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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 16:56

Emanes Metal Records

Hmmmm.... Whiplash, Megadeth, Death, Possessed, S.O.B., Hirax, Toxic Holocaust... all those bands have in common they worked in the past with Ed Repka for the artworks of their releases... so, from that point, you can have an idea of the style we're dealing with now... Thrash-Metal ?  Death-Metal ? One thing is sure, that's no Metal for the Weak ! INFINITE TRANSLATION are a band hailing from France, "Impulsive Attack" is their first full-length album and the style is pure-Thrash-Metal influenced by the bands named previously, but you can add tons of other bands like Death Angel, Dark Angel, Exodus, Slayer, Razor, Sacrifice.... all those godly references from the 80's !
So you guess that's not so new or original, but the whole album is so powerful, well-executed and played with much honesty and sincerity that you'll have for sure lotsa fun listening to those 37 minute-long album (What ? Not long enough ? "Reign In Blood" is only 30 minute-long and it's a blast ! So ...) that will defintely please all the thrashers of the planet ! The guys know how to "thrash" in the right way, they have a very good musicianship and can break your neck with killer riffs ! If you compare them to new bands like Violator, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, I can garantee INFINITE TRANSLATION are not ridiculous at all ! Very decent album and a band to look for !

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