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Written by Fab   
Monday, 31 January 2011 15:57


Sound Pollution/Black Lodge


"Highway Pirates" is the third full-length album by swedish BULLET. The two previous albums were made of high-energy & furious Hard-Rock and got very good responses among fans of bands like AC/DC, Nashville Pussy, Airbourne... well, just in case you still don't know BULLET, I assume those band names will help you about the band's style, right ?
So, in short, no real big changes here, they didn't turn Sympho or Pagan and keep on stickin' to that old-school Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal style influenced by the likes of AC/DC, ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST (80's era) - not much to say either... but this doesn't mean this is a bad album 'cos they do it well, very well, with much heart & passion and this album is gonna make you rock definitely HARD ! Each song is a real pleasure for all BeerDrinkers around, great guitar riffs, headbanging rhythms... and that specific voice by Dag Hell Hofer that comes pretty close to Brian Johnson meeting UDO.... Authentic Hard-Rock for Authentic Hard-Rockers ! Get it !




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