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ADX - THE CLEANER - 27/03/2010 - Herblay (France)  E-mail
Written by Fab   
Sunday, 28 March 2010 14:31

Well, I had read somewhere that THE CLEANER play METAL in its "purest tradition" - Great ! Together with french legends ADX, I thought this would be a great HEAVY METAL night ! Metal in its purest tradition for me means bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest - see what I mean ? Powerful & melodious songs with guitar solos and great & clear vocals... but now it seems I'm wrong.... and have lost all interpretation of what METAL in its purest tradition truly means... I saw THE CLEANER on stage but not a band playing METAL in its purest tradition for sure... no guitar solos, no kicking ass clean vocals but kinda growls/screams, no real melodiousness in the songs... but does it mean that was bad for all that ??? Can't say so, the band THE CLEANER are actually more in a HardCore/Thrash/Death-Metal vein... they obviously give priority to the raw energy & aggressive riffs ! I think they're more in a style mixing influences from bands like NAPALM DEATH, AGNOSTIC FRONT, BORN FROM PAIN, PANTERA... Straight in your face & aggressive music, totally different from ADX and Metal in its "purest tradition"... but nevermind, I saw a band, with energetic songs and very well executed, and coherent in its genre, able to mix various influences from the styles previously named with some more raw punk touches in... Don't ask me why but I was pretty sure they would play a cover-song... but I was far from thinking about "United Forces" (S.O.D.), good choice & well done ! From the performance, I regret the fact the band was rather static on stage, with such a type of music, the performance could have been wilder... and would have probably set the crowd afire, which was rather timourous... and not so numerous... but all in all that was an enjoyable show. I'm sure this is a band that should release good things in the future - people in the extreme Metal genre should really take an interest in THE CLEANER, they should really appreciate alot !
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Then came ADX... I had not seen the band live on stage for a long time and I felt good to be here to enjoy one of their shows... the crowd was not much more numerous but most of them were real ADX die-hard fans which was a sign for a great atmosphere to come ! So, we were all more or less in "family"... The band got up on stage, giving the feeling they were totally relax, as usual, they're not the kinda musicians to act like rockstars with excessive ego, and after 25 years, I doubt they'll ever be ! They started their show with much power & fun, but from second one, it turned to nightmare ! The sound was damn fuckin' awful, one could not even hear Phil's voice, the guitars were damn too low, only the bass was audible with the snare-drums, hi-hat & cymbals... no way to hear double-base drums... Ok, I thought that was a question of minutes until the sound-engineer arranged the whole thing which would let us appreciate the band's show. But NO... not at all, in spite of what the musicians could mean, ask, it seems that was in vain... ADX got an horrible live-sound during all the set... This fucked half of the pleasure to see them on stage ! Obviously, this also fucked the pleasure of the musicians to play live, B.Y. had the face of a very angry man, Betov was much embarassed, one could hardly hear this guitar-solos and Klod was much more bored with all those shits, he couldn't even properly perform its chorus-duty, since the microphones didn't work at all... Damn, what happened ? Do the sound-engineer have EARS ? Couldn't he react ? I still wonder what the fuck was about all this... too bad... BUT I don't want to insist too much on that point and make you think this was a bad performance since the rest of the show was as usual GOOD - the songs were all well played, maybe slower than the previous times I saw the band, which was cool, I think they had made a habit of playing them much faster than what it is on CDs... They - as usual - put a lot of humour between the songs, made numerous jokes, but it was easy to feel they were really annoyed by the sound-quality... I can even say they felt really sorry about this... They mixed songs from all their albums (Oops, sorry, nothing from "Weird Visions" and I still wonder why they have completely forgotten this album which ain't bad at all !), such classics like "Déesse Du Crime", "Caligula", "Les Enfants De L'Ombre" really had a great impact on the audience, as well as more recent songs like "De L'autre Côté" and "Résistance" or "A La Gloire De Dieu", "Division Blindée" which seems it has now become the HIT of the band, always great on stage, Phil always giving the opportunity to the crowd to sing the chorus all together ! No new songs, but a new "old" one as introduced by Phil... actually I've understood this is a song from the "La Terreur" era that will appear as a bonus song on the re-issue of their second album "La Terreur"... That song is called "N'Abandonne Jamais" ("Never Give Up" in english)... Can't really say how it sounds like because of the bad sound of the night, but that was rather energetic... like the whole show... visually that was really enjoyable... but the ears can't say so... Next band's gig is in Germany, for the KEEP IT TRUE festival... I simply hope they'll have a suitable sound-engineer that won't fuck their german appearance... this would be so bad and most of all, really not fair... ADX, after a 25 years long career, really deserve much more !
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