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Written by Fab   
Monday, 07 February 2011 15:55

12/2010 - Self-Prod.

RUSTED is hailing from the french part of Canada, Québec (Salut les cousins !) and this "Hit By" is their first release to date... Hey - What's the fuck ?? First release and all I can say is that I'm really impressed ! Really killer energetic Hard-Rock as a mix of the 80's glorious bands that were/are Iron Maiden, Wasp, Saxon, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Skid Row... Great vocals, really powerful, raging (Midnight Man) & full of emotions ("Traveller"), catchy backing vocals that will make you feel the old-school magic ! Ha, I already see some people arguing "Hey, not interesting, that's nothing new, just classic"... Fuck you, that's how real Hard-Rock is meant to sound like, nasty, dirty & loud ! The opener "Midnight Man" is a real smasher, it's gonna kick you right in the balls with its touch à la Iron Maiden and killer backing vocals... "Summer Day" is just the second assault, proving that the band knows what playing Hard-Rock means : It's nasty, loud & kicking ! Once again I'm amazed by the backing vocals and the guitar works ! "Earthquake" is for me the heaviest song of the release with very headbanging rhythmics and still the very raging voice ! Very well-done ! "Traveller" has a superb melodic accoustic/electric guitar intro, this is a superb ballad, in the 80's purest tradition with mournful guitar solos, mid-tempo rythms, amazing vocal lines... Great job ! "F*** Off (We Wake The Dead)" is another massive dose of strong Hard-Rock... and I think this is not a coincidence is the band ends the CD with "Tuff E'Nuff", which is simply awesome ! As if this song was the best example of what RUSTED is all about... This is a very varied songs, mixing melodic breaks with raging ones and always that great vocal style that is strong & full of emotions, add to this the very specific backing vocals that are essential to RUSTED... and now think that you have here a very very promising band you definitely have to check out if you're a true Hardrocker ! Don't waste your time !

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