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VULCAIN - HOLY CROSS - KRYZEES - 16/04/2010 - PAGNEY (France)  E-mail
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 16:30

Welcome CHEZ PAULETTE !!Well, we arrived a bit late in Pagney - tired after a long long road... but the venue was first a real surprise... "Chez Paulette" is without a doubt one of the best places in France for ROCK music ! The front of this pub doesn't allow to imagine such a great place, once you're in, you really feel like home and don't want to leave haha ! Can't wait to return ! Thanks to the staff for the great welcome - U ROCK !!!

This show was organised by the FHMC and thru these lines, i'd like to congratulate them for this ! Good to see there are more and more people moving their asses to make Heavy Metal music alive ! The conditions were very good and the choice of bands too ! Good job !!! My only regret is that I expected more people... once again... not alot of metalheads there, approx. 200 I think... sad to see metal maniacs ain't more courgeaous to move to metal nights - especially for such an event !

As told previously, we arrived a bit late and for this reason, I couldn't see the first band called KRYZEES (All my apologizes to you, guys !)... just half of the last song... so I can't really give you my opinion, 2 minutes played live ain't really enough ! But a friend I met there (Hey Beki !) told me it was really enjoyable, very good heavy metal music influenced by Iron Maiden... Thanks Béki ;-)

HOLY CROSSSecond band on stage was HOLY CROSS that have recently released their album "Under The Flag" on german label Pure Steel Recors. Their music is very powerful Heavy Metal in the veins of bands like Judas Priest, Iced Earth or Blind Guardian... Strong & Epic ! The beginning of the show was not very convincing, I'd say it was a bit hesitating, I guess it needs some minutes before the guys went hot and after two songs, there was much more energy and that was very very welcome and it lasted for the whole set's duration ! Vocalist Mickael Champon really did a good job, nice prestation and great interpretation of the vocal lines, especially when it comes to hi-pitched tones (this guy does not cheat, he sings for real and what you hear on CD is what you get on stage !) ! Rest of the band was really active, the guys moved a lot, energetic show with some hints of humour here & there ! The interpretation was very professional and the attitude damn cool ! Most of the songs were taken from the only band's album.... really no bad things to say - I'll return to see them live with a great pleasure ! Good job guys !

Well well well.... next band was much much awaited - this show was the first one after anVULCAIN absence of 10 years ! For those who still ignore it, VULCAIN was, is (and will forever remain) one of the biggest french Metal bands - they really had a huge impact in the 80's metal scene in our country and I can't count the numerous times I've been listening to killer albums like "Rock'N'Roll Secours" and "Desperados" mainly... Their return was not something I could expect or imagine, I mean that was much too "big" to think this could be possible... That was beyond my imagination but no no no .... VULCAIN is BACK ! In 2010 the band now evolves as a trio... that was the first surprise and I was curious to see how this could be live... Would this lack of power ? Would this be OK ? As VULCAIN was known for the powerful live-prestation... Verdict was about to be unleashed.... Short intro and the guys got up on stage... obviously very very nervous, with a big stage fright... VULCAINthey started the show with "Vulcain" and immediately the whole audience started to sing the lyrics together with Daniel and this lasted during most of the whole set - I guess this welcome got them a bit more relax... The guys really show a great pleasure to be on stage and they unleashed most of the "Rock'n'Roll Secours" album (9 songs out of 11 !!!),VULCAIN a lot from "Desperados" ("Blueberry Blues", "Fuck The Police", "Soldat" and "Richard" in an amazing version !!!), a bit less of "Big Brothers" ("Faire Du Rock"), only two songs from "Stoppe La Machine" ("L'An 2000", "Black Silex" if I'm not wrong), "En Retard" from their eponymous album "Vulcain" and "Derrière Les Cartes" from the "Transition" album... They chose their most direct songs, the show was really energetic & professional ! Their prestation was simply awesome ! I was far from thinking such a return would be so GREAT !!!! Daniel, Vincent and Marc really put all their guts in the show and for sure pleased the whole audience !
I can say this first show was simply amazing & they show they're still on the top of the french metal bands - and I guess many of the "old" bands that got recently reformed will shit on their pants when they'll see them live !!! They're BACK and I'm sure the best is still to come !!!!


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