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EMERALD SUN "Regeneration" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 17 February 2011 09:25


EMERALD SUN are a power/heavy metal band coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. They got formed in 1998, released two demos before their first album "Escape From Twilight" in 2007 - and now released through Cyprus label PITCH BLACK Records, their second one called "Regeneration" which includes 10 songs that sound to me like a cross of Helloween (time of "Keeper Of The 7 Keys Pt.2) and Blind Guardian or Stratovarius, Firewind... See what I mean ? Yes, that's it, high-quality melodic & brilliant heavy-power metal in the pure European style with strong musicianship and a very good vocalist. Add to this an excellent production, very clear & clean - the final result is definitely VERY good ! Songs like "Speak Of The Devil", "Theatre of Pain", "Planet Metal" are really catchy, well-played & structured but in spite of all this, my feelings are mixed... Objectively, on the quality level, it's all great, but I think that in the end, this lacks a bit of surprises, sure all the songs are heavy, fast, entertaining but kinda predictable... However, you cannot be disappointed by such an album, it includes all the ingredients of an excellent heavy-metal recipe, if you like/love the previously named bands, you'll for sure appreciate "Regeneration" a LOT but it sounds a bit like heard before... By the way, one song gets out of the whole album, it's the twelve-minute epic "Fantasmagoria", combining solid power-metal with more symphonic & kinda progressive tunes... very great song ! As bonus, the album includes a cover of "Holding Out For A Hero" recorded by Bonnie Tyler for the movie Footloose in 1984 ! For sure, this version is harder & faster but finally comes pretty close to the original version, a very good interpretation and a good entertainment to end the album. Fans of quality European Power/Heavy Metal will definitely LOVE this album.

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