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Written by Fab   
Monday, 15 June 2009 07:46

CLANDESTINE FESTIVAL - 30 & 31/05/2009 - St Just En Chaussée (60)Well, I'd start this live-report saying that life is a bitch ! Because of very bad events, I couldn't be there to attend the two days & 16 bands of the CLANDESTINE Festival... So all my apologizes to the 14 bands I couldn't see and that I won't speak about... this is definitely not my will... and for that reason, I'll speak "only" about the two last bands of the second day : Mr JACK and KARELIA, the only ones I could see.

When I arrived at the doors, I first was shocked by the lack of audience ! From the organizer himself, 80 entries the first day and 50 the second - what the fuck ? Was the price (17 €) too high for 16 bands - including "names" like MISANTHROPE, OTARGOS, INHUMATE, Mr JACK, DESILLUSION, KARELIA ??? All those bands being signed to labels and for some, a very long experience in the Metal circuit ! Would be great sometimes to stop only thinking about the biggest Summer festivals or biggest international bands and start supporting the local events - to all the people that were missing and surely had "better things" to do during that week-end, please, think again & don't complain if nothing ever happens in your area !

Mr Jack - Daniel Puzio - Pic by TITI METAL 2009So, first band I saw that night was Mr JACK - for some of you who would still ignore it, Mr JACK is composed by rock'n'roll veterans that are Daniel Puzio on guitars/vocals (Ex-VULCAIN), Philty Garcia on bass & Gerard Michel on drums, both ex-H-BOMB... Great names from a great period of the french metal history ! And a real pleasure to see them back on stage after such a long time ! Mr JACK is nothing but pure hard-rock'n'roll, straight-in-your-face emotions & definitely no rockstar bullshit ! This is real, honest & sincere ! The band started the show with "Lee Van Cleef", which is definitely hardrocking and just great to start the fire ! During more than one hour and a half, the band will go on with other songs from the first (and so far only)Mr JACK - Philty - Pic by TITI METAL 2009 album "Jack'n'Roll" like "Tatoo Lady", "Duf Car", "Seul Dans La Rue" (with Philty on Vocals), "You See What I Mean", "Comme Tu Me Manques" - will also offer a classic from the VULCAIN-era "Les Damnés" (Awesome !!!!) and will end the show with "Appuye Sur On" on which the "poor" audience is invited to sing, and "Bye Bye Johnny" on which Stéphanie (from U-TURN) and Soraya (SYREN'S CALL) will come to do the chorus ! Great atmosphere, great moment, Soraya (SYREN'S CALL) - Stéphanie (U-TURN) & Philty (Mr JACK) - Pic by TITI METAL 2009great band, great show ! To those who'd say Mr JACK is just rock'n'roll, I'd say that's right, but real rock'n'roll - the one played with guts & heart, the one that kicks your ass and will always do it in twenty years !

And last band of the festival... KARELIA. To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect, the band has so far released three albums, all very different... Would they play a mix of the three albums or rather give priority to the last one "Restless" which is definitely electro-metal oriented ? I had no doubt on the musicians abilities & capacities, for sure I Karelia - Pic by TITI METAL 2009knew this would be a great professional show - and they prove it again, the interpretation of the songs were all OK and the new guitarist is now well in the band ! The show lasted one hour and a half and they finally gave priority to the songs from the latest album "Restless", only one song from the "Usual Tragedy" album which was "Torn Dress" and nothing less that three cover-songs - all impressive in their interpretation - from MOBY ("Lift Me Up"), QUEEN ("Show Must Go On") and R.E.M. ("Losing My religion") - A very good and energetic show in a very friendly atmosphere, withKarelia - Pic by TITI METAL 2009 some nice jokes & surprises (like that intro from "Raining Blood" by SLAYER - Hey, next time play it in its whole, ok ?) and definitely a great frontman & talented vocalist (which doesn't minimize the role & talent of the musicians of course.

I have no doubt that if the other bands I couldn't see gave as good shows as Mr JACK and KARELIA, the two days were for sure something great ! Now I'd like to thank the organizer that really had the balls to offer a very varied metal festival and would also like to tell to the people that were NOT there (laziness is no excuse) to be there next time something like that (CLANDESTINE FESTIVAL 3 ???) will happen, you won't regret it !

Thanks to TITI METAL for the live-pics.


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