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Written by Fab   
Monday, 07 March 2011 14:43



Hailing from Hungary, THORNWILL released last year their first full length album... It's obvious those lads want to catch our attention because of the artwork, pretty unusual in the metal genre since based on a comic like theme... Really well-done and each song is illustrated by a particular serie of drawings. The production is really good, clear & clean, letting you hear all the instruments distinctively.
Musically, THORNWILL could be defined as a modern Metal band taking inspiration from traditional Heavy & Power metal with very interesting progressive influences.. But the difference with other bands is that THORNWILL sound very fresh and melodic and keep the whole music intense enough to kick your ass !
You'll be pleasantly surprised by the music for sure, that is always groovy & energetic, heavy and progressive... with great riffs & rhythmical sections. The result is really amazing and I can't find a boring moment throughout the 13 songs composing the album ! Vocals are clear and can reach the right tones easily ! These guys know how to create Music with a capital M !
To sum-up this review I'd say it's time to forget a bit the multitude of more & more uninteresting & commercial releases from the major labels and to dwell into the underground circut which from times to times delivers pure treasures - THORNWILL are one of these ! Note you can download for FREE the entire album on the band's site - you really have no excuse not to discover them !


> www.thornwill.com - www.myspace.com/thornwill


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