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PARIS METAL FRANCE FESTIVAL 2 - 13 Janvier 2008 - La Loco - Paris  E-mail
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Monday, 11 February 2008 13:59

PARIS METAL FRANCE FESTIVAL 2 - 13 Janvier 2008 - La Loco - ParisThis second edition of the Paris Metal France Festival was undoubtly one of the most important dates not to miss for every metalheads. This time it gathered RBO, DEMON EYES, WITCHES, STILL SQUARE, NO RETURN, KILLERS, BLASPHEME and ADX… The place was over-crowded !

RBO started the festival … Great sound, well-trained musicians… with a very attractive singer with a deep & powerful voice… musically, something in between Hard-Rock & Stoner Rock making me think of bands like KYUSS, MONSTER MAGNET & BLS… very good performance from a band that should make speak of itself soon… the festival started well !

DEMON EYES.. The return of one of the 80’s french Heavy-Metal pillars… I have to admit that I’ve been somehow surprised to see them play so early, considering the band’s reputation… but nevermind, the band delivered a powerful set, but a bit too short in my opinion. Only 8 songs ! Among them, “Seek & Destroy” as a tribute to Cliff Burton, “Pestiférés”, “Indifférence”, “Les Deux Maudites” and (again) another cover… of JUDAS PRIEST… “Breaking The Law” on which ex-SATAN JOKERS & FURIOUS ZOO Renaud HaNTSON came to jam to end the group’s good performance !!

WITCHES… it was also a coming back for this group after a long period of absence, coming back combined with the release of their new album called « 7 ». Musically, straight ahead thrash metal that blew more than one metalhead away. The new songs show us a more experimental band, but still as powerful ! A well-done set with musicians much concentrated on their instruments, this lets presage good moments to come for the band !

STILL SQUARE… reformed especially for this festival…. I was really not expecting so much from them ! To say that they only released one album in the 80’s… what a mess ! A full of energy & good temper set, irreproachable musicians with a singer that led the audience in a master’s hand ! The set endswith the incredible “Rock Stars” with its melodic break in the early Maiden manner, in a crazy ambiance ! I hope that after the show, the guys will have questioned themselves and won’t stop in that good way.

NO RETURN… in spite of a powerful set and a killer performance, has been victim of its style, maybe too much brutal & modern, because a good part of the crowd, more into the 80’s style, left the pit to have a break. Nevertheles, the band has delivered a powerful & brutal Death Thrash metal as usual and was not at fault …. The band fans have really appreciated !

KILLERS… is a well-named band… on stage… no mercy ! A set mainly oriented on the old songs like « Fils De La Haine », « L’Assassin », « Rosalind »… which will have pleased more than one old Hardrockers !! A pure & raw energy, generous & grateful musicians… a crazy ambience for this 25 years old band , that still stands proud and at the TOP !! KILLERS has not failed to its reputation of a live-band… To me, the best performance of the evening !

BLASPHEME has also been one of the best surprises of the evening. The welcome was amazing, and in spite of the years of inactivity, the band has delivered their songs with the same old feeling… A special mention to the vocalist Marc who has not lost any of his voice as for proves the songs « Seul », « territoire des hommes » and « vive libre »… A truly good performance which give the envy to see them again as soon as possible !

And to finish.. ADX that everyone seemed to be waiting for, considering the present crowd when they enter the stage. The band began its set with a brand new title from its new album “Division Blind?e” that no one already knew… Not easy to be at ease… Fortunately the band continued mainly with its classics, which have highly charged the ambience… Well-played songs but I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more from their performance that I have found too much easy-playing… Maybe after having seeing them several times last year, I am becoming more demanding… As usual, this show has been made in joy and good humour, and that to end this festival it was rather welcome, as the Champagne offered to the first ranks at the end of the show… as to better celebrate the Paris Metal France Festival event.


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