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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 03 March 2011 23:27



Well, I'm sure many people won't take this band too much for serious only because of the artwork of the release... this one looks like a cartoon and ok, I admit, I find it amusing... BUT don't get fooled, what's "inside" is something that is really worth listening ! Those youngters are delivering here 5 songs of very intense old-school Metal (Again ! Who said old-school metal was only played by veterans in 2011 ?) mould in the 80's Heavy & Thrash styles.. ! The opener "Party Of Five is something amazing, really catchy with clear & rather raw vocals and great guitar harmonies that will undoubtly remind of Iron Maiden ("Somewhere In Time"/"Seventh Son..." era) and especially with those particular backing vocals ! "Fuck You Tonight" is made for live-performances for sure, this song is a neck-breaking one and its chorus is something the audience can easily sing together with the band... I can't even imagine how this kicks ass on stage ha ! "Operation Market Garden" is a real HEAVY piece, fast & catchy ! Makes me sometimes think of a cross between Iron Maiden (again) and aussie Mortal Sin... Thrashy & Heavy with catchy chorus again and a certain technical level too ! This band definitely know how to write catchy songs with killer choruses ! "Suspiria" is the fastest song of the release with a twisted atmosphere and it rocks fuckin'hard ! RAZÖRWYRE ends the release with "Battleshark", the longest song of all, over 6 minutes, filled with killer riffs mixed with headbanging breaks and amazing guitar solos... In a word, RAZORWYRE prove with this first attempt that they've a real GOOD potential and are on the top of the pile of the young metal bands playing old-school metal ! Don't miss them !


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