the live performance is described as really loud, really sweaty and a testament to the legions of death and the almighty sound of Heavy Metal ! To all heavy metal warriors of the world !
- OK, I thank you for your time & patience... the last words are yours... Hope to see you in Europe !!!
Fuckin' eh brothers !!!! See you soon, see you around, see you in hel l! hahahaha !!!


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