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BARBATOS - BLIZZARD - MASS GRAVE - 05/04/2010 - LILLE (France)  E-mail
Written by Fab   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 15:39

I'd start the report with once again the same reproach.... the lack of audience ! Fuck ! Are there still metalheads in France ? Were the ones present the last specimen of a dying species ??? Well.... nevermind... A BIG "THANK-YOU" to the ones that came up to support the bands and made this night really crazy !!!

First band on stage was local support MASS GRAVE. It seems they're now pretty well-known in their hometown, the audience went immediately mad when they started the show ! The style of the band is kinda very raw death/thrash with a real punk approach which was perfect to introduce the one & only french date of the "United Metal Punks Tour 2010". The french bastards gave all their forces in the battle - that was an energetic show ! No doubt, they really did a good job ! If you're into dirty raw metal-punk, check them out !!!

15 minutes & 3 beers later was the time for german BLIZZARD to start the dire ! Musically, that was a bit different from the first band and to give a better idea, I'd say this sounds like a mix of old-Motörhead, Venom & Warfare ! Dirty Thrashin' Rock'N'Roll ! Songs are simple and send you straight to Hell ! They hit your brain like a hammer & let no rest ! BLIZZARD drove the audience fuckin'crazy and obviously they really had alot of fun on stage ! Songs like "Booze Blues", "Whore Rock" were for me the best ones of the set, I mean the ones that got the best responses from the audience that had turned into an intense mosh-pit ! Awesome ! BLIZZARD really did a killer show ! Sure they'll be remembered here !

Then came BARBATOS and that crazy japanese maniac Yasuyuki ! If you don't know him yet, take a look to all the bands/releases he took part to, that's simply incredible ! He's also one of the coolest maniacs on Earth - no ass-licking from me but just a lesson to some "wanna-be rockstars" I know that act like bitches because they're in a band and think they can fool people for that reason, take this BASTARDS ! To sum-up BARBATOS style is easy... It's all that is rock'n'roll, punk, old-school metal mixed together and played on acid ! Full speed ahead & straight in your face, but that's nothing compared to a live-show ! BARBATOS on stage is simply apocalyptic ! Beyond all expectations ! Not a fist in your face, but a thousand of fists !!! It's raw, fast, dirty, loud & wild ! The band played during one hour and threw in the battle most of BARBATOS classics including the much awaited "Rocking Metal Motherfuckers" which was fuckin'intense, raging - at this moment of the show the communion with the audience was simply AMAZING ! Actually there's no word to really describe a BARBATOS live-show, that's something to experience ! "Domo Aligato" Yasuyuki ! Come back soon !!!

Thanks also to the guys of METAL ATTAKK & "les Chiméreux" for organizing the show - that really was a hell of a night !


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