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MIDNIGHT MALICE "Pray For Death" Demo-CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 10:11



What's happening in Canada ? In a couple of months, I got some really interesting bands hailing from this coutry, after SKULL FIST and RUSTED to name a few, here's MIDNIGHT MALICE - definitely a new band to look for ! They're introducing here their material to the underground scene with three songs - but what songs !!! They send you back in the 80's and will remind you the golden time of heavy-metal ! Songs are pounding, very well-structured, really heavy with a very good sense for melody and make your feet and head beating the tempos ! If I had to compare MIDNIGHT MALICE to some well-known bands, I'd say that to me, they sound like a mix of early-Def Leppard, Tokyo Blade, WASP and early Mötley Crüe ! Something wild & intense  ! "Sworn To The Horns" opens the demo with a fast tempo and catchy vocals - a great unexpected break in, followed by great guitar solos... Hmmmm... I'm hungry for more !!! "Flying Low" is probably my favorite song of the demo, the tempo is a bit slower but it is not less intense ! I like the vocals again, raw, aggressive but always with a hint of melody in ! A killer chorus that can't go out of your head once you've listened to it ! "Pray For Death" starts with very melodic guitar parts, making me think this is THE ballad of the band...but no, not really... it progressively gains power & intensity and MIDNIGHT MALICE unleash here another kick ass song, based on mid-tempos but always with that good balance between melody & aggressiveness, solid rhythm sections, great guitar solos... Go for it now !!!


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