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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 05 September 2010 13:54

 Yeah, VIOLATOR are just back from this second European tour and after I saw them live 3 times and been very impressed by their live-performances, i decided to go for an interview ! If you're looking for an awesome old-school THRASH band, they're THE band you need, definitely ! Bassist/Singer Poney answered the following questions...
Hello ! You're just back from your second euro-tour... How do you feel ? I guess the head is still full of great memories...
Hello Fab, my friend ! First let me say thanx for this interview, it's a pleasure to keep in touch with people connected to the underground from around the world, especially when it's someone we had the pleasure to meet in person and see the passion for this underworld, like you guy ! Do you remember that night in Zurich where you came to the concert and had no place to sleep ? (laughs) (Sure I remember and will never forget ! Ed.) That's real passion for metal, man ! Anyway, it was a great time and i really enjoyed that month living in a van through europe. A Gypsy lifestyle ! (more laughs).
- How many dates & how many different countries ? I guess it was alot of tiredness but also many great experiences... What are the countries that surprised you the most ?
It was 30 days, 23 concerts and lots of countries man ! It was really tiring, because we are not used to play everyday like in Europe. Here in south america you can only book 3, maybe 4, concerts per week. And you know, in each Violator concert we try to put the most energertic discharge as we can, each night is like the last night of our lives and we are trying to cause a little armageddon in each song (laughs) so in the end, after 10 concerts we were already like living dead ! Vlad, our driver, said we were just lazy bastards, maybe he was right ! (laughs) I loved to play in every country we met, i really enjoyed the concerts in France (Paris and Lille were crazy !), Italy punkx made a great party for us, Poland was really insane, everywhere was great with great people.
- Any cool stories or anecdotes about this tour ? I mean all went smoothly or did you face unexpected events... kinda "spinal-tap" shits ???
Man, i think the funnier story is that we have to run away from the concert in Poland we leave the venue with nazis running after us ! (laughs) Cambito managed to broke a beer bottle on one of them but everybody ran and we had to run back to the van and escape like fugitives !!! At the time it was really scaring, but remembering it now, it is funny.
- I saw you in Lille (F), Zürich (Swit) and Paris (F)... it was always very wild on stage and the audiences were all crazy... Was it the case for all the other dates ? Do you see a difference between the european maniacs and south-american ones ?
Yeah, most of the concerts were like that, really insane thrashing maniax ! I'm glad that it was that way, because you there in Europe are really used to see lots of great bands, and even so people were really excited with our concert, just like some ugly thrashers from Brazil (laughs). There are some local differences, yes, even between european regions I think, but you can say that doesn't matter if you are from Brazil, France or Japan, a thrasher is a thrasher. And I don't see this as a bad thing, I think it's a great example of how the underground can manage to break down some artificial barriers that mankind has created like this nationalism bullshit. As a great band called Conquest for Death states: "Many nations, one underground".
- You are always very thankful to the maniacs that come to the shows when you're playing live... always underlining the fact that a band is nothing without them... damn, that's fuckin'right ! Do you think many bands have forgotten this nowadays - all those bands acting like rockstars thinking this is due to them... or are there other reasons... ?
I'm really glad that you got that spirit in our concerts, my friend ! I totally think that this "rock star attitude" is the cancer of the underground. I hate the fact that some bastards feel like they are better just because they have a crappy band. Fuck that. We should have no frontiers between band and audience, we are all part of the same scene. When Violator is not on stage we are four guys that go to concerts in our town and help to get this underground counterculture production to keep existing. Just like everyone else who goes to the concerts, you know ? Each person that comes to a underground concert is vital for the scene and we should kick the asses of the rock stars out of the underground. And we should starting to ban all this feelings of "fans" and "idols", from our scene. Nobody is better than nobody. No god and no master.
- You were touring with California Thrashers FUELED BY FIRE... I guess all was cool with them... right ? How did you team up for this tour ?
Fueled By Fire are the best guys in the world ! Their concerts are fucking amazing, I love their music and now that we met them they became one my favorite bands of all the time, because they are really really great people! Very simple, easy going and funny guys, we really want to tour the world with them. I'm in touch with Carlos (FBF drummer) for a long time, because since the first time I heard "Thrash is back" my mind was blown away! The team up was a suggestion from the guy who booked the tour, and i'm really happy we did that. It was even more special because FBF and Violator were doing a tour all over Europe with no help from any major label, just doing-it-ourselves with no money interest, just for the passion for the music. The best way, right? 
- RIGHT !!! Violator is definitely rooted in the underground Metal/HC/Thrash scene... How was it possible to set such a long tour up ? I mean usually only bigger bands on bigger labels can afford this... (let's go for a "DIY" lesson to all the fuckers that need professional bookers and can't act by themselves haha !)
Yeah, you are totally right ! We got the help from Cesar from Insano Booking, who was able to schedule all those dates for us and we got lucky that a lot of the promoters were actually people who wanted to see a Violator/FBF concert in their cities and were not doing that because they wanted to raise money with the concerts. We know that it happens with a lot of "professional" promoters who don't even care about the band that is playing, they're just interested on the profits that the concert can bring. For me, that's not what underground is about. Underground is a place where we can still produce without having our lives dictated by money. And that's what was that  eurotour 2010. Most of the producers were even younger than us (and we are just a bunch of kids) and that made an excellent atmosphere.
- That's proof the "Do It Yourself" system is still efficient. You also prove that as a band it is not necessary to wait for labels or professional bookers to do a tour... I guess you feel comfortable this way and you will surely continue this way - forever underground, right ?
Yeah, that's definetely our choice. It's not that we don't have other options, we just prefer the DIY underground. There are lot of bands that see the underground as a degree to achieve something (What's that something I don't know, a contract with a big corporation ? Fuck that). We really don't see it that way. We really believe in the do-it-yourself ethics and we want to stay that way, we feel like we are part of that underworld.
- The Underground as a way of life... many bands claim it but I have doubts all of them practise what they preach... sometimes when they get deals & offers from big labels, they suddenly forgot all their values... The call of God Money is stronger than all haha... Let us know what has happened between Violator and Nuclear Blast ???
It's funny how this story has spread. We didn't tell anyone, we never wanted to promote ourselves with that fact, but some times later it was in the biggest metal magazine in Brazil. The story is simple, in 2007 an agent from Nuclear Blast came to a Violator concert in Argentina and offered us a deal. We thought about it and refused it later. There were many people shocked with that (laughs), but you know we really mean when we say "breathe the underground".(more laughs).
- Do you realize when refusing this deal that many maniacs won't never have the possibility to get your releases in many different supports like regular CD edition, Digipack edition CD, Digipack edition including limited sticker, Digibook edition with DVD, Vinyl, Double-Vinyl, Colored Vinyl with Poster and also many other goodies like that VIOLATOR string - a must have for all collectors around haha ! Damn I'd look so sexy with such a string ha ! Instead of that I'll buy the one & only regular version and keep my money to see you live next time... that's not business at all haha ! So please what can you to say to all the maniacs around for them to understand you're sorry of such a choice.... ??? (haha !)
Yeah, you said exactly right. That's what most of the metal scene in Europe is about : BUSINESS. I hate that, man, I really feel sick about that. I think the biggest betrayal someone can do to our counterculture is to treat underground like business, to reduce our music to a product. We come from a very poor reality, you know, and we never had the illusion we would make money from our music. We never had that pretention, that was never our goal. Thrash Metal was, in fact, the exatcly opposite of that. It is all about passion for the music not for the money. We have that money issue solved, everybody in the band has it's own day job and i will never need Violator to pay my bills. This, of course, has some disavantages: we can not tour the whole year, only when we are on vacations, we don't have all the time that the band demands, etc. By the other hand we have a TOTAL FREEDOM to do everything the way we want, no money-oriented, no boss, no market. We can work the way we choose with our particular understanding of the underground. When we started almost nobody gave a shit about old school thrash metal. You remember the late 90's, right ? Now, some guys whow were releasing melodic metal or symphonic shit 'till three years ago had seen that thrash is "interesting" again. What's their interest ? Money! We are not in it for the money, we don't give a shit about making money with our band, so for us is much more pleasure to stay with small labels from people who are close friends with us (underground is a network of friends, just that)  and keep the liberty to work the way we want, charge nothing for the concerts, release records through different labels around the world, start other bands, etc.
- More seriously... You worked with really (but definitely GREAT) underground labels like KILL AGAIN Records from Brasil, METALEROS & IRON BONEHEAD from Germany... How is the contact with those guys ? I guess it's way different from a BIG label on which you'd be just "one more band" or should I say one more "product" in the catalog...
Totally right one more time, Fab ! We have friendship relations with those people, they are guys who share with us quite similar views of the underground. Antonio, the man behind kill again, for example, is a metal maniac who started writting zines in 1981 ! Nowadays he works as a night watchman in a school and runs the label just for the love he has for metal music, you know ? And this passion can never, never ever, be reduced to a capitalist relationship of consumerism, when you reduce a band to a product you are destroying the underground.
- OK, let's now speak about the band's new release... That 7-song EP called "Annihilation Process"... What can you say about it ? How would you qualify it compared to the previous band's releases ?
I think the EP shows an evolution that has been in course since we released our first demo in 2002. We are always trying to get our thrash violence one step further. Our objective is to get the thrash insanity over the edge, you know ? I'm not saying we achieved that, but it has always been our goal. Make insane thrash that still sound relevant even after 25 years of thrash metal history. So, the songs in this record are more aggressive than previous one. Maybe one big difference from the previous releases is that "Annihilation Process" has a much more serious atmosphere. The lyrical content is more political and our anger towards the injustices and abuses of this world is more explicit.
- What about the responses the new release has got so far... maniacs & medias ? Are you pleased with that ?
I'm totally pleased ! The first press was gone in two weeks! I saw some people that were not totally satisfied with this more serious approach. I guess they would want us to write records with 10 songs like "Thrash Maniax", or something like that. Well, we can't please everybody right ?
- This new release includes a cover of "You'll Come Back Before Dying" from EXECUTER which is an old brasilian THRASH band.... Why this choice ? Do you know if the guys have heard your cover and what do they think of it ? EXECUTER are still active... do you plan some gigs together (unless this has already been possible in the past) ?
Unfortunately, Executer is not active anymore. Their singer had to move from Brazil in order to find some job and make a living. But before that we had the great pleasure to play with them some times, we even made a small tour and when they played in our city they stayed in my house. We are real close friends, they kind became godfathers. (laughs). Their first record "Rotten Authorities" is one of the greatest records of brazilian underground. It's thrash metal the way we love, really fast and aggressive with great moshing and nice lyrics. We felt like doing a cover of them it would be a nice homage to Executer. They deserve the best !
- Your lyrics are mainly dealing with very serious topics, like nuclear/social/political matters... like many bands (Nuclear Assault, DRI, old-C.O.C, Crumbsuckers) of the 80's did... I suppose you want to spread some messages through the lyrics, right ? - I personally think there's a big world economical/political conspiracy (dictated by the governments & economical/industrial complexes) to numb the masses... Everything is made to turn us into "consumers" before being "human being"... It's time to awaken the consciences & bring to life its real meaning (far away from the capitalism/economical system)... Do you think music can help to achieve such a goal ? Well, I admit, it's alot of work !
I really enjoy your point of view. I don't know if with underground music we can change the world, but of course it has changed my world, and that's already pretty important for my life, you know ? The same way, I don't know if "passing a message" is the best way to describe our intentions, we are no priests. Christians are the ones who love to "spread a message" and we hate christians! (laughs) But I really think it's important to use this channel of the underground subculture to say relevant things about the way we live, the place we live, the reality that surrounds us. Brainless music is what is played on radio everyday, I think we should be more clever than that. Just as I tell you about the way we see the underground as a space of resistance I think the same about the lyrical content. Our music is our way to never conform, to never compromise and we can't stay in silence while we see a lot of injustices, abuses and horror. Silence is death.
- It seems you're very attached to the "split-release" concept, especially on vinyl... you did one split EP with HIRAX and another one with BYWAR... The origins of such releases are definitely rooted in the old-school Hard-Core/Punk movement of the 80's... why is it so important for you ?
I have never thought about that, I think it's really natural for us. We like to be friends of the bands we play with, this is important for us. Cooperation not competition, that's the spirit right ? What better way to celebrate cooperation than a split album ?
- Still loyal to that old-school Hard-Core/Punk attitude, you also play in some other bands... some words about them ?
Yeah, we all have other bands. Capaça, me and Batera used to have a Grindcore band called Scumbag. We wanted to do deathgrind like old Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Terrorizer... this kind of nice noise. Capaça also plays in a great old school death metal band called Pesticide. As the name says, they're really into Pestilence. Cambito sings in a great thrash metal band called Slaver, pretty close to Exumer and other german bands. I sing in a crossover-thrashcore band called Possuído Pelo Cão, which has been recently released on LP in France, and play bass in a hardcore-band old US oriented called Ameaça Ciagana. Lot's of projects, right ? We live in a very boring city ! (laughs)
- Well... so far, you toured South-America, Europe, Japan... have you already toured North-America and is that in your plans now in order to conquer the world to spread the THRASH virus everywhere ?
Yeah, we are planning to tour US and also Central America ! Hope we can do that next year. We want to spread the thrash virus everywhere, you are right, but there's no conquering involved. We want to kill all the conquerors, death to the king ! (laughs)
- Besides this... what are the other plans of the band ?
Well, we got a lot of concerts in South America this second semester. Besides that the only plans are to keep playing and keep friends.
- OK - thanks for your time... feel free to add what you want, this space is yours ! Thanks ALOT for your time !!!
Thanx to you Fab for this excellent, excellent interview ! Thanx everybody that came to our concerts in Europe, hope to see you soon ! Keep it simple, keep it fast, keep it underground ! UFT !!!

(All pictures in this interview taken from the band's myspace page)

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