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ALLTHENIKO "Millenium Re-Burn" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 16:15

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Italian ALLTHENIKO are back with a third album called "Millenium Re-Burn", rooted in the traditional 80's power thrash style ! I'd say if you have never heard of this band before, this album is the right one to get introduced to the band and for sure if you enjoy old-school metal, this will absolutely please you ! BUT don't get me wrong, we're not dealing with another uninspired retro-metal band, delivering the same old tunes played a thousand times before, NO, ALLTHENIKO are old-school because they live it, because they breath it ! What you get here are pure-metal,  restless and wild with powerful guitars, intense rhymicals, relentless guitar riffs and amazing guitar solos and hammering drum-parts ! And the vocals .. my God, they're amazing, hoarse & hi-pitched at the same time, melodious & aggressive with a perfect balance ! There's an overall feeling for emergency here, as if music was a matter of life - something that has to come out of their guts ! If I had to compare ALLTHENIKO to existing bands, I'd say they sound like a cross between Motörhead and WASP... I know this may sound strange but that's it... They rock like Motörhead and are heavy like WASP... they keep the right balance between energy and melody all the time, all songs are well composed and executed with class... and the production is just great for the style they play ! ALLTHENIKO really deserve your support and "Millenium Re-Burn" is 100% "headbanging & fistraising" garanteed !!!


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