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Sunday, 01 August 2010 14:49

Hi Beto, I’m Beatrice from Metal Heart Webzine and I’m pleased to do this interview with you. Would you like to present yourself and your group, for those who would not know you ?
Hi Beatrice, the pleasure is mine. Beto Vazquez Infinity is a project started from Argentina to the world, of which the main slogan is the music unites the world and create albums with special guests. In the band are four Argentine musicians and a singer from Sweden. The musical style covered is very open,  gothic, symphonic and power metal with female and male singers with different vocal styles.
You are a great music composer, a multi instrumentalist and you did the programming, the arrangements etc… of this album, “Darkmind”. Do you feel you need to control everything or nearly everything ?
In fact, more than control everything, I create almost everything. Then I simply record the instruments according to the song. Because as you say, I have the fortune of playing several instruments and that gives me the freedom to record them all.
My third question will be about the theme of the album “Darkmind”, it seems darker than the previous albums, and can you talk about it ?
Your assessment is correct. Darkmind from his cover to the content is quite dark. In the song Darkmind for example,I express a few thoughts on some people, but if you read the rest of the lyrics, you'll realize that there are also songs with great feeling and with other messages.
As on your previous album there are a lot of guests on the songs, how do you meet these artists, because you appreciate them, you want to work with them, etc …? Is it always a good experience ?
Each case is different from another. Many times I personally contact the artist for their quality and warmth, explaining what is the project. And sometimes a lot of artists send me demos or links to listen to their skills, offering to participate. In more than 90% of cases the experience is more than positive. It is very difficult to work with so many international artists and coordinate the timing and arrangements on things, but the result is always positive. B-sides  musicians  we  get to know people and  then get  friends , friendship, same as the music is invaluable.
Do you consider these singers as a part of the group or not, I suppose not as they are “guests” ?
No, the musicians involved in the project collaborate, and  shine on  the song that I prepare according to they're styles, but the idea is to have a stable band as I have, to recreate it live.
I suppose some relationship has been created with some vocalists or musicians ? Friendship I mean.
Yes of course, mostly based on respect for them. I am currently in contact with almost all musicians that worked through my albums. Like I said before, the human factor is very important.
What has changed in your music since your beginning ? Do you think it is more sophisticated or not ?
The changes come natural, I do not like get stickied into one style in particular. I’m a pretty eclectic composer, and I like to have a line that includes the styles that have influenced me since my beginnings, from the classic to the heavy. I think on every album the ideas were evolving and reaching their intended destinations.
How do you think yours albums are being received in the rest of the world ?
Fortunately the latest production was very well received and having at the moment my own label (BVM Records) and being the producer of the album, I remove the obstacles so they can discuss issues directly with me. This makes  more fluid the conversations and get the album to  be edited in more countries. Luckily I have very good reviews from my albums, and if it wasn't  for the good sales over Darkmind, I wont be releasing a double album. The people support me and write me saying they like my records
What do you think has changed in the world of music especially in the world of metal ?
Normally there is a trend of mergers in terms of the music, the mix of instruments and styles, is more accepted. I think that is more popular at this point that a few years ago. And I hope that continues evolving.
I said in my review that this album “Darkmind” that it was an album to listen and to appreciate in a quiet and peaceful room, do you agree with me ?
Well, Darkmind is an album with different climates and I think that each person receive  it in a special way and appreciated it. Of course I respect your opinion and I am sure that in a room with those characteristics ,details of the album would be heard even more. And thanks for your review!
The word of the end is for you, what would you like to add or talk about something else ?
At first thank you to you, and everyone reading this words, Darkmind was the first important step with my label and thanks to this album , the next one  is going to be very special. With many different styles, faster and without losing the melodies and symphonic style. With great guests too, as usual, all amazing musicians like Dominique Leurquin (France) - Timo Tolkki (Finland) - Gaby Koss (Germany) among other great artists. Will be released this year in Argentina. Beatrice, thank you very much and a hug to everyone in the webzine. Best wishes and thanks for the support.


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