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Monday, 07 June 2010 16:53

Well, that was a cool bill I think ! A night with underground bands from the Netherlands (HERETIC), Germany (DELIRIUM TREMENS), Belgium (ALCOHOLIC NIGHTMARE) and France (INFINITE TRANSLATION and EVISCERATION) taking place at La Chimère, one of the coolest places for underground metal in France !

EVISCERATION started the fire ! The band is rather young since it got formed lastEVISCERATION - Death Metal From The Grave ! year... with ex-DUNKELNACHT member, a member of MASS GRAVE and one of CHILDREN OF DOOM... The style of the band is rotten old-school Death fuckin'Metal influenced by the likes of NUNSLAUGHTER, SADISTIC INTENT, early DEATH... The show was full of raw energy & the guys show a very interesting potential in composing disturbing death Metal tunes with cool effects (like that Wah-Wah pedal on many songs, that really bring somethiing fresh & personal) with raw & from beyond the grave kind of vocals ! I really enjoyed this band ! I hadn't taken so much pleasure watching an old-school Death Metal band live for a long time ! The show was short (30 minutes) and that's really the only thing I regret.... EVISCERATION are definitely a band to look for !!!

INFINITE TRANSLATION - Total Thrash Attack !Right after came Thrashers INFINITE TRANSLATION which have released last year on Emanes Metal Records their debut album "Impulsive Attack" - I remember I saw the band some years ago (2008 maybe) opening for US thrashers FUELED BY FIRE... but honestly I couldn't believe that it was the same band (ok, they've added a second guitarist to the line-up) that was playing in front of me ! The guys have incredibly improved their sound & style - it's damn fuckin' energetic, fast, furious !!! The whole show was like a sonic aggression, they had everything tonight ! Awesome songs with a killer attitude ! I've no doubt that if this band was born in the late 80's in the USA, they would have been one of the best THRASH bands of the moment, besides others like Exodus, Sacred Reich, Forbidden... Note they also played the classic "Hell Awaits" which set La Chimère afire !!! Check 'em out !!!

Then came ALCOHOLIC NIGHTMARE from Belgium.... not easy to play after such a band like INFINITE TRANSLATION...ALCOHOLIC NIGHTMARE The guys did their best in delivering a cool Thrashing/Moshing show with songs influenced by bands like Anthrax, Exodus or Tankard... but it seems they didn't really caught the attention of the audience... that was good, ok... but lacked of power & madness... too bad, most of the audience went outside instead of watching them...

DELIRIUM TREMENS - Bestial Invasion !A few beers later ... and then came german DELIRIUM TREMENS on stage - that was their first show in France but also their first show as a four-piece band since one of the guitarists left some times before... It seems many people came here to see them, 'cos as soon as the show started, the crowd went absolutely crazzzzeeeee ! Furious Stage-diving & mosh-parts from the beginning to the end while the band played & played its satanic rock'n'roll with much power & precision... to Death ! That was simply awesome ! Raw & wild ! I didn't expect such a killer show and really I couldn't dream of a better place at this moment of the day haha ! I had to be there and don't regret it ! DELIRIUM TREMENS are a band to experience live ! Check'em out !!!

And finally, from the Netherlands... HERETIC ! That was also their first date in France... butHERETIC -  Black Mass in Lille ! honestly, I doubt this will remain as a good souvenir for the band, since they played in front of a reduced crowd.... like ALCOHOLIC NIGHTMARE did... most of the people went outside..... maybe they needed some fresh air, since the inside atmosphere was really hotter than hell... They gave a 45 minute show, playing some cool tunes of their personal style that could be described as satanic Rock'N'Roll... influenced by the likes of The Misfits for example and Black Metal.... really cool songs & good interpretation, they did an honest show... probably not their best one, but not their worst either... People in enjoyed the show and that was the most important...

Another cool night released by METAL ATTAKK - thanks guys !


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