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DOMINUS PRAELII "Keep The Resistance" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 10 March 2011 17:55



"Keep The Resistance" is brasilian DOMINUS PRAELII's third album and the first one with the brand new singer Jorge Bemudez. Previous albums were in my opinion more of an epic/heavy metal vein while this one had left the epic touch and delivers a MASSIVE dose of traditional power/heavy-metal, straight in your face ! The warrior epic style ain't so present in my opinion (only "Mapuches Will Come" has that strong epic feeling, and WHAT A SONG, simply beautiful and full of strong emotions !) and the whole has more of an 80's Classic Hard-Rock edge in - maybe because of the particular guitar sound that really surprised me at first, because it is not so distorted, not as much as we're used to, it's really clear but "pure" and not less powerful ! This is definitely an album I take MUCH pleasure to listen to and the vocal job by Jorge Bermudez is just fantastic, the guy has a powerful voice but with a scratched edge and is hi-pitched enough to reach true & pure heavy-metal tones ! All songs are very well played and structured, all varied too - I mean not a song sounds like another one and are all very catchy ! My fave of all is without a doubt "Don't Try To Change My Faith" which has all of a Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal anthem with the particular screams in the beginning and that amazing chorus - sounds like old-good DOKKEN with a stronger Heavy-Metal approach ! The other songs are all in a very strong Heavy-Power metal style that will definitely please all fans of the genre and bands like ACCEPT, MANOWAR, JUDAS PRIEST ! Get it if you're one of these, you CAN NOT be disappointed ! True METAL for sure !


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