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FATES WARNING - CONSCIENCE - 07/03/2012 - PARIS (France)  E-mail
Written by Fab   
Sunday, 25 March 2012 19:29

Well I can't hide the fact I was really happy to attend to that show that offered two progressive metal bands.. French CONSCIENCE and US Masters FATES WARNING ! I was expected a great great evening in Paris !
As I entered the venue, a guy warned us the band CONSCIENCE had to cancel their show because of serious health problems with their drummer (hope he'll get better soon ! Best wishes dude !!) and they had another french band to replace them called BEYOND THE PAIN... Ok.. I entered the hall a bit disappointed but nevertheless curious to discover this other band.. Second disappointment was the audience... approx 120 people inside.. Ok.. RAMMSTEIN was playing in POPB here in Paris too, but what the fuck.. any people are interested in seeing real & authentic metal played live - especially FATES WARNING that had not played in France for approx 15 years ??? hmmmm....

BEYOND THE PAIN soon entered the stage and started delivering their music... Well, that was not really what I was expecting as an opening band for such a headliner but.. i guess the organiser had to find a band in urge... I can't say the band's style was really appropriate for the bill and from the reactions of the audience, I don't think I'm wrong... They perform a kinda dark-metal with gothic & black influences with clear & growled vocals... not that it is bad, I guess people who like this style would like the band, but well... not the right band at the right place... It was by the way a decent performance... I remember they even played a MOONSPELL song .. "Nocturna" if I remember well...

After a short break resounds "Disconnected Pt 1" in the speakers .. FATES WARNING enter the stage !!! The guys seem to be very happy to be there - it was a looooong time they had not played in Paris ! They start the show with "One" and "Life In Still Water", the sound is really good, powerful and clear ! Vocalist Ray ALDER is simply amazing and knows how to lead the show !!! Both guitarist Jim MATHEOS & Frank ARESTI are rather static but nevertheless damn efficient and bassist Joey VERA & drummer Bobby JARZOMBEK are simply awesome so their performances are perfect ! "A Pleasant Shade Of grey" follows with "Outside Looking In" with a great guitar solo by Frank Aresti... The band keep on delivering its great performance with "Down To The Wire".. When .. suddenly, technical problems happened... Not sure what it was, but I guess there was something wrong with an amp.. bad luck, it broke a bit the great atmosphere... the band even left the stage... But they soon returned and delivered "Still Remains", followed by "Another Perfect Day" (I couldn't imagine the set without that song, which is my absolute FATES WARNING's favorite song, I was the head in the clouds ha !) and a short extract from "The Ivory Gates Of Dreams".. They also performed "The Elevent Hour", "Through Different Eyes", "Point Of View"... The band played almost one hour and a half and finised the set with the classic "Eye To Eye" - the interpretation was simply brilliant ! FATES WARNING really impressed me, when you hear their very complex music, you're just amazed to see them playing the stuff on stage, it looks so easy haha ! Those guys are all tremendous musicians, some of the best of their musical style for sure and their talent is equal to their modesty and humility... I had the chance to see them last summer in Germany (Headbangers Open Air) where I was really impressed but tonight they proved that not only the performance was impressive, THEY are IMPRESSIVE !




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