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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 16:52

Emanes Metal Records


One of the oldest french bands still in activity (I mean they never stopped like sooooo many bands that nowadays suddenly got reformed) deliver here their fifth full-length album, simply called "V"... well, guys, were you out of inspiration or what ? haha ! Just kidding ;-) Well that new record is made of 9 new songs that are simply forged in the best of the 80's Heavy & Thrash Metal styles ! It's easy to see what the band influences are... Exodus, Slayer, Overkill, Raven, Accept, Anvil... Easy to see, but I don't mean what they play is "easy" or simplistic ! That's damn efficient and will explode the head of every metal maniacs around ! All the songs are very catchy with a great respect for the True Metal tradition ! That's wild, melodious, energetic & powerful and always with catchy choruses ! For sure, the well-thinking newbies into nu-metal or metal-core can think this is outdated and not innovative at all, but who cares ? GANG certainly don't have the pretention to renew the style, they're all heavy-metal maniacs for so long now that their only motivation is to play pure Heavy-Metal to please Heavy-Metal needs from the Heavy-Metal world... See what I mean ? If you're not into Heavy-metal, skip to the next review please ! And yes, GANG do it so well with much honesty and sincerity that it won't take you long to get under the spell ! All sonsg are very varied and well-structured with great breaks and nice guitar solos... Some are really fast like "Never Enough", "Overdose", "Sacrifice", some others heavier like "Believer/Betrayer", "Skull's Out Of Genocide... and of course, like all good 80's metal records, it includes THE ballad ha ! "Kill Me" is the title and damn, this is so good... right in style... and also that Heavy Metal hymn that is "Heavy Metal Fever" that once more proves GANG are no arrogant wanna-be rockstars but Metalheads that just want to have fuckin'fun ! If this is what you're also looking for, then get this !

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