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BLOODBOUND "Unholy Cross" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 03 March 2011 21:18

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Started back in 2004 with brothers Olsson on guitars & keyboard player Bergh, with influences from Iron Maiden and early Helloween, BLOODBOUND is definitely for all into hi-class refined heavy-power Metal made in the European mould ! "Unholy Cross" is the band's fourth effort and from the opener "Moria", that sounds such an anthem, one can be sure this will be a quality album ! It's really impressive ! Galloping guitar-riffs, hi-pitched and very powerful clear vocals, catchy backing vocals... the swedish maniacs are very inspired and deliver here a high-quality EPIC piece of heavy-power metal ! Songs are by time based on mid-tempos, by time faster or slower, they know how to keep the listening interesting and never boring ! New vocalist Patrik “Pata” Johansson (DAWN OF SILENCE) does a very GOOD job and perfectly fits the musical style of the band, his voice is clear and pleasant, melodious but powerful - remarkable ! I love his style that is for sure influenced by Bruce Dickinson and Michael Kiske - see the style ? Guitar fans will also love this album 'cos the combinations of solos are just great, always melodious and refined ! About the rhythmic sections, well, nothing bad to say... it's just amazing - heavy & "hammering" ! There's a war-like atmosphere throughout the whole album due to the epic touches for sure and one can feel this is an hymn to Bravery & Loyalty... Song-titles like "Brothers Of War" (an amazing ballad, one of the finest songs ever), "The Ones We Left Behind",  "In The Dead Of Night" easily illustrate this ! If you like Power-Metal, you'll LOVE "Unholy Cross" !


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