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ONSLAUGHT "Sounds Of Violence" CD
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 31 January 2011 15:28

AFM Records

Living in the past is never good, right ? So no need saying I definitely regret what ONSLAUGHT did with such brilliant albums as "Power From Hell" and "The Force" in the 80's... No need saying I regret their obscure blackened thrash style and Sy's particular way of singing... Oops, did I say it ??? Well, we're in 2011 and let's see what ONSLAUGHT delivers now in 2011. "Sounds Of Violence" is the second studio album since the band came back in 2005. "Killing Peace" was very "slayerish" in my opinion in the sound & aggression and "Sounds Of Violence" is in the same vein, maybe a bit more powerful and with more US Thrash influences à la TESTAMENT/EXODUS. Musically, technically and production-wise, the job is really impressive. Massive production that makes each song a real smasher ! Some "modern" metal touches are sometimes added ("Hatebox")... This is an album that will for sure please all thrash maniacs that loved the previous album... but if like me, you miss the early days, I think this will let you hungry.. Objectively, this is a very good and decent Thrash album in the veins of TESTAMENT/SLAYER/EXODUS but it doesn't carry the band's old magic... that's why I regret ... To be noticed a rather very good cover-song of "Bomber" to pay tribute to one of the Greatest Rock'n'Roll band ever with as guests Phil Campbell and Tom Angelripper... very efficient cover ! Hmmm... if you still don't see who that band is, then you surely opened this page by mistake and Metal is not your game !




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