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SACRED OATH "World On Fire" CD
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 14 February 2011 17:03

Angel Thorne Music/Sentinel Steel Records

SACRED OATH started in the mid-80's and unleashed in 1987 a first album called "A Crystal Vision" that got great responses among fans of traditional Heavy-Metal, mixing with talent influences from bands like Mercyful Fate & Queensrÿche to deliver a very personal & quality musical identity. We're in 2011 and SACRED OATH now unleash with "World On Fire" their fifth album... Actually they broke up and returned in 2007... that's why they've not been so "productive"... But even 20 years after, they didn't change anything to their style, staying true to the american power-metal tradition and then released 2 very recommandable studio albums (and a live one)... I was really impatient to listen to that new album and the less I can say is that I'm NOT disappointed at all ! This is another piece of hi-quality american power-metal ! It comes with a crystal-clear production that definitely gives force to the songs that are all just amazing & full of emotions ! Vocally speaking it is simply impressive (considering Rob also plays guitar) if you like great vocal performances mixing melody & aggression like a true heavy-metal singer should do ! The whole album is based upon Frank Herbert’s Dune series and depicts a world in despair and sadness... the emotions here are so well expressed through the musical content that you'll get definitely crushed ! I can't find a song better than another one, they're all so great, from the opener "Sweet Agony" and this intro made of angelic choirs, the very heavy "The King Must Die", the epic "Sandrider" to the desperate ballad "When The War Is Over" & the apocalyptic "World On Fire", it's hard to make a choice ! Of course you can find some more heavier/faster songs that will please your headbanging-mania like "Frontline", "Face of Evil" that never forget the melodic touches that are part of SACRED OATH style ! This is definitely an album I highly recommend to all fans of hi-class heavy-power metal - you CAN'T be disappointed !

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