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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 16:54


German technical progressive Death-Metal outfit OBSCURA really impressed me two years ago with their previous album "Cosmogenesis" and even if I can't say I'm a Death-Metal fanatic, I was curious to hear the new album "Omnivium"... I was really pleased by the abitlies of the band in creating such a kind of technical & progressive death-metal - extreme for sure, but always keeping a great sense for melody with the right balance between power & aggression... Too much death-metal combos are for me so uninteresting and only sound all the same, playing extreme metal for extreme metal, which make no sense for me... but OBSCURA proved me there are still some killer bands in the genre able to get out of the mass... so what about this new album tow years later ?  I'd say "Omnivium" is reminiscent of "Cosmogenesis", with the same trademark sound and song structure... as if they were re-starting where they left off... but this album sounds alot more mature with more varied influences like the addition of more accoustic guitar parts, more clear voices and more effects on the vocals that give to the music an intricate & weird atmosphere. Songs are all complex but nevertheless they remain coherent and reachable, the guys are all amazing musicians for sure and together they are able to create amazing songs in the Death-Metal genre... The musical level here is definitely impressive ! I'm sure fans of Death/Cynic/Atheist will love this album but NOT only, fans of technical & innovative musics can try this as well, they won't be disappointed !

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